Torch T2 Lighted Bicycle Helmet—Safety X 2

Torch T2 Lighted Bicycle Helmet—Safety X 2.

With 5 bright LED lights in the front and rear, the Torch T2 helmet adds much to your ride.

A smiling bike ride is our goal, so less worries of trouble are part of the destination.   I have long been an advocate of daytime light use, and of course we all use them when riding in the dark.   Most riders feel a quality helmet is a standard part of their bike.   Here in the T2 lighted helmet from Torch Apparel, you get both together in a nice wrap-around package that will cover both bases with ease.   I was looking for the perfect compliment to match my goals for the ULTIMATE COMMUTER E-BIKE BUILD project, and I found just the thing in this T2 helmet.

They did some great upgrades from the original model and used a crowdfunder to help make it happen.   Once I got my T2 I was really impressed with so many of its features.   Right off it seemed so light I wasn’t sure they remembered to put the lighting system inside.   Extra weight on your head is never good thing, so I have to think keeping it like a feather was an important part of this product.   Not only did they succeed, the way the lights work and last between charges is amazing.

The lights are shielded by polycarbonate covers for great protection.

I have never been a fan of mountain bike helmets as it seems they don’t offer protection in anything other than a tip of your head incident.   The T2 really wraps around well to afford the kind of coverage that most riders need and want.   The last time we went helmet shopping that kind of protection was one of our main goals and many of the units out there just didn’t seem to have it.   When I wear this Torch helmet I really feel that if anything were to happen, I would be standing tall afterwards.

The assembled group at my last E-bike seminar were very impressed with the T2.

Other than kids helmets, most come in two basic sizes it seems.   The T2 is a one size fits all which at first I thought might be a concern.   The included different pads (that stick in place nicely) allow this helmet to fit everyone that I allowed to try it.   It also has a adjustment knob in the back for the plastic head band.   I am sure in some extremes the fit won’t work for everyone, yet so far so good.   For me the fit is comfortable and just snug enough for no movement, yet no pressure either.   I have to think the Torch Apparel folks put some extra time in this part of the design, finding just the right contour to work for most.

This Torch T2 helmet is a great part of my project E-bike—THE ULTIMATE COMMUTER E-BIKE BUILD.

With vents to keep you cool, it is really the built-in lighting that makes this special.  With cold running LED lights and a non-stressed pair of lithium batteries, they don’t create any heat that I noticed.   The thought of having these electronics so close to my head came to mind, yet batteries have evolved to the point of nearly 100% safety, so I wear it worry-free.   I think the way it protects you from possible injury outweighs any concerns the lighting feature might add to the equation.  So you know, the helmet, switches and the lights are weather-resistant.

The lights are particularly bright.   On several occasions I have worn the T2 indoors and many shade their eyes from the glare, forcing me to lower the light to the reduced level. Both the front white light and the rear red light have 4 modes.   High and low in non-flashing and the same in the flashing modes are your choices.   With up to 36 hours in the low-power flashing setting, it tells you they did pack some decent battery power into the Torch T2, even though it is so lightweight it defies that number.

The charge cord takes care of both batteries at the same time.

In the really bright setting, the T2 pumps out 6 hours of light between charges (long enough for most any ride).   Charging is simple with the modern use of the USB cord.   In fact the cord is a Y configuration that allows you to charge both batteries at once.   Like so many LED lights nowadays, the light tells you when it is charging and when it is done.   Another cool thing I like is how that same light tells you how much charge is left every time you turn the lights off.   4 blinks is full, 3 is ¾’s full and so on.   Very smart.

One feature I don’t like is to turn off the lights you need to toggle through all the modes, as opposed to just holding the button for a bit.   I do belive this is to accommodate the ‘charge left’ light blinking, as I have other modern LED lights that work in this similar way.   Not a problem as it is so nice to be able to monitor how much charge you have available for the next use between charges.   All-in-all, I think it is a good way to program such a lighting system.

A single LED in the front and rear tell you when the charge is done and your state of charge every time you switch the lights off.

The T2 comes in different colors, yet with no real decoration on them.   This gives you the option of letting the solid color shine or going wild with paint or stickers.   I do expect to see more T2 helmets around town, some with the the expressions the riders want to show-off emblazoned for all to see.   It is a blank canvas of lighted excitement.   And why limit the Torch T2 lighted helmet just for bike riding?   I can think of so many sports that can fully capitalize on all the cool things it has to offer.

So I have embraced my new helmet and it has won me over.   When I use it at night I can see its flashing light reflecting off buildings and four-wheeled vehicles telling me that I am as visible as it gets.   When you add that to the lights on the bike already, I feel good and that keeps me smiling.   When I wear it during the day it is that little extra bit of protection I like during a fun bike ride.   A smart product for smart riders, the Torch T2.

I can see you, can you see me?   Turbo Bob.

“The bicycle is the most efficient machine ever created.  Converting calories into gas, a bicycle gets the equivalent of three thousand miles per gallon.”—Bill Strickland, The Quotable Cyclist.

You can find Torch Apparel on the web and Facebook

Here are a couple of the many videos I took that show the T2

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7 Responses to Torch T2 Lighted Bicycle Helmet—Safety X 2

  1. Randy Sanderson says:

    Bob, why do you think this helmet is better than the Lumos?

    • I never said that. I am still waiting for them to ship me my test sample. I have never been a fan of bike turn signals, but the brake light feature might be nice. Also, a wrap around helmet beats a road / mountain bike helmet in safety as far as I am concerned.
      Once I get the Lumos than I can see and feel which one seems best to me.

  2. As I do agree that a helmet is a very important piece of road equipment, and most especially when not traveling in groups, and lone wolf trekking sort a speak…! I don’t however think this particular helmet will be any part of my road kit …! As I don’t believe that a lighted helmet by any means, is the answer, and only an added cost, of impractical expense of money, and added weight, that could be allocated to better lighting on you rig, rather than on your head… If anything should be coupled with your, or a riding helmet, is a better visor, keeping sun, wind, and road debris from getting into your eyes… As well as giving you better protection for your eyes, it will as well give you better and proper fields of view… Views that some sunglasses can not offer you because of it’s frame, that usually narrows your field of view, as well as interfere with your peripheral vision as you will want to know what, or who is coming at you on your flanks, left and right.. Having said all that…! I still agree with you explicitly as to the need for a helmet while riding…! But I don’t believe, that a lighted helmet is the answer.. At least not yet….!

    • Anything helps. So you know, I am not much of a helmet wearer anyway—but love all the light I can show during the day or night.

      • I’m just saying, that I am more than positive for what that particular helmet, or one with equal in lumens costs, I am sure you could add that light to your rig, which will intern do the same job as you would expect the light on this helmet to address.. And if some one should run you down after that, that person operating the vehicle that has run you down would have equally not seen the light if it were on your head….! They would have to be more than intoxicated, if after adding light of equal measure to your rig….. And please don’t let the long hair, beard, and tattoo’s, mislead you in any way about not wearing a helmet, Because I had been a motorcycling adventure who always rode with a helmet, so as not to have someone have to scoop my brains of the asphalt….!

  3. Randy Sanderson says:

    I believe the Lumos is a better value for your money, with more features. Although, they won’t start deliveries until summer of 2016. Here’s a link:

  4. I am still waiting for them to ship me my test sample. I am no fan of bicycle turn signals, but the brake light part might be worth it.
    I can only test and respond on products I have in hand to try and experience.

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