Electric Bike World Record Ride—Ravi on his Stromer

Electric Bike World Record Ride—Ravi on his Stromer.

Something different today. I normally write a full post of my activities, or a review on a bike or product. Here I want to tell you of a unique individual you can follow as he makes a cross-country journey on a Stromer E-bike. There will be some fun here in San Diego when he completes his ride. Ravi is about half way through this adventure, so it isn’t too late to get on the bandwagon to root him on.

So you know, this isn’t the first time he has worked on making history. If my memory is correct, he did something like 300 miles in 24 hours last year.

His name is Ravindra Kempaiah and he is being sponsored by Crazy Lenny’s E-bikes (among others). Crazy Lenny’s Facebook page is the place to get all the info and updates. Look for the link below.
You may know I led a world record E-bike ride in So Cal recently. It was over 300 people on E-bikes listed as a E-bike parade. We did 12 miles. Ravi is doing over 5000. This is a big deal and worth checking out.

Good luck Ravi—see you at the finish line, Turbo.



Here is some info on Ravi’s latest accomplishments.




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4 Responses to Electric Bike World Record Ride—Ravi on his Stromer

  1. Christine Ouang says:

    Sorry I missed this!


    I want to join your ebike club…….Ernie

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