SportRX—A Fresh Perspective

SportRX—A Fresh Perspective.

Meeting Rob and the crew at SportRX has really been great.

I wasn’t searching for a new look, yet it found me.   This cool company tucked along the Rose Canyon Bicycle Path in San Diego kind of reached out and grabbed me.   Just like many of the thousands that ride this route, I passed by SportRX many times without a notice, but this day was different.   Tony and Marie, the crew from E-Prodigy in Canada, was in town letting me try their E-bikes, so of course I showed them some of the local sights.   As we rode by SportRX, the water stand outside caught our attention, and this journey began.

Here is the display where I found my new shades. They have so many more.

SportRX seems to be leading the field in prescription shades and glasses for every sport imaginable.   The people there are very active in their own personal sports, so in addition to being experts in the world of prescription sunglasses, they are also customers who put them to the test daily.   The selection is close to overwhelming, but their knowledge of the product brings it to light for a easy process of finding what will work best for you.   I am living proof of that.   My wife and I are now enjoying the benefits of wrap-around eyewear every time we saddle up.

They are teamed up with many local sport and advocacy groups, including letting the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition use their meeting room.   That is one of the reasons they keep a Bike to Work sign and fresh water out front everyday.   Once Tony, Marie and I stopped for a cool drink, Rob (the VP of SportRX) came out front to check out the bikes we were riding.   He often commutes to work on his bike, in addition to taking long biking holidays whenever time allows, so he was interested in what we were riding.   Before long we were inside checking out the shop and getting a full tour.

You have to see their large meeting table up close (the one behind the Ping-Pong table), it is great. The crew is very active so they keep plenty of fun stuff there to use during breaks.

As the conversion swayed in different directions, the subject of my bike blog and bike activities came up.   Also was the subject of my wife’s bike commuting and sometimes battling the debris and dry air during her ride.   Just before the three of us were headed down the road, Rob suggested I stop by again to see about getting us fitted for some shades that could make our bike riding safer and more fun.   I love reporting on bike stuff, so that seemed right up my alley.

Here are our new shades—perfect choices for us.

My wife has 20/20 vision, so she wasn’t in need of corrective eyewear.   Still, sometimes dry eyes can cause her trouble so her doctor has suggested some glasses that wrap-around to protect her from the moving air.   Here in sunny San Diego, sun glasses are a given, yet for years she has relied on ones that are free hand-outs at the many events and rides we attend.   I knew all along that the low-quality lenses were not giving her the best vision and UV protection.   That is just one of the reasons I jumped at Rob’s offer to report on their services.

Another angle of their large showroom.

Me, I am just slightly near-sighted, not enough to need prescription glasses, yet enough where I enjoy the sharpness they afford.   The pair I’ve had up until now have endured 10 years of use, still work great, and have no scratches.   I’ve had different ones in the past, including a prescription pair of mirrored Vuarnet ski glasses that earned me the name ‘Hollywood’ at a job I had in the 70’s.   I too depend on the UV protection and brightness control that sun glasses give on these sunny days and evenings.

Before she and I headed down to pick out the pair of sunglass that would make our riding (and living) better, we both checked the SportRX website.   There we found they have close to 40 brands in stock.   These are some top brand names that cover the whole industry well.   That, and you can chose from almost 20 colors of lenses for them.   Rob made it easier once we came in, showing us ones that would fit our needs better than others.   It didn’t take long to narrow the list down well.   All I had to do next was get my prescription updated and we were ready to go.

It might be short notice for you, but they have a big day planned tomorrow.

SportRx, like the name implies, has glasses for most every sport on earth.   Even if prescription lenses aren’t in your need category, you can really up your game with the right eye protection and color correction.   That is what they are all about, with an expert crew on hand to guide you through every step of the selection.   They have one of the best optical labs and staffing group you will find anywhere.   They do about 90% of their business online, yet a visit to the store for hands-on shopping and one-on-one help is a great way to go.   In fact, tomorrow (October 24th, 2015) they are having a big party and clearance sale (check the flyer I am sharing here).

Just more of what you can expect to see during your visit.

Barbara got a fantastic pair of Sun Cloud shades that she loves.   It let her realize how much she had been missing in the polarization and lense quality of her sun glasses for so long.   The wrap-around feature is also protecting her on a daily basis.   I don’t see her going back to those freebies any more.   What a great thrill it is for me to help her get something she needed, yet didn’t fully understand  until now.   What was also cool is she got hers on the spot, yet my needed a couple weeks to prepare.

The ones I picked out are made by Rudy Project.   They too wrap-around heavily, protecting my eyes in several ways.   The right prescription, some awesome UV protection and being fully polarized have made my eyes smile in response.   Add to that my new look, a full win in anyone’s book.   Both came with strong carry cases for keeping them scratch-free when not in use, and a large micro-fiber cleaning cloth.   So in the end, SportRX has made this couple happy and healthy.   I guess as much as they supply shades, what they really do is make people happy.   I like that.

Since I met the crew at SportRX, I have found that a few of my friends rely on their services too.   They have nothing but praise for the shades and service they have received.   It makes me wonder why I hadn’t heard of them before.   Sometimes a fun bike ride can lead you in directions you never imagined.   Of course we all know bikes are like that.

Grab your shades and hit the trail, Turbo Bob.

“Four wheels move the body.   Two wheels move the soul.”—Anonymous.

You can find SportRX online and on Facebook.

Here is a video I posted from the shop.

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  1. Jason Kraft says:

    Rob is the man.

    Best regards, Jason

  2. Jason Kraft says:


    Got this this morning; speaks for itself. Just thought I’d share so you could see our history. What a lovely individual.

    Best regards, Jason

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