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Fixing a Flat Tire on Your eZip Electric Bicycle

Anytime you get a flat tire on your bike, it can be a minor inconvenience.   With an E-bike, it can be more that.   This will guide through the procedure to make it easier.   I will also give you some tips … Continue reading

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e-Moto ecco 1.5 Review

I finally got my chance to try out this reasonably priced E-bike that Costco is (was?) offering.   If you saw my post on the e-Moto Liberty 1.5, then you might know how hard I tried to get Costco to let me ride this … Continue reading

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Brompton M3L Extended Test

I had the great thrill to spend three long months this year with a brand new Brompton M3L.   Thanks to my friends at NYCeWheels in New York, I got  a chance to wring-out this top-end folding bike in all types … Continue reading

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2nd Annual Tweed Ride—San Diego

When we heard about this ride, Barbara and I started to get excited.   Knowing we just had to be part of the fun, the local thrift stores opened their doors to help us find the right outfits.   We already had … Continue reading

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