BodyFloat by Cirrus Cycles—Pleasure On Two Wheels

BodyFloat by Cirrus Cycles—Pleasure on Two Wheels.

I borrowed this photo from the Cirrus Cycles website.   That is a great place to get all the info you might be interested in.


Even on three wheels you can get total comfort with a BodyFloat Isolation Seatpost.   The testimonials of what a great bike addition it is roll online on a daily basis.   Looks like today I am going to add my name to that list, as this piece has won me over.   I have never been a big fan of chassis suspension on bicycles, yet this relatively simple product can give you a similar effect without all the weight and complexity.   I suggest you hunt out a bike shop that offers these for your own chance to give one a try.

The idea behind the BodyFloat isn’t new, yet the design and performance are what makes it so different.   It is touted as an isolation seatpost, not a suspension seatpost, still it seems to do both.   It is fully adjustable for the weight it handles and the effect you desire.   It can take a bit of time to get things set for the best feel, but once you find that sweet spot you will find your riding pleasure rising to new heights.   I know I did.

Even with that cushy saddle, the BodyFloat from Cirrus Cycles makes a giant difference for my wife’s daily ride.

I was able to get two BodyFloat posts for testing.   One slid right on my wife’s commuting E-bike.   That is where it’s stayed for a couple months.   She has been nothing but happy to get some of the roughness of her bike smoothed out with each ride.   Just like the name implies, she feels like she is floating on the bike, yet still fully connected to all it tells her about road conditions.   Her bike is an aluminum framed non-suspension bike, with big 26 x 2.0 Schwalbe Big Ben meats.   The included suspension seatpost was ok, but this one is so much better.

The other post I got for testing is an non-production model that I felt lucky to get.   My project bike, THE ULTIMATE COMMUTER-BIKE BUILD has some pretty skinny 700c tires, so I knew some help was needed to get a great ride.   Even though it is a steel framed bike that works to soak up some of the jolting, to reach my goal of a comfortable bike, the Cirrus Cycles BodyFloat isolation seatpost was the defining accessory to make it happen.   I think without it I would have come up short to reach that particular goal.

My project E-bike benefited more from this isolation seat post that I can fully describe.

By non-production I am talking about the diameter of the post that fits into the seat tube.   They come in two different sizes, fitting even more bikes with available shims.   My old-school project bike is of a smaller size they don’t offer for sale, and no shim was going to make it fit.   Story is that Cirrus Cycles made some smaller ones during their prototype and testing stages, so I was elated to be able to fit one to see just what a difference the BodyFloat would make.   I think you can read into this that it really does make a worthwhile difference.

Cirrus Cycles makes 5 models, 3 with aluminum posts, one with carbon fiber and one with titanium.   You can also get a spring pack for matching your weight and planned use.   Shims and a mechanism cover are included on their site.   You can get all the info on how to install the springs and get it adjusted there too.   Lots more on their company and product are found as you look deeper.   There is a bunch of technical stuff that I won’t repeat here, but says mostly that it all works together for the best of bike experiences.   Follow the link below to see it all.

Even with some drawbacks in light and bag mounting, I was able to get them both to fit nicely.

The BodyFloat is fully rebuildable.   It uses easy to replace pivot bushings to allow smooth movement without any slop.   It is recommended you do this procedure every 5000 miles or so.   With such a notable investment (more than the inferior posts you will find), it is nice to know that it will be able to continue to perform well for many years.   The cover protects it from foul weather and prying eyes.   It is worth protecting with an additional lock that is for sure.   My only other negative impression (if you consider those negative) is that the BodyFloat doesn’t allow all post mounted taillights and saddle mounted bags to match-up well.

I mentioned before that full suspension bikes have never really been my idea of perfection.   Inexpensive ones have extra frame movement (slop) and non-dampened travel (plus extra bulky weight).   As you move up the price scale (quite a bit) that starts to diminish, yet the oil-filled shocks (front and rear) need costly overhauls by a sharp tech every year (don’t forget all the pivot points of the rear suspension).   If you are really mountian biking that might be a necessity, yet for me (and most fun, sport, and commuting riders) that is way overkill.

Bring on the bumps—I’m ready.

With the BodyFloat from Cirrus Cycles you get all you need for a comfortable ride.   Many bikes nowadays come with low-end suspension seatposts.   They really are nothing more than two sliding pipes with an internal spring.   Some are better than others, yet lots of pivoting (rotating slop) and a springy feel don’t make for the best ride.   It is normal for the saddle to be the first thing replaced with any bike purchase, so you might as well add a BodyFloat while you are at it for the full story on bike pleasure.

I could go on about the reasons I like it, yet it’s really up to you to experience one for yourself.   More and more shops have found how cool and popular the BodyFloat is and will make sure to have a way for you to try one.   Even if there is no dealer near you, this is one product that I would recommend getting sight unseen.   After all the enjoyment it has given me (and my wife), I would be hard pressed to imagine anyone who tries it to be disappointed.

The first time I met the crew from Cirrus Cycles I kind of bypassed a test ride and wondered why it would be worth having.   Of course I am a rough tough bike rider and can handle all my bikes can dish out.   When I finally did climb aboard one, I realized that having some bike isolation was wonderful and changed my tune right away.   Sure, I still ride my other bikes without one, but get the full BodyFloat thrill when I can.

Why not ride comfortably?   Turbo Bob.

“I can think.   I can sleep.   I can move.   I can ride my bike.   I can dream.”—Bill Walton.

Link to their website and Facebook page with these.

Here are a few of the videos I did on the BodyFloat

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6 Responses to BodyFloat by Cirrus Cycles—Pleasure On Two Wheels

  1. Thudbuster is 1/2 the price for twice the travel and weighs about 20g more than the titanium version.

  2. steve says:

    I recently purchased a BodyFloat. I don’t understand the hype.
    I commute 20 miles each way to work, and the $250 item doesn’t feel any better than my $25 suspension seat post. A 250 dollar lesson learned.

  3. Jason Brooks says:

    Thank you for the review, I will definitely ask my dealer about ordering one of these for my new e-bike

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