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V-Source Hybrid—Extended Test

With all of the electric-assist bikes that I ride, I try to envision myself as the owner.   I contemplate the features, performance, comfort, and price.   Not that many fill all the needs on my list.   And even though this V-Source … Continue reading

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NuVinci N360 Drivetrain Hub—Seamless Shifting

When Fallbrook Technologies came out with the N170 CVP bicycle hub in 2007, I wanted to try it.   My opportunity never came.   They up-dated that model with the N360.   With many improvements, I was more anxious than ever to spin … Continue reading

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1960 Schwinn Continental—Schwinns’ First Ten-Speed

When I was a boy, I loved to ride.   Late night rides with no lights were fun freedom for a pre-teenager.   As the rides got longer, I realized a single speed bike was just not enough to get where I … Continue reading

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V-Source Folding Electric Bike—Review

You check your E-mail and you find a message that offers you a week with a brand-new folding E-bike.   Think twice?   I think not.   And to make it even better, when it arrives, there are two of them.   This was … Continue reading

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Bodhi Bikes Step-through—First Look

I was honored to be one of the first to try out this new E-bike offering.   It hit the open market in June.   I am sure it will hit big with a large acceptance by electric bike fans everywhere.   It … Continue reading

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