E-LUX Fat Tire Electric Cruiser—Cloud Surfer

E-LUX Fat Tire Electric Cruiser—Cloud Surfer.

Comfort and style—is that what you are looking for in an E-bike?

This title lends to what this new E-bike is, a easy, smooth riding electric-assist bike. The one I tested is as pure white as the puffiest clouds in the sky, yet other colors are on the roster. It would make the perfect bike for the surf crowd, and most anyone else I imagine. Plus it rides like its wheels are skimming the silver lining that surrounds those misty vapors that billow above. They just call it the E-LUX Fat Tire Electric Cruiser.

Fat tires are all the rage nowadays, yet most bikes that sport them are rough, tough terrain eaters. This one could do that, although some easy going street riding is really its main appetite. Sand and snow are on the menu if you want, so rough riding isn’t out of the question by any means. Still, E-LUX set its goal with this bike to add maximum comfort for the person in the saddle. If bike riding ease is your idea of fun, then this could be the bike for you.

These big tires are part of what this E-bike is all about.

Unlike most fat tire bikes I have ridden (both powered and unpowered) that have radical knobbys that sing on the road and kind of add their own pounding feel as you ride, these have a raised center ridge for quiet and smooth street use, yet some aggressive side tread that will power through the soft stuff when needed. They tell me the tubes they use are very thick to help thwart off thorns and other nasty stuff you might roll through. I like that, you?

As you gaze over the frame you can see the heft built-in for strength and a solid ride. Most everything about this E-bike is beefy, as it should be. The brakes are big and tough, and a hydraulic front disc is an option, even though I personally would go with this standard cable operated one. The fenders and rack speak massive and the kickstand is right there along with that trend. Yes, this is one big bike where you sit tall and proud.

Where do you want to ride?

That big factor did affect the way it sets on my Thule T2 bike rack though. I was able to make it fit, yet it took extra straps on the wheels and frame to make me feel confident. I took it on several rides at the beach and harbor (local trails too) so having the ability to transport it was important. Those rides were great fun and made me enjoy the E-LUX even more. Getting a pair of them on the rack might be a little tough, so keep that in mind if E-bikes come in pairs at your house like the do at mine.

Those great ergo grips feel soooo good.

This fat tire electric bike has a well designed power control system with a quality and useful display unit (that includes a USB power outlet). The right hand thumb throttle is active in all modes. It has five levels of automatic pedelec assist including an off for regular riding. I also think the extra mode for setting overall power available is smart. You can easily change it for reduced power levels if—you want some extra range from your battery—you lend the bike out and want it to be a bit slower—or if it is used in rental activities.

They rate the brushless rear hub motor at 750 watts (which it will easily peak at) but it probably is a 500 watt unit. 48 volts pulse from the mid-mounted battery that gives 13 Ah. A 17 Ah battery is an option and one I would normally recommend. The standard battery is 624 watt hours and the optional one is 816. With that powerful motor sucking the juice, opting for more battery capacity is wise. I would guess this bike is at least 70 lbs. (maybe more), so running out of power on a long ride should be avoided. With 7 speed gearing out back you can pedal it ok, but not with the same ease of lighter E-bikes.

A top name-brand motor will get you up those really steep hills.

That powerful motor makes climbing a breeze. It is no slouch in the speed department either. Any extra weight this bike might have disappears while you are riding it with the assist. I also found the steering light and not overly sensitive which made every ride quite enjoyable. The cruiser bars helped with that and allow for a very upright and comfortable cockpit. It sports a quality suspension seatpost, yet mine was a bit sticky in the up and down movement (something I am sure E-LUX would swap out with no questions).

That mid-mount lithium battery is stuffed with only quality cells.

Up front is a LED headlamp that gets its power from the motor battery. It does have its own separate switch, that I would like to see run from the display control instead. The display backlights nicely and that switch could run the headlamp too. They include a rear tail light that uses its own internal batteries. A wired one like the headlamp and switched from the display would be better. Like most E-bikes I ride, the factory lighting is ok for neighborhood jaunts, but stronger lights are wise when you hit the open road.

On the book of options is a front suspension fork. It might be worth considering yet I would bypass it. I did notice the slightest amount of flex in the standard steel fork, yet that isn’t too uncommon. It is one oversized piece and steel flexes naturally to smooth out your ride. That is one reason I prefer steel framed bikes, that and their ability to last a long time with no issues. E-LUX offers this same bike in a low-framed step-through version too.

This fat tire electric bike was a joy to test and ride. It sits high and keeps you comfortable all day. It has that big cruiser saddle that matches its theme. It is well outfitted allowing you to splash through the biggest puddles with a smile. The thrill continues each time you

I grabbed this from the E-LUX website so you could see the low-frame version of this fat tire E-bike

feel the motor kick in when the road climbs or the wind blows. If you are looking for an E-bike with style, ease of riding, and one like no other (that will catch glances everyday), this E-LUX has all that covered. Come down from the clouds and let’s ride.

Make mine fat, Turbo Bob.

“Riding a bicycle is about getting back to basics. It’s good for the waistline and it’s good for the wallet, is what I’m saying.”—Phil Keoghan.

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  1. ebikeseller says:

    I love the E-Lux Fat Tire. What a amazing bike.

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