San Diego Electric Bike Expo—Next Weekend

San Diego Electric Bike Expo—Next Weekend.

With 6 US cities on their agenda, the Electric Bike Expo visits San Diego on February 26, 27, and 28th. Happening at Liberty Station, it is a free event, yet they want you to pre-register online (link below). In addition to getting to try any or all of the 100+ E-bikes from 18 major makers, your registration will get you in the running for some cool bike prizes. Two makers are giving away one of their bikes by signing up before a test ride, and one other is selling raffle tickets for their E-bike give-away, with the proceeds going to a local charity.

So, other than having the chance to win a new E-bike, why would you come? Many new models will be there, and some not even on the market yet. The test track will be there and it includes a small grade to help you get the feel for the electric-assist bikes. I understand they will have food trucks in addition to the local restaurants nearby. I also believe there will be a bike corral to secure your bike while you are trying the others.

With so many differences in E-bikes, it can be important to try many out to find one that could be just right for you. It isn’t just the style and fit, each bike uses different control systems, so finding the one you like can make your experience the best. There will be lots of sales reps on hand to answer your questions, yet no sales are authorized at the event. You can expect a few local E-bikes shops on hand, so they can direct you to a place that you can get the bike you liked the best.

Another fun part of the event will be the 2 group E-bike rides I will lead. The first will be on Saturday at 9:30 am, then another on Sunday at 1 pm. You can join in with your own E-bike, your own regular bike, or by reserving a rental (special low price) E-bike that the local shops will bring. It will be a mellow 12 mile ride to the Cabrillo National Park, taking just over an hour. I have picked a route that will allow you to really get a feel for what E-bikes can offer in comfort and flattening a grade. I hope you ride with me.

They already did the Expo in the Phoenix area, and 4 more will happen nationwide this year. Expect upcoming Expos in Houston, Portland, Denver and Palo Alto to get great crowds of people interested in learning about and trying electric bikes. These are exciting times for E-bikes, and you can be part of it.

See you there? Bring your helmet. Turbo Bob.

Here is the link with info and a registration link.

Here is the Facebook page.

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