Mode Madness—Bike, Love, Art

Mode Madness—Bike, Love, Art, by Turbo Bob.

—–Writer’s note—I wanted you to know before you move into reading this article, its origin. When I received the IF Mode from NYCeWheels, it was planned for a complete set of articles to be published on their pages, titled “Mode Madness”. That series never came to be (so don’t bother looking for it—although I do have dozens of other articles you can find on their blog pages). This post was so much fun to do, I thought I would share it with you anyway. Look for the links at the bottom for my full review of this folding bike (with videos) and the one I did on the Pacific IF Move too.—–

The Pacific IF Mode.

These are three things that everyone needs in their life’s. I am finding in my own way that all three can come through one device. And that one item is the Pacific IF Mode folding bike. Yes, I know that sounds kind of crazy, but as this series of articles rolls on maybe it will all make more sense. I’m doing my best to understand it all and possibly writing about it will help me come to terms with my feelings.

Oh boy, I’m already getting all gushy, but a bike like this can bring out the lover in anyone (and make you come across as a real sensitive person too). The long list of reasons a Mode can bring a tough guy to his knees is the backbone of this post and of those to come. I’ll do my best to keep it technical, but I do hope you can excuse me with as each bout of inner feelings tug at my words.

Even for non-bike folks (if there is such a distinction), just a glimpse of the IF Mode draws your attention. I know this from the first time I laid eyes on its image here on the NYCeWheels website. The 2D view was enough to start the longing. Now that I have the 3D vision, I can touch, feel and ride this dream come true. And a dream it is, as I have been spending many hours wishing this day would come. Anytime night or day now, I can throw a leg over and ride this piece of art on two wheels. I can see close-up the carved lines and cool modern features it displays for the world to appreciate.

It is hard to say which part is the best. Those 3 spoke rims are something to behold. The thought that brought its unique folding ability bends my mind. The enclosed chain and drivetrain are a supporting leg for the bike and one that also gets my vote for artistic excellence. The hidden 2-speed Schlumpf transmission is a technical wonder to be sure. The shade of paint and the contrasts add to the art that is Mode. Disc brakes too, cool feature and function that rounds out this package of sci-fi future riding.
Well, I think by now you have fully realized the love factor, maybe the art factor and for sure the fact this is a bicycle.

As I ride the local streets on the IF Mode I see no other bike like it. People on other bikes, walking and driving stop me often to find out more and get a closer look. Not that I need it, but I am never lonely riding this bike. The Mode might as well be a neon sign that says “Check me out’. I never expected that part, as all I really wanted to do was to get some one-on-one time with this awesome machine. If you want to ride the future and be part of the noticed few, then this bike is the way to go. If you want to pass un-noticed, then I suggest this isn’t the folding bike for you.

We all know that bikes are basically simple machines that have been around for over 150 years. In all that time they have been designed for form and function in so many ways. Yet to my knowledge this bike is un-like any before it. From an appearance and action stand-point, it seems so new and different, something that is hard to fathom. What brought this bike into the minds of the makers is a question to ponder. Are they just that cool and smart? Maybe a little green man from outer space inserted this bike into their minds. Whoa, did I just say that?

As I try to come back down to earth, I will mention that the Pacific IF Mode and I have fully bonded. No, not as lovers (that would be too weird), but as close riding pals. It is happy to carry me to and fro at my pace with no complaints. It doesn’t mind if I caress its body with my eyes for extended periods of time. And the contortionist factor is fun too, I just grab a hold and my will becomes its compactness. Then I wheel it around to tuck it away for the next adventure.

If you dare, follow this whole series on why I love the bike art that is Mode. Turbo Bob.

“The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.”—John Howard.

My review of the IF Mode

My review of the IF Move

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