Introduction to Electric Bicycles—Spring 2016 Edition—May 24, 2016

E-bike Flyer 5-2016It is time again for my popular E-bike event here in San Diego, this will be the 8th edition. Happening the evening of May 24th, 2016, it all starts at 5 pm, yet arriving a bit early is a good idea. You’ll get a chance to meet all the local electric bike dealers and ride any or all of the 60+ E-bikes they will bring. Plus door prizes and a full dinner are part of the fun. I’ve been hosting this special happening every spring and fall for the last 5 years.
Thanks to our local power company and their awesome Energy Innovation Center, it is a free event for everyone involved. This makes it unlike any E-bike event in the entire world, even the Electric Bike Expo that is crisscrossing the country right now. Because the shops and companies can come at no cost, you will get to try out a wide cross-section of bikes, not just the big money ones. I don’t allow any sales at the event, so there is no pressure, just learning and fun.
Expect talks from Rhonda Martin on how E-bikes completely changed her life for the better. Marc Johnson will tell how electric bikes helped him recover from some serious health issues and regain a happy lifestyle once again. Some big news will be the announcement of how you can become part of a Guinness World Record attempt in the E-bike world. Don’t miss that.
Don’t forget to preregister at the link in the text below. I have restructured the evening some so there will be more time to try all the E-bikes, and the test course is bigger than ever. May 24, 2016 from 5 pm to 8 pm, yet if you come a bit before hand, you can extend the fun.
Check out this list of exhibitors and E-bikes that will be there. And, the list is still growing.
ABUS Security Systems——Company reps on hand.
Add-e E-bike Conversion.
Ariel Rider E-bikes.
Bulls E-Bikes—————Company reps on hand.
Dynamite Electric Bike———–Shop reps on hand.
EcoReco——————-Company reps on hand.
El Camino Bike Shop————Shop reps on hand.
E-Lux———————Company reps on hand.
Electra———————Company reps on hand.
Electric Bike Central————-Shop reps on hand.
Electric Car Insider.
Electron Wheel————–Company reps on hand.
ELV Motors———————Shop reps on hand.
Faraday———————Company reps on hand.
Fifield E-Bikes
Freway E-bikes—————Company reps on hand.
HPC. (Hi Power Cycles).
Juiced Bikes——————Company reps on hand.
Kayman Bikes—————-Company reps on hand.
Lectric Cycles———–=—–Company reps on hand.
LightMeUp Safety Lights———Company reps on hand.
Metro Cyclery———————Shop reps on hand.
Nori Lights——————–Company reps on hand.
North County Family Bicycles———Shop reps on hand.
Pedego Electric Bikes————Company reps on hand.
Phantom Bikes—————–Company reps on hand.
rEcycles Electric Bikes—————Shop reps on hand.
San Diego Electric Bike—————Shop reps on hand.
San Diego Fly Rides——————Shop reps on hand.
Street Fair Electric Bikes————–Shop reps on hand.
Stromer————————Company reps on hand.
Surface 604.
Surf Monkey————————Shop reps on hand.
Tern—————————Company reps on hand.
Here is the text I have added to many media sources that offers most the information you will need. See you there, Turbo Bob.
Please consider coming to this free public service event, “Introduction to Electric Bicycles”.
It will take place in the evening on Tuesday May 24th, 2016, here in San Diego, from 5 pm to 8 pm.
It is held at the SDG&E Energy Innovation Center in Clairemont, CA. (4760 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA–92117).
You will learn about E-bikes, and get a chance to try any of the 60+ E-bikes on hand.
This is a no-sales, no pressure event, with free door prizes and a full catered hot meal (make sure to pre-register so there is enough dinner for everyone) (even with 170 spots, the event was filled the last two times, with some not able to attend, so registration is important).
Electric bikes can be a great way for people to have fun, improve their health, save money, help the environment and relieve road congestion (among many other reasons).
Check the flyer—-hope to see you, family and friends there.
Please share this on your own pages and with email blasts if you can.
This is a direct link for registration
Thanks, Turbo Bob.
There are several videos on my site of previous events, Here are two from the last one.

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2 Responses to Introduction to Electric Bicycles—Spring 2016 Edition—May 24, 2016

  1. Michael Kriege says:

    Bob please let me know when for the 2017 Ebike expo is.

  2. Long Beach Feb 26-28, 2017. They don’t have one scheduled for San Diego at this point.
    They have a webpage and Facebook page that will give you all the dates and locations.

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