Index of Articles—March 2015 to September 2015

Index of Articles—March 2015 to September 2015.

March 2015

1.   Stromer ST2—First Impressions.

2.   How to Buy the Best Electric Bike, by Average Joe Cyclist—A Book Review.

3.   EcoReco Pneumatic Front Tire Prototype and a Year Worth of EcoReco Insights.

4.    Sherpa—A Utility Cargo E-bike from Motiv Electric Bikes.

April 2015

1.   Index of Articles—September 2104 to March 2015.

2.   Pacific IF Move—Folding the Future.

3.   Pedego E-bike Up-grade to 2015 Electrical Specifications.

4.   Stromer ST2—High-tech Thoroughbred.

5.   Priority Bicycles—Easy, Breezy, and Nearly Maintenance Freezy.

May 2015

1.   Bicycle Business Journal—A New History Starts Now.

2.   Introduction to Electric Bicycles—Spring 2015.

3.   e-Joe Koda—From My Bike Path to Yours.

4.   Last Chance to Register for “Introduction to Electric Bicycles”.

June 2015

1.   Blix Vika+ Folding E-bike—Fancy Folder.

2.   Electron Wheel E-bike Conversion—It Doesn’t Get Much Easier Than This.

3.   Electron Wheel E-bike Conversion—It Doesn’t Get Much Easier Than This.

4.   Faraday Porteur E-bike—Welcomed Refinement.

5.   Mode Madness—Bike, Love, Art.

July 2015

1.   Blaze Laserlight—Something Special for Your Nighttime Bike Ride.

2.   e-Prodigy Logan E-bike—Mid-drive Magic.

3.   E-Freedom E-bike from Green World Bike—Black Thunder.

4.   ThorFire Bike Lights—High-output & Low Buy-in.

August 2015

1.   Fifield Jetty Folding E-bike—Silver Sprinter.


3.   Trike Safari at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park—If We Could Talk to the Animals.


5.   Pedego Stretch E-cargo Bike—The Strong, Silent Type.

September 2015

1.   ULTIMATE COMMUTER E-BIKE BUILD—Part #3—Prepping the Bike.

2.   Invite to “Introduction to Electric Bicycles”—Fall 2015.



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