Priority Bicycles—Easy, Breezy, and Nearly Maintenance Freezy

Priority Bicycles—Easy, Breezy, and Nearly Maintenance Freezy.

Sitting tall, feeling good, and riding easy is the name of the game at Priority Bicycles.

Every now and then when you’re in the right mood and on the right bike, you get a little nutty, I know I do. Your cares slide loose and your mind wanders into the heavens. You might be free of thoughts, or have the best ones ever. Either way, they are the most fantastic rides and they bring great memories. An easy flowing set of wheels can be the trigger, and I found mine on a Priority Bike.

In many ways there is nothing too special here, yet on the flip side it is very unique. Designed to ride light and smooth, it also adds to the no worries zone. Here is a bike that is always ready to whisk you on an important errand, or on a mindless cruise. Its complicated workings are hidden in the art of simplicity. A bike should be simple and fun, so Priority made theirs that way.


Free flowing belt-drive keeps this 3-speed bike rolling on a daily basis.

Let’s start with the belt-drive. Because you never oil it, it won’t oil you back. Quiet and care-free, this belt-drive just does its job with no issues. Although it may not last forever, what does? To be sure, even the best cared for chain will wear-out just as soon, and during that time you have doted on it endless times. One vote for belt-drive here.

How about that 3-speed geared hub with coaster brakes? It has pretty much the only adjustment you will see on the bike, but then they rarely need one. The coaster brake is there for you without any fiddling about. We all know how to use them from our early days, and that alone can bring some cool flash-backs. Unless you are the racer from Roanoke or a live in the hilliest city, 3 speeds will cover most any riding needs. If you need more brake oomph, they have the answer too (I’m getting to that).


With the front brake option and a rear rack, this is the bike my wife took on many rides.

Those quality 700c tires are really your only item that should need monthly attention. They are puncture-resistant, yet a blast of air will be needed on occasion. Anyone who rides is used to a quick pump and pressure check. The bonus here is that your new Priority Bicycle comes with a nice floor pump with the gauge right on-board. I’ve gone flat-free, but if I got one I would add a set of thorn-resistant tubes with Slime to almost guarantee no more. Those wheels have turned many a revolution, smiling all the way.


The two Priority Bicycles never even thought of letting us down.

To round out the maintenance freezy thing (I know, kind of nutty), are the well speced other parts that make up this bike. From end-to-end you will see only the good stuff, most in feather-light aluminum. Sure, this is no 5-figure racing bike, yet many of those parts share a heritage with them. Unlike that racer, you don’t have a multitude of time and energy needy pieces. No finicky adjustments on a weekly basis are in the Priority resume. Instead of camping out at the bike shop’s service department, your bike is at your side when you want.

I might be just a little prejudiced about this up-right roadster. It is just my kind of bike. The swept bars and the laid-back frame geometry are what get my blood flowing when it comes to bike styles. Right along the lines of my college bikes and English bikes, this just screams “everyday bicycle!”. Whether it is your passion also, I think you can agree there is no mistaking a Priority Bike for anything but a classic.

Although I added a mechanical and electronic horn, the cockpit is still very simple and straight-forward.

Frame type, size and color options can be seen on their web-site. They have some cool accessories choices too. As you check my photos, you can see the ones I picked. On the bike my wife is riding we opted for the front caliper brake to give her more piece of mind on the hills. I’ve been more than fine with just the coaster brake on every ride and condition encountered, yet I wanted her to be happy too. You’ll notice a rear rack rounding out the goodies on hers.

Adding the front brake was a snap, as the brake handle is designed to go on without removing the grip. Most anyone can complete the install and adjustment, yet get some help if needed. The rack was on there quick as a wink. Priority also offers commuter handlebars, if this type doesn’t suit you. Fenders? Yup. Locks, baskets, helmets and other stuff? Yup. The bike is solid—and they back it up with most any item you need to tailor it for your ride. Seems they did their homework to get the full package rolling in your neighborhood.


Assembly was easy. Mostly just the front wheel install—the handlebar install—and the pedals. They have a video to help—but if you need, have someone do it for you.

Let’s take a ride. Climbing aboard, you first feel those leatherette grips, soft but grippy (yes, I said grippy—it’s that nutty thing again). Plopping down on the matching saddle, the comfort takes hold. Starting out in first gear, the pedals spin as you do. Each next gear comes with the slightest twist of the wrist as the world opens before you. Due to the relaxed nature of this bike, the steering never fights back, but responds with your balance. This is a basic bike and rides with no qualms.

As the miles pass you might need a sip to refresh. The bottle holder comes with the bike and is there to hold your drink of choice. The mellow hill and dale ahead is tackled by your will, not by your brawn. Sitting up straight, you can see the road and your neck is at peace. Your back will thank you too. If you’ve read this far and are waiting for the part about this bike’s bummers, keep waiting, it’s not coming. Not a one comes to mind as the ride continues.


Cruising through Balboa Park one day, we stopped to take a group photo. It was a double date with T-shirts to match.

If I could write this piece while riding I would. It took some doing to park this machine and put pen to paper (so to speak). So you know, I did have to do some minor assembly before the pedals turned. It was easy (for me and hopefully you too). Like before, get some help if you think it wise. The needed tools come with the bike, also a manual to guide you. Need a video, they have that too.

If you follow the Priority Bicycle Facebook page you may have noticed they are coming out with a new (different) model soon (secret?). I can’t imagine they can top this one, yet, I bet it will pretty darn nice.

Why work on your bike when you can ride it? Turbo Bob.

“The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.”—John Howard.

Find Priority Bicycles on the web and Facebook

Here are a couple videos on the bikes we rode.



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  1. Jason says:

    Very impressed with your review and their bikes very nice

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