Invite to “Introduction to Electric Bicycles”—Fall 2015

Invite to “Introduction to Electric Bicycles”—Fall 2105.

E-bike flyer fall 2015Twice a year I host this free public service event here in San Diego. I have found there is no other E-bike teaching and riding seminar like it anywhere. Part of the reason is my no sales, no pressure vibe that I have stipulated from the beginning. That way all the shops and companies that come to show their bikes work to sell a lifestyle, not the actual bikes on the premises. The last couple have filled the house with 200 people and 60+ E-bikes to try out.

Hope to see you there. If not, check out the videos I will post, and those posted from previous events. I have looked into doing this in other areas, and would love to see others try to do this in their own communities.

Here is the text that will give you the needed info to get involved. I include this with the flyer on social media and printed media. Sometimes I get a chance to promote this on radio and TV.   Help get out the word.

Turbo Bob.

Please consider coming to this free public service event.
“Introduction to Electric Bicycles”. It will take place on the evening of Tuesday October 13th, 2015, here in San Diego.
It is held at the SDG&E Energy Innovation Center in Clairemont from 5 pm to 8:30 pm. (4760 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA–92117).
You will learn about E-bikes, and get a chance to try any of the 60+ E-bikes on hand.
This is a no-sales, no pressure event, with free door prizes and a full catered hot meal (make sure to pre-register so there is enough dinner for everyone) (even with 170 spots, the event was filled the last two times, with some not able to attend, so registration is important).

Electric bikes can be a great way for people to have fun, improve their health, save money, help the environment and relieve road congestion (among many other reasons).
Check the flyer—-hope to see you, family and friends there.
Please share this on your own pages and with email blasts if you can.
This is a direct link for registration
Thanks, Turbo Bob.

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2 Responses to Invite to “Introduction to Electric Bicycles”—Fall 2015

  1. jamie ward says:

    Hi Bob. My name is Jamie from Spokane Washington. I recently stumbled literally over 2 bicycles in a loft, west of Spokane. One is a English bike and the other bike is an Elgin V. The Meteor is black and the Elgin V is painted blue by somebody years ago, even the spokes and plate on the front. I was wondering of course the value of either the parts or entire bike each, and what exactly should I do with them? Im pretty sure this spot is not the correct spot on your blog to be asking these questions and I’m sorry, feel free to remove this from this spot. I’m a curious person and wondered how old ect about them even tho they have been in a dusty old barn for many many years, they sure look beautiful to me anyway. They also appear to my very non-expert eyes to be all there. Again Jamie and you could call if that pleases you. I have pictures to send as well. Thanks so much Turbo Bob, have a terrific day. Your time is appreciated.

    • Not to worry Jamie, it’s all good (as they say). There are many Facebook sites I follow that wonder the same thing several times a day. If you were to fix and ride them then they have a great worth. If you just want to send them down the line, it is hard to say. I feel lucky to have our vintage bikes (as they just don’t make them like they used to).
      On the old English 3-speed bikes you can tell the year by a stamped number on the rear wheel hub (unless of course they had been changed at some time).
      If I were to come across them at next to no cost, I would feel obligated to try and save them, although I sometimes say I can only ride one bike at a time. What happens next is fully up to you.
      Thanks for following along with my fun, Turbo.

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