Electric Bike Company Model “S” E-bike—Tech, Power and Comfort

Electric Bike Company Model “S” E-bike—Tech, Power and Comfort.

Sleek, stylist and comfortable, the Model “S” is quite a good rider.

You might like all the cool innovations on this brand new E-bike out of the Electric Bike Company camp. Some major brainstorming has been going on behind closed doors—and the result is this new line of bikes, both step-though and classic. In addition to being a quality built, powerful and comfortable E-bike, it has features even you probably didn’t think we needed—-yet we do. I will try to list them all while I give you my impressions on this orange speedster (they do come in other colors).

A very informative display is part of the package.

First off, because they will be offering an extension cargo bike front with a large carry basket and also a custom made trailer (the trailer hitch is integrated to the rear rack), this E-bike has been adorned with more (much more) power than your average E-bike. The bike comes preset (with the display modes) with normal speed and power levels. Although the main reason you might change it is to lower power available when the bike is lent to friends, you can increase it too. I set it to max speed and power setting to find it becomes the rocket ship of E-bikes. Going up my local test grade at 20 mph was a one time event. I reset it before too long, where it should stay, unless you really need that extra power (when hauling a heavy load with the cargo extension or the trailer).

We took it to the LA Tweed Ride. Although not vintage, it got its share of attention.

The control panel is actually two pieces. One is the close at hand pushbuttons. The three buttons easily control every function of the bike, most importantly the ones you use while riding. That is nice so you don’t have to take your hand from the bar, and once used to the bike, eyes from the road either. The display is filled with good info, and even tells you when the onboard head and tail light are lit. Of course when they are on, the display is backlit too. The lights are strong, easily good for basic riding. I personally add an auxiliary front and rear light when hitting the open road. They even spec a cable lock clipped to the rear rack so security is close at hand.

More innovations surround the battery package. The Model “S” is a 48 volt E-bike. You do have options on the battery capacity—from 10 Ah to over 17. The battery charger is onboard and requires only a pull on the spring reeled cord to insert it into a 110 outlet. At that point the green and red LED lights there will signal your charge completion. They offer two front baskets, one with an auxiliary battery to lift your ride range to close to 100 miles between charges. It is a plug and play set-up with a switch to power from one battery to another.

Here is the plug for the built-in charger. The cord reels out and the red/green lights are just inside the housing.

The bike has a USB outlet on the display. The battery has a 12 volt cigarette lighter type outlet for many uses. One is the little transformer they give you to make a second USB power port. Another fun use is the optional powered food and drink cooler (an option they offer) that will ride on the rear rack. The bike is covered in so many places with threaded spots for front and rear racks (options they offer)—side surfboard racks (an option they offer)—front panniers—fenders and who knows what else you will want.

Another option on its way is a very small and light battery that mounts where the front basket normally sits. Some might like this to balance the bike some and reduce the weight if they only plan on shorter rides. During all the rides I found the stock balance to be nice, a tad heavy in the rear, yet you would only notice it if you are doing BMX jumps. Cool thing is those jumps would probably be fun and not hurt the bike. It is built with HD components and the rear frame uses 3mm thick wall tubing, twice the strength than most any bike you will ride.

The good looks hide the extreme power this bike has.

The bike is a blast to ride. The adjustability in the bars, stem and saddle should allow most any size rider a good fit. They have a great saddle design ands it matched me well. Keep in mind on the really long rides a wider saddle like this isn’t as good as one a bit narrower. Their decked bike comes with a suspension seatpost, which I am sure you can get for this version. I was a little surprised that when they dropped off the bike for me, I ended up with the “stripped—basic” version, while in the van was the fully equipped model (minus the awesome option mag wheels). Not a problem as I was able to video of it so you can see the extra pieces, and took it for a short ride.

A strong motor, single speed and big brakes are on this end.

Now as you take to the road you might notice this is a single speed bike. On the whole I liked the simplicity there and no shifting makes for a less complicated ride. They do offer different rear gears depending on you and your ride locales. Because the bike has dual control (5 PAS (automatic pedal assist) power levels and a thumb throttle), getting started from a stop and the need of being in a specific gear is way down on the needs list. If you are a stickler for gears or have very steep grades in your near future, a basic 7 speed derailleur gearing system can be easily installed.

The tire selection is right up my alley. The give a great ride compared to those skinny little tires on some of the E-bikes you will see. What you find too are some beefy rims and oversized stainless steel spokes. In fact everything on the bike that isn’t painted aluminum, plastic or chrome, is stainless steel. This bike is designed to last long and give great service for years. And you can tell much of this just by riding it, it is solid and smooth, two things everyone strives for in their new or old bike.

Every E-bike needs good brakes. I found these hydraulic brakes to work great without being too strong or sensitive.


I guess you can tell I enjoyed my time with the Electric Bike Company’s Model “S”. It not only looks good to make you feel wonderful, yet also gets people’s attention as you ride and stop to shop or relax at a great destination. Not once did I get a bad feedback from the bike. It was like a best friend doing all I wanted and being right there when I needed it.

I first met the crew almost 2 years ago as they were getting the first version out there for the potential customers. They have worked long and hard to get such a cool E-bike that is so unlike many others. I think they have done a wonderful job, but I bet they aren’t finished yet. This bike finally came onto the market the beginning of this year (2017). A few of the neat options are still getting their final detail worked out, but expect them very soon. From what I have seen and experienced, it would be hard to go wrong calling the Electric Bike Company your E-bike maker.

Hit the road with confidence, Turbo Bob.

You can find these bikes at their website.


“Every time you miss your childhood, ride a bicycle”—Mehmet Murat ildan

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7 Responses to Electric Bike Company Model “S” E-bike—Tech, Power and Comfort

  1. Great review of a cool bike Bob! And nice to know that Barbara got to show it off on the Tweed Ride in L.A. Who puts on that ride anyway?

    • Yes a really fun day. She had a great time riding this bike—very smooth and comfortable.
      The event is put on by C.I.C.L.E.—a non-profit ( I think) bike group in LA. They have a FB page I believe.
      Let do some riding—April 2nd is the new Electric Light Bike Parade.

  2. RBS says:

    I think they (Mgf packaged ebikes) are getting better. I’m not fond of Orange, but perhaps cars will see you better? I like the White version they show on their website with the basket. I like step through. I like Swept Back Cruiser Bars. Are those really Hydraulic? Seems like Mechanical would be a better price point… maybe these are not price point targeted bikes? Their website isn’t completely online right now. Looks like a solid bike. I wish manufacturers would separate street/cruiser from mountain Ergonomics. The hunched over mountain is a poor ergonomic fit for most ordinary people. The upright cruiser style is better suited for people who don’t really go off pavement. For me Mountain Ergonomics translate directly into pain. I’d like to see a similar design with both front (at least front) suspension and rear suspension. Why? Not for comfort (But that’s a benefit)… but for the stress of potholes when you are riding a heavier bike. I also would like to see 2.35″ tires spec’d or at least 2.15″ tires… my preference for Ebikes is Schwalbe Marathon Plus. This reminds me of the Surface604 “Rook”. I also wish that Ebike Mfg’s would just settle on 14s packs at 52 volt instead of 48 and offer a standard 12AH with an upgrade available… and make it easy to add a 3rd party battery via a standard connector … Bullet, Anderson, or even better XT-90 S Anti Spark. I think there is a lot to like about this bike, but still plenty of room to improve. I’m not sure I like internal cable routing from a maintenance aspect, but it looks nice. And to me 7 speed single shifter is the sweet spot so you have at least some gearing options if you have to ride home on a dead battery. Cheers. Nice Review.

  3. Some great insights. I do have admit that the way this bike is spec’d—it all comes together nicely.

  4. The bike is clearly innovative in design and this article covered a great in-depth discussion about the e-bike from the largest to the smallest detail. Impressive!

  5. Adam L. says:

    The Model S E-bike is truly an amazingly well-designed. Engineers really did very well completely optimized and, believe me, the performance of the all-electric bike like nothing you’ve felt before.

  6. kubaoya says:

    Nice bicycle. Do you have any other colors? I like black.

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