e-Joe Koda—From My Bike Path to Yours

e-Joe Koda—From My Bike Path to Yours.

Ready to whisk you on some dream rides—the e-Joe Koda.

Don’t get the wrong idea from the title, this new E-bike isn’t restricted just to bike paths. With its sporty style and ride, you will be seeing this bike all over the place. The 29er thing will be taking you off-road and the laid-over riding position might bring on some other rides of fancy. With all the features you might need (fenders, lights and rack), this E-bike is ready to roll when you are.

Actually, this bike has 28” tires (700 X 45C) and isn’t really a mountain bike. The tires are semi-aggressive street types and they tout the bike as a sport class commuter, but once it is yours you can call it anything you like. Chances are you will be calling on it quite a bit for some fun and spirited rides. The large capacity lithium battery (15 AH) and the powerful 500 watt rear mounted brushless motor will take you far and fast.


Outfitted with fenders, rack, lights and the such, all you need is a smile.

This is a large bike but has a fairly low (relatively) step over height. I measured the frame as a 18 incher and the top frame tube at about 30. E-Joe has other bikes for those with smaller personal frames. If you are one of those I would make sure to test ride the Koda to see how it fits for the long run. Me, I’m over 6’ and felt right at home with every ride. The larger tires roll smooth and take on the rough stuff with style.

Being big on E-bike control systems and their use, I found this one to my liking. It is a dual control with a left side thumb throttle and 3 levels of automatic pedelec. With some fancy button pushing I found a fourth power level, but it seemed to give the same power and speed as the #3. When you engage it there is an icon of a rider on the display that changes from sitting upright to bent over in racing mode, so it made me feel faster at least. Each of the 3 levels are spaced well and match the bike’s gearing well.

The shifters, display, and thumb throttle are visible from this angle.

The thumb throttle is on the left so using it won’t interfere with shifting the gears with your right hand. It is different from most thumb throttles you see on other E-bikes yet is easy to use. Of course being dual control, it bypasses the pedelec function allowing full power when needed regardless of the pedelec power level setting. The display is well thought out and gives the info you need. On the whole, the control system made me feel in control, had everything I needed and nothing I didn‘t.


Big and strong, the lithium battery tucks into the frame.

As you check out the e-Joe Koda you’ll notice the battery tucks neatly in the frame tube. It is easily removable with the key lock for charging and storage. The charge plug is a little hard to access while it is on the bike, yet tucked next to it is a USB port for your phone and audio needs (with a rubber cover to keep them dry and clean). 36 volts is plenty and the capacity is more than sufficient for some really long rides.

On top of the battery is a master switch that needs to be turned on before turning on the power at the display. It (the master switch) also shuts down the bike, but not the power flowing to the front and rear lights. I wouldn’t mind seeing e-Joe make a small change here, as I always ride with the lights on (who wouldn’t?). What I am saying here is to get going I had to turn on 4 things (battery, display, front light and rear light)—and when done, turn off 3 (battery, front light and rear light). This is the only thing about the e-Joe Koda I didn’t like.


All the power, gears and braking power you will need are mounted out back.

In all reality, this is being picky, as on all other bikes that don’t come with nice factory lights like this one, I need to turn my add-on lights on and off separately anyway. I always add my blinking f + r lights to any bike I ride even if they have on-board ones already. Did I mention how nice these lights are? They work well and even have rubber covers for the switches. If you are hitting the open road, an add-on really bright headlight is a good idea, yet for around town and neighborhood rides they did the job with gusto.

Other than the light thing, I enjoyed my time on it immensely. Whether I was in a gentle cruise mode or pounding the pedals with a passion, the Koda was there for me at all times. The thumb shift levers worked the gears quickly and smoothly. The motor’s power was under full control in the way I like The ride and steering was right on. Having the rack was handy for mounting my panniers and any puddle I found didn’t slow me at all.


A smooth riding front suspension, nice tires and strong brakes are leading your way.

My next comment might catch you off guard, yet I recently almost became a victim to overly powerful hydraulic disc brakes (on a different test E-bike). So many think they want them, yet they work too good with minimal pull at the levers. As the rear wheel came about a foot off the ground in a panic stop, I was able to regain control in time to both keep the bike upright and miss the slowly moving obstacle. My tune on them has changed for all but the most experienced riders (and maybe not even them).


If you like satin black bikes, then this one might be for you.

The Koda’s brakes are plenty strong for any stop, yet the right amount of pull at the levers is what it takes. I am a bigger fan then ever on cable pull disc brakes. The ones on the Koda are safer and better than the so called “best”. I tried many quick stops and loved the feel and stopping distance. Don’t be fooled by the hype of hydraulic actuated brakes, this type is better and all you need.

As I round up this post, I just want you to know that e-Joe has a great line-up of E-bikes at price points that make sense. I have ridden each and every model they have with a smile and enjoyment. This Koda was no different, as it shows their continued commitment to make an E-bike that works well and rides nicely. I would never tell you what to buy, but I do suggest you add them to your list of possible candidates as you look for the perfect E-bike for your needs.

Let’s hit the bike path, Turbo Bob.

“I relax by taking my bicycle apart and putting it back together again.”—Michelle Pfeiffer.

Look for e-Joe on the web and Facebook



Here is a walk around video of the e-Joe Koda


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2 Responses to e-Joe Koda—From My Bike Path to Yours

  1. Albert says:

    Dear Bob,

    I have developed a solar bike, the Maxun One. It is the first two-wheel solar bike that drives entirely by solar energy. The speed is 15 mph.

    See more here:

    Are you interested to post a topic of the solar bike on your website?

    I’m looking forward to your reply,

    Albert van Dalen

    • Cool Albert. Of course I would be interested in learning more—riding your Solar E-bike—and doing a full review on the bike and technology.
      We can set it up here—yet it is better to do it on Facebook—-Same name as here—Turbo Bob’s Bicycle Blog.
      Talk to you soon, Turbo.

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