LighTake—Bike Goodies for a Song

LighTake—Bike Goodies for a Song.

When I was a kid I rode my bike and surfed (other things too). Nowadays I still ride my bikes, yet my surfing is limited to the web. Not that long ago I dropped-in and came across the LighTake site. I found tons of stuff there, but it was the bike accessories that caught my eye. Unlike a bike shop, the selection is kind of limited, but the buy-in is low. I got in touch with them to see what they were all about.

I started out getting a cool multi-purpose headlamp that worked surprisingly well, with some neat features. From there I scouted their site for some pieces to fill in some empty spots on a few of my bikes. I noticed the scope of their products is pretty wide, but stayed focused on my bike. Although I am not much into bike clothes, they seemed to have a wide variety of those too. Last time I was there I noticed the available products seem to change, so keep that in mind. Let’s have a look at the items I did get and how they work.

LighTake Multi-functional Q8 LED Headlamp

Bright, and the beam is adjustable.

This lightweight headlamp has an unusual shape compared to most bike lights I use. Still, it mounted easily and was way brighter than I expected, bright enough in fact for it to be a main headlamp for all but the fastest of rides. I particularly like the ability to focus the beam to let it match the type of riding you are doing (like a Maglite). It seems the battery drain is very low (LED), as even though I have used it many times, the initial batteries I installed in it are still running strong.

It came with 4 colored clip on filters for different uses (use the red for a tail light). This light isn’t just for bikes, but a handlebar mount is part of the package. That mount is good, but the headband part not so much. The plastic clip that holds the light in place on the headband broke the first time I tried it. Not to worry as I never intended to use it that way, and the all the other plastic seems to be strong.

LighTake Rack Bag

My bike and I are both liking this new bag.

This nice bag is my favorite item I got from them. It is name-branded as being made by Roswheel. The quality level is high and the price was low. The zippers work well and appear to be able to last a long time. I needed a rack bag on one of our two matching Schwinn 5-speeds (to match the other bike of course), and this one did it just right. The color isn’t a perfect match, but no matter.

It has 3 large side pockets and an even larger main compartment. There is a place for your water bottle in the back with a spot to clip a rear light on that extension . It has reflective striping too. The Velcro straps underneath hold it to the rack very solidly. I was glad to add this accessory to that bike, and it keeps me smiling every time I load my gear into it. I keep the essentials in the side pockets (tube, pump, and tools). Great score on a needed item.

LighTake Lock-on Ergo Grips

These offer a modern feel for any bike.

I didn’t really need these, yet the red color on the aluminum clamps convinced to to move on them. The red bike they landed on had some decent grips already, yet I couldn’t help myself. This style of grips that go on the bike easily are getting more popular. Using just a small Allen wrench for the install is great. The grip material is pretty firm, but just soft enough for comfort.

Some don’t like ergo grips and I have had mixed feelings for different ones I have used. These have a decent contour and I couldn’t fault them on even one ride. They matched the bike, made the ride pleasant, and didn’t set me back much. Can’t ask for more than that.

LighTake Cycle Computer

Want to how fast and how far? You need a cycle computer.

Way back when they first came out I had no need for a cycle computer. Then one day someone mentioned they have a clock built-in. That sold me big time and just about every bike we have has a computer on it  This one even tells the temperature, very handy. Like all computers it tells you present speed, miles traveled, trip distance and time, and total miles traveled. This is a wired computer, the only kind I have used. I heard way back that wireless ones can be troublesome, yet I guess not as much anymore.

The instructions are designed for every language, more with a chart and illustrations. They claim it is very intuitive to use, and after pushing the buttons for a while it was all set-up. I admit to some initial frustration in the process, but before long I was over it and riding. It works fine and does everything they claim it will.

LighTake Chain Pliers

These will make chain installs much easier.

I got these as an afterthought. I used to have a small tool that holds the two chain ends together while you use the breaking tool for reassembly, but haven’t seen it for years. It is designed to be used with master links, yet one you buy a tool you can use it anyway you want. None of my bikes use master links, yet I feel this new tool will come in handy.


I am sure all this pieces are made in China, yet they all shipped from a U.S. address. They showed up quickly after the order and all arrived in good shape. I got what I needed and kept the costs down. Ordering online is kind of hard on the local bikes shops, but I hadn’t seen these exact items at any of them, so what the heck? Shop local first, and if you come up empty, hit the internet. That’s how I do it and I hope you will too.

Just ride, Turbo Bob.

You can find them here, and it seems they even have a Facebook page.

Here are short videos I posted on each item.

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