Velo Orange Model 8 Saddle—My New Favorite

Velo Orange Model 8 Saddle—My New Favorite.

Feeling and looking good, this saddle from Velo Orange might be just what the doctor ordered.

Facing the facts, with each new bicycle purchase, the seat is the first upgrade. So many bikes come with rear-end wrenching saddles that just need to go away. If you already know which ones you like, the choice is easy, most people aren’t so lucky. When I got the Chatham E-bike (for testing and a review) from Fifield, I was quite impressed with much about it (and still am). When I took it for its first run, it was the saddle that stood out with gold stars and major comfort. I am hooked.

As I looked deeper on the Velo Orange website to find out more, I was surprised to see a great selection of elegant and quality bike accessories anyone could love. This includes some cool French inspired fenders that are also speced on the Chatham. You will see so much there, even some fancy frames and parts available nowhere else. What else I spied was these Model 8 saddles are listed at a price that will make you want to get one for each bike in your stable.

The contours seem to make for the best fit.

So why does this saddle feel so good? First off, I think it is just the slightly wider stance for a good fit. They recommend this one for the more upright bike and riding position (although they have the narrow racy ones too). Being made out of the best leather, you should expect it to contour to you even better as the miles roll on. Three colors grace this beauty, the one I am riding now is in the matte look black that compliments the Fifield very nicely.

The well chromed springs at the back of this seat do more than bring out your sunglasses. They help smooth out the ruts and bumps that can’t easily be avoided. Of course ones without springs can be had if the minor weight penalty gets you uptight, yet I will gladly choose comfort over a few ounces anyway. Nestled along those springs are some bag loops with an equal shine. That’s pretty much the story here, if it isn’t well finished leather, then it is bright beyond belief chrome from stem to stern.

Lots of chrome and a set of rails that will fit most bikes are just a couple of the cool features.

One day I was talking excitedly to a neighbor about how much I was enjoying this saddle I hadn’t heard of before. He smiled, climbed off his bike, and low and behold, his bike had a well worn version of the same one. I hadn’t noticed it before, and his talk went to the tons of miles of love he had with his Velo Orange Model 8. Just one more testimonial of how having the right gear can make such a difference.

Midway on the saddle is a leather tie to prevent it from widening, and adding a bit of a classic look too. There is also a adjustment mech at the front to allow the Model 8 to keep its fit for a long time. Although it is such a simple part of the bike, great lengths have been taken to make sure you are smiling and your smile lasts for years to come. On top of all the tech and comfort, this saddle from Velo Orange looks fantastic, that is when you are off the bike, which may not happen often when riding is so comfortable.

Put a little spring in your bike ride.

Feeling good on your bike has so many factors, yet I think we can all agree if your saddle and you are not at odds with each other, the rides will be longer and more enjoyable. That is the way I feel each time mount the Chatham. It is a sweet E-bike with a ton of cool features, yet a major pain here would ruin the whole effect. In a return thought, even a sub-standard bike can be brought to a new level, with just the right seat. That is the reason a new saddle is most often the first upgrade on any new or used bike you acquire. They usually come with one that is too wide, too narrow, or cheap as can be (to keep the overall bike price lower). You owe it to yourself to find and install a dream platform of contentment.

I ride a lot of different bikes, some coming with saddles that make me cringe. I always wonder why some nice bikes come with rock-hard narrow racing saddles. Even though the real wide ones on cruisers seem comfy at first, after maybe 3-5 miles you realize too wide and soft doesn’t make for a good ride either. This Velo Orange Model 8 is pretty hard, it is the contour that is really what makes it such a good fit.

It is hard to say just how much I like this saddle from Velo Orange.

Most good bike shops will allow you to try a few of their saddles to see how you like them. Problem here is a short ride doesn’t always tell the tale of your contentment. Plus, as much as they want you to get the right one, they don’t really have the time and selection to follow through sometimes. A few might even allow you to do a return swap if the one you buy isn’t right for you. Same story here, they aren’t going to do it with every saddle on the shelf.

Thanks to Fifield for allowing me to review their Chatham (coming very soon) and to get a chance to try out this wonderful bike saddle.

A little investigation will sure help you narrow down the choices (that’s why you are reading my review I would guess). Ordering one through the mail or online can be a touch risky, yet I am pretty convinced this saddle will make you happy. Every body is different, every saddle is different, and a person’s needs have those differences too. No matter what, make sure your bike seat makes you happy or riding won’t be fun. It is up to you to find the dream mount. Don’t give up until you do.

Well anyway, get a saddle that fits you. This one would be a great place to start, Turbo Bob.

“It would not be at all strange if history came to the conclusion that the perfection of the bicycle was the greatest incident of the nineteenth century”.—Author Unknown.

Look for Velo Orange on their website and their easy to find Facebook page.

Check out Fifield while you are at it.

I just posted this video showing the Model 8 just a bit better.

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