Ride Scoozy 350—An E-bike That Makes Sense

Ride Scoozy 350—An E-bike That Makes Sense.

Take a little trip on the Ride Scoozy 350.

Ride Scoozy has turned the tide on affordable E-bikes with this new offering. At first glance last Interbike, I figured by this E-bike was just another big buck player on the block, yet now I know how wrong I was. From the stand-out fit and finish, to the powerful direct-drive rear hub Golden Motor, it appeared by all accounts to have the matching ‘oh no’ price tag. Turns out it is an awesome bike with an equally awesome bottom line.

First off, it rides so nicely. I am a big fan of steel framed bikes—has that. Simple, smart controls get me excited—has that. Silent, strong and smooth motors on E-bikes have to be everyone’s dream—has that. A perfectly geared single speed drivetrain with no hiccups—has that. A clean manicured look with quality components and no frills makes for a desirable ride—has that. Cruise control is one of my favorite features on an E-bike—has that too.

In this shot you can see the BodyFloat and Moto Reflex pedals I tried out on the Ride Scoozy.

Things the Ride Scoozy 350 doesn’t have make me just as happy. Flailing wires everywhere that many E-bikes have—doesn’t have that. Overly sensitive and potentially dangerous hydraulic disc brakes—doesn’t have that. Weird body work and the matching appearance—doesn’t have that. Grinding, whining noise under power—doesn’t have that. Bulky heavy extra extras most don’t need—doesn’t have that. A mind-bending price that makes you think twice—doesn’t have that either.

When you hop on board two things catch your attention, a sleek, good looking bike beneath you, and a lightweight (41lbs.) feel most E-bikes couldn’t offer if they tried. As you gently pedal on your way, you really don’t feel the need for the electric-assist, yet as you roll on some power, it feels so good. The simple right side thumb throttle is comfy to the touch with a larger than normal lever. Once you have chosen the power level of the motor, a quick touch on the green (cruise control) button on the left side locks it in for a carefree ride. If only all E-bikes were this simple and smooth.

You may say old-school—-I say smart and safe.

Having a single speed might seem like a drawback, yet I found it refreshing and fun. By eliminating all the bulk and complexity that goes with a multiple speed geared bike, it lets you concentrate on the ride and the sporty handling. It has a road bike / fixie geometry that draws you into the road, rather than making you feel disconnected from it. Every time I hit the saddle I was won over again by all the Ride Scoozy oozes, and all the stuff it doesn’t. If that is what you are looking for in your next bike, you may not find it anywhere but here.

In these modern times many are finding that less is more. The Ride Scoozy 350 plays that card with gusto. On one of my first videos I did with the 350, I mentioned it really didn’t need anything more to make it shine. Still, as some very nice bike accessories often hit my mailbox, I couldn’t help but see how they would compliment this exciting new E-bike. I slipped the Cirrus Cycles BodyFloat isolation seatpost off my wife’s commuter E-bike onto the Ride Scoozy for a week and also mounted up a pair of Moto Reflex pedals. Both worked well with the 350, yet upon removing them I was still loving the ride.

Simple and smooth. This controls the power of the 350 watt Golden Motor very nicely.

There are a few extras that might round out your ride, like maybe a matching rear rack (Ride Scoozy has them). I think I would vote for that add-on. Everyone adds their favorite bike bell, so have at it. I did strap on a pair of lights for each ride, and I suggest you do too. An inexpensive cycle computer is easy to add if you just have to know how far you have ridden. If you really need more power, this same bike is offered with the 500 watt Golden Motor. The extra weight and power consumption might fit your needs, but I found the 350 motor to be perfect in all riding conditions. The last item I might consider is the black sleeve they offer to really stealth out the frame mounted battery, why not?

The cockpit is on the sporty side with what some might consider the perfect body position for comfort and power transfer from your legs. I embraced it well, but just a tad more upright is my preference. You could easily get that with some different bars or a stem, and still enjoy all the Ride Scoozy has to offer. If you make that switch, be sure to stick with the factory ergo grips, they are some of the best I have ridden. They are just one of the fine appointments that make this E-bike so comfortable.

To work or for fun—the Ride Scoozy can take you anywhere you want to go.

The 700 x 28c skinny hybrid tires are part of what make this bike so efficient. During some serious urban riding I made sure to stay out of the saddle on the roughest parts, yet the tires and bike blasted right over the worst of it. It can handle a 32c tire, but I don’t see the need for a change. Ultra strong road bike rim brakes make sense on this bike and I thought with every use how perfect they are. The balanced weight distribution is a big plus during braking and when putting the wonderful cornering feel to the max.

Do we like bikes made in the US? Thought so, I know I do. You can get the Ride Scoozy in black or white—with the assist or without  More models and options are headed your way too, as this smart bike company continues to flex its muscles. As I grapple to find any negatives, my plate there is empty. It is my self-imposed duty to hit the highs and lows for you, but I can’t make stuff up, so all I can do here is report the highs. That’s all the bike has to offer, and you can feel it for yourself with a test ride.

Getting E-bikes shipped to you is low on my list—yet the Ride Scoozy arrived in perfect condition and the minor assembly it needed was easy.

In my last article I raved against the some of the modern trends in E-bikes I think are in the wrong direction. This E-bike doesn’t follow any of them. So why follow the so-called trends, when you can make your own? You can ride a simple, safe and smart E-bike without financing the next yacht of a big E-bike company. Ride Scoozy made me smile with each mile I made down the road, that is what E-bikes are all about.

Funny name, great bike,   Turbo Bob.

“I love to be outdoors, so I like to hike, bike and go to the beach.”—Jillian Rose Reed.

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Of course I have videos—take a look.


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One Response to Ride Scoozy 350—An E-bike That Makes Sense

  1. George Sears says:

    I started a thread on this company at EBR:


    Like so many low volume bikes, I could never find a review and verify that it was nicely made. Your review seems to show that it is a quality product. It was surprising that they went with the small Golden Motor. I thinks it’s the Smart Pie, and I have one of those. I really like the motor. It is not what you would expect on a bike at this price. My recollection is that these guys have had a nice sale, in the Fall.

    I guess there is no efficient way for small ebike companies to promote their products, although the forums can help a little. Thanks for the review.

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