Moto Reflex Pedals—Comfort King

Moto Reflex Pedals—Comfort King.

Sleek, smooth and comfortable—sound like good things for your bike?

Riding a bike has many levels, yet if you are like me, comfort is king. I love to smile and enjoy the day with each turn of the pedals. Even if sweat, grit, pain and blood are your idea of a quality bike ride, then these pedals might still be for you. They have some interesting features I hadn’t seen or felt before, some (or all) of them could be just what you are looking for. The two pair I got for this review have found good loving homes on a couple of our bikes.

Through the years bike pedals didn’t seem to me as that big of a deal. When I was young they were either smooth, slippery hard rubber with steel ends or spiky ones with toe clips. My feet were tough and I didn’t really know any better. As long as they turned I was happy. In more recent times I have embraced the smooth plastic ones that come on many of the bikes I test. Metal pedals might be stronger and last longer, yet they beat up my ankles and legs in a way that doesn’t make for good press.

Ready for the install, I was getting excited at this point.

These new pedals from Moto Bicycles (of Germany) have much thought behind them, along with modern technology, from strong European minds. They are adjustable, serviceable and smart. They lend to any kind of footwear, even the barefooters among us. I myself am riding daily in my flip flops, and these reflex pedals are the perfect match. I never knew I wanted something better till I got these, and now I am in no hurry to go back to any old pedals for my bike.

My first like is the smooth, kind contours of these Reflex pedals from Moto Bicycles. My feet, ankles and legs stay dent and blood free, something they appreciate. It is almost impossible to keep your bike pedals from bashing you up when riding and moving your bike around. Even with a good crunch, these just slide past my body with no marks and red left in their wake. I don’t mind a small gash or two, yet if it can be avoided, I vote for that.

The box artwork shows the 6 colors you can get for the reflector stickers.

Next is the slip-free flat pads that help lock your feet on the pedals. Slippage here can be worse than just a small gash. That is why many riders love those aggressively spiked pedals, to keep their feet in place, yet when they do slip, the resulting gash from those pedals is more than a minor bummer. If you can get these pedals to beat you up like that, then you are just plain doing it all wrong somehow.

I mentioned them being adjustable. Inside the pedal, the main shaft has 5 grooves. The ring can be moved allowing the pedals a 5 mm sideways adjustment to set them further away from the pedal arm if needed. This can help if you have large feet or shoes, and for those bigger riders that just need a wider pedal stance. I don’t see anyone else addressing this factor for people on bikes.

The materials they are made of are only the best, from the super strong axle to the fiberglass-reinforced plastic shells. The thin profile is more than noticeable, yet many times good things come in small packages. Serviceable bearings add to the mix, and the lightweight structure can take any abuse you can dish out. Me, I take it easy on my pedals, yet you might not be so kind to them. Having a tough pedal on your fun bike makes sense no matter how you ride.

They were a great match-up for the test E-bike I reported on last week.

Some quick tech here. The Moto Reflex pedals fit crank arms with a 9/16” thread. Vintage bikes and some others use a ½” thread. There are adaptors you can use to mount them up to older bikes. Make sure to put just a tad of grease on the threads before you screw them in. The left and right side are very specific, using reverse threads on one (so one screws in the opposite rotation). Your old pedals will most likely use a 15mm open end wrench (possibly a narrow special one) for removal, yet the Moto Reflex pedals are installed with a 8mm hex wrench (a common size for some crank arm bolts and kickstands).

If you need those adaptors, keep in mind they aren’t as strong, so no curb jumping. If installing your new Reflex pedals is out of your realm, any bike shop can do it quickly and easily. New pedals are a fairly common upgrade, yet your bike shop may have not seen these cool new pedals yet, so they want to give them a try before they send you on your way to try them yourself. Your friends might want to try them too, once your praises hit their eardrums.

Place foot here and start loving your ride all over again.

Your body only contacts your bike in 5 places, and two of them are on your pedals. Riding with a bad saddle doesn’t last long, a new saddle being the most common first upgrade with any bike. If you haven’t already added some comfortable ergo grips, it is most likely because your bike came with them. So, with 3 of the 5 places already feeling good, your pedals are the final frontier of comfortable bike riding—what are you waiting for?

I am loving them, yet I have asked my wife several times how she likes them on her daily E-bike commuter. Things like they feel good, to, I like them, were her responses. Finally she came out with this comment—”They make me feel at one with the bike”—heavy eh? Stuff like a natural feel and all that are what I like about them—and no blood either. It is hard to describe, yet I think you are getting my drift—pedals do make a difference in your bike riding comfort and happiness.

So far, the only US retailer I know of is Pedego Myrtle Beach. Aaron there was singing their praises to me late last year, that is why I decided to find out for myself (and to relay that to you of course). Like Aaron, I am sold on Moto Reflex pedals, they are all they claim to be. That is smart, strong, comfortable and great with any footwear you might have in the closet. I love it when a product’s claims ring true in real life—don’t you?

I Reflex, therefore I am,   Turbo Bob.

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”—William Shakespeare.

Find Moto Bicycles on the web and Facebook.

Pedego Myrtle Beach is your US distributor.

Here are a few videos I posted featuring the Reflex pedals from Moto Bicycles.

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