Interbike 2015—A Video Diary

Interbike 2015—A Video Diary.

Some reporters post photos, some text.   I’ve found that a video library of the week works for me. This is quite an undertaking so I hope it helps you get a feel for the event.   I was already set to do no riding, as the amount of bikes, the venue and the time allotted doesn’t give me a chance to really get a full feel for them.

I did have two favorites and in time you will see them closer.   For now let’s just say they had NuVinci Harmony drivetrains matched with mid-drive motors.   Let’s see if you can spot them.

If you click on the link below, that will take you to the last video I took at Interbike.   From there it should autoplay through all 112 of them (basically backwards).   If that doesn’t do the trick, just root around on my video site for the ones that interest you.   Enjoy, Turbo Bob.

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