Momas E-scooter by e-Joe—Smooth and Sassy

Momas E-scooter by e-Joe—Smooth and Sassy.

The e-Joe Momas.

Electric scooters are catching the world by storm. They can be so convenient and fun, it is easy to see why. e-Joe has seen the light and they are adding this Momas to their E-bike line-up as the new year comes about. It is a fresh design from the wheels up so expect it to ride unlike any other you have tried. Part of what makes it different are its large 10 inch pneumatic tires and the use of magnesium throughout.

I was able to get my hands on their only prototype model as they are setting up the production line in China. The Momas that you will be able to get will have some slight differences than this one, yet almost identical as far as appearance goes. As with many of the new breed of electric scooters, the Momas is quite powerful, fast and has an incredible range. The numbers are 15-20 mph, 350 watts and 15-20 miles between recharges. These numbers are affected by your weight, where you ride and how you ride.

Big tires and mag wheels—cool stuff.

Those tires really smooth out the road without the help of weak and costly suspension. They do it at the expense of having to fill them occasionally and the threat of flats. So the tradeoff here is up to you, solid rough riding tires that will never let you down, or these that roll over the rough stuff with ease. The larger diameter is a plus too, keeping obstacles that could affect you at bay.  I can’t say which is more important to me, yet the no flats ever does catch my attention better.

With a bunch of magnesium from front to rear you are assured of a lightweight scoot (about 30 lbs.) and some good longevity as the miles pass by. It rides very stout with just noticeable flex in the handlebar folding pivots. Those work quick and easy during the fold, lock in well, but do have just a bit of movement when riding (they all seem to). The main fold is also well designed and happens fast when you need it. There is just the slightest bit of play in the steering headset too, and much like the bar pivots, they all seem to have some, and I decided way back to not let it bother me.

When folded it is easy to stow or carry.

I did notice that when it is folded that it doesn’t sit well on the ground. I think the final version will have some rubber strips underneath to solve that issue. I like that it has a kickstand, but a beefier one that is smoother on the end is another hope for the production model. It did rough up my toes on a couple occasions. Those are minor things that usually get worked out as the final draft comes together.

350 watts of power is big for a scoot.

I liked the LED taillight built into the rear fender. It is always on when the scooter electronics are activated. When I shot the walkaround video I thought the front headlamp worked the same, but I soon found it is powered by internal batteries and has a switch on top. Both are bright enough for some basic cruising and neighborhood romps, yet if you plan on riding around traffic at night, I would suggest some additional lighting.

The mags add some style and the fenders add some protection through the puddles. All the electronics seem pretty well protected so riding when wet is more up to you than the Momas. The large lithium battery and control unit are packed away under your feet in a tube part of the chassis. They are covered with a nice sized deck that gives plenty of room for even the largest riders. The deck is covered with a anti-slip pad that does the job like you would expect. Just like the deck pad, the tires gave great traction so each ride was a pleasure.

The Momas control center.

The electronics in this prototype have been experimented with some, and I am told the model on sales floor will be even more refined. A safety throttle that only powers the motor once you push off for a little speed is standard. A cool small display gives plenty of ride info and even has a 3 level speed choice to allow less power at full throttle when that is desired. The display and throttle are all in one unit for a clean look and easy use.

The disc brake slows you down fast, if you want to slow down that is.

The motor was a tad noisier than I expected yet not too bad. It is powerful as you would think, will handle some good grades, yet unlike a E-bike with pedals, on the steeper hills some foot work is needed to keep your momentum up. The e-Joe Momas rolls right along at a good clip to get you where you are going and give some excitement at the same time. I rode it on grass and dirt, and even did some interesting mini-wheelies now and then. I am sure stunt riding would be possible, yet probably not fully recommended.

Sometimes when I ride prototype electric vehicles I can’t give you a full experience of anything more than what they offer. Once the Momas hits the sales floor they we will both see what its future looks like. I am told this is close to what it will be like, and if so it should be a well received E-scoot. e-Joe does it nicely with their line-up of E-bikes and I can’t imagine this Momas E-scooter will be any different. Electric vehicles have proven to be a big part of where we are headed, so when the time comes I would give one of these a try to see how it fits into your lifestyle.

E-scoots for fun and travel, Turbo Bob.

“I am a bike enthusiast; there’s a certain amount of romance to bikes. They’re both beautiful and utilitarian.”—Dave Eggers.

You can find e-Joe on the web and Facebook

Here are two videos I posted showing and riding the Momas

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2 Responses to Momas E-scooter by e-Joe—Smooth and Sassy

  1. Hi Turbo Bob!

    Check these out and let me know what you think…

    This company called Newport Nights is making a beach cruiser with LED lights integrated throughout the frame and body of the bike. It’s called the Beach Blazer.

    It’s not an electric bike, but it still caught my attention from the safety aspect. No way people in cars will miss you if you are riding one of these bikes.

    Hope all is well with you & Barb. I wish you guys a very Merry Christmas.


    • Very interesting to be sure. My friend at LightMeUp Safety lights is doing something very similar to bikes without that lighting built-on. It is a little overboard, yet why not?
      Hope you are doing well—expected to see you in Palm Springs last month.

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