Index of Articles—September 2015 to March 2016

Index of Articles—September 2015 to March 2016.

September 2015

  1.   ULTIMATE COMMUTER E-BIKE BUILD—Part #3—Prepping the Bike.
  2.   Invite to “Introduction to Electric Bicycles”—Fall 2015

October 2015

  1.   Interbike 2015—A Video Diary
  2.   Bafang BBSHD (1000 Watt Mid-drive Electric Bike Conversion)—First Impressions
  3.   ULTIMATE COMMUTER E-BIKE BUILD—Part #4—The E-conversion
  4.   EcoSpeed Mid-drive Conversion by Nomad—Power You Want (Need?)
  5.   SportRX—A Fresh Perspective

November 2015

  1.   Torch T2 Lighted Bicycle Helmet—Safety X 2
  2.   Index of Articles—March 2015 to September 2015
  3.   ULTIMATE COMMUTER E-BIKE BUILD—Part #5—The eRAD Drive System
  4.   Kalkhoff Agattu E-bike—European Flair

December 2015

  1.   BodyFloat by Cirrus Cycles—Pleasure On Two Wheels
  2.   ELF Bikes E-velomobile—Mixing it Up
  3.   Tannus Tire Test Session—What a Long, Strange Trip Its Been
  4.   Momas E-scooter by e-Joe—Smooth and Sassy
  5.   Pedego Latch Folding Electric Bike—Early Insight
  6.   E-LUX Fat Tire Electric Cruiser—Cloud Surfer

January 2016

  1.   Dude Making a Difference, by Rob Greenfield—Book Review
  2.   NiteRider Sentinel 40 & Sabre 35—Rear Bike Lights with Benefits
  3.   ULTIMATE COMMUTER E-BIKE BUILD—Part #6—The Serfas Touch
  4.   Pedego Ridge Rider E-bike—Fun Just Got Dirty

February 2016

  1.   Omni Wheel E-bike Conversion—Easy Wheeling
  2.   Freway VR-01 E-bike—A Lot For a Little
  3.   Stash E-folding Bike from Motiv Electric Bikes—Where Will You Take Your Stash?
  4.   San Diego Electric Bike Expo—Next Weekend
  5.   A2B Entz E-bike—Mid-drive Magic
  6.   Electron Wheel vs Omni Wheel—The Full Inside Scoop

March 2016

  1.   San Diego Electric Bike Expo—The Experience & the Trends
  2.   Ride Scoozy 350—An E-bike That Makes Sense
  3.   Moto Reflex Pedals—Comfort King
  4.   ULTIMATE COMMUTER E-BIKE BUILD—Part #7—How I Met My Goals




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3 Responses to Index of Articles—September 2015 to March 2016

  1. Arturo Gonzalez says:

    Hey Turbo Bob I have question regarding bike gps trackers. Would you know if there any good bike gps trackers for the recovery of stolen bikes? I would greatly appreciate your input if you have any regarding this as I’m currently buying an HPC Revolution 5000 watt bike and I’m looking for one I can hide inside the aluminum frame and for it still being able to work/still have a signal for it to be able to send me it’s location in case it gets stolen. I’ve heard of a few like the one in the headset,seatpost and the rear tail light but for example the one in the headset will not fit my bike and the one in the seatpost they could possibly steal just my seatpost and I’m not sure about the rear taillight they could also just steal that only looking for something more inconspicuous and that will function with my android phone without a monthly contract.thanks much Turbo for your time and if you might have any knowledge of any good or great working options!

    • Arturo, that is a good question. The one for the seatpost could possible be put in the frame below the seatpost—or in the handlebars like the movie Easy Rider.
      I have seen companies that hope to make ones that are in the handgrips or the pedals, yet I don’t know if they ever followed through.
      Keep checking online for options that could work for you.
      Thanks for reading—don’t know if my answer helped much, yet I am not too into such things.
      BTW, if you “Track your ride”, don’t start and end it at your home, start and end it a block or two from your home.

  2. Arturo Gonzalez says:

    Thanks for your response and advice turbo I greatly appreciate it i never thought about that. I will continue to look on the Internet for any more possible options and if I can’t find anything I’ll probably try that seatpost one but like you said I’ll place it inside my frame and see how that works for me hopefully one day they will make something along the lines of what you mentioned something inside the hand grips or possibly the pedals once again thank you for your time and for responding to my question BTW I really enjoy your YouTube reviews on E-bikes keep up the good work my friend!

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