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Tern / BionX Link D8—A Prototype Becomes a Reality

Tern / BionX Link D8—A Prototype Becomes a Reality. If you haven’t considered how convenient and fun a folding electric bike can be, I would suggest starting now. Between the ease of transport, its storage needs and just plain ride … Continue reading

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EcoReco M5—Smooth Sailing

EcoReco M5—Smooth Sailing. A year ago I got my hands on a EcoReco M3 electric scooter, and time has flown down the road, just like the M3. I’ve had dozens, definitely hundreds give it a try, people from 8 to … Continue reading

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Tern Perch—Bike Storage Made Easy

Tern Perch—Bike Storage Made Easy. Bikes, bikes, everywhere, what are you to do? Many face this and look for the answer to help. The fixes range from the most simple to the most elegant in form and function. Even with … Continue reading

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