How to Buy the Best Electric Bike, by Average Joe Cyclist—A Book Review

How to Buy the Best Electric Bike, by Average Joe Cyclist—A Book Review.

10994473_10152741933987339_568043398015610005_nFor several years it has been a passion for me to educate people about electric bikes. Just getting out the word that they exist is big, yet there is so much more. Average Joe Cyclist (Joe Goodwill) and I seem to be on similar paths and it couldn’t be more evident as his new book now becomes available. For anyone with the desire for these bikes, or just becoming aware of them, they will soak-up every page. If that is you, then putting this book on your reading list would be wise.

Like any informational book, he starts out by explaining the basics of his subject, in this case, electric-assist bicycles. As the book continues, the simple information becomes more detailed, but never beyond the easy grasp of the reader. Keep in mind Joe’s words are not meant to un-leash every nut and bolt (volt and amp too), yet to be a very comprehensive guide to E-bikes, their reasons for being, and your possible interaction with one.

Joe’s experience with the bikes is a personal one, that is easy to see. He also has done his research with many bikes and riders to back up each claim and fact. His writing style is fun and easy going, yet you will be convinced from each paragraph that his knowledge on E-bikes qualifies him to author this guide. Writing about bikes is no new experience for Joe (and his wife), this you will already know if you follow him on the web and Facebook.

As the chapters morph away from the bike themselves, he dives into the many reasons they are a great asset to most every person on earth. The reasons are nearly endless, yet he manages to expand on 14 of them. If he had attended one of my particular E-bike seminars last year (that because of rain kept it inside only), the interactive discussion we had could have given him enough more reasons to fill another whole book.

Health, environment, attitude, money, weight loss and so many other reasons to ride an E-bike are covered in his book with great examples. Physical and mental recovery help is also much of what an electric bike offers for those who desire to follow his lead. I could go on (and I often do), but it isn’t my goal here to copy and paste his book, just convince you to read it for yourself. I also fully believe you should get a copy for each person in your life that you care for. When you read the book you will know why.

Moving back to the riding of E-bikes, Average Joe Cyclist explains about how you and your bike can stay running smooth, have what you need to be comfortable, and the rules of the road for E-bikes. Riding safety and the accessories that will help, get a full billing too. This includes lighting systems and other things that should be part of your E-bike package.
Then he digs deep to talk more about the bikes and their features. The book is named “How to Buy the Best Electric Bike”, so you have to figure this subject will get many pages.


Even though an E-bike is just a regular bicycle (more or less), there is so much to understand before you make your first shopping trip at the local E-bike dealer. Average Joe covers the bases here well and you will thank him later by avoiding some of the buying mistakes he has made. Knowledge is power, and he can help you exercise yours.

From here the book contains some blah-blah moments (totally kidding). What I mean is he educates you further with important E-bikes issues you may not of considered. Several riveting chapters on E-bike insight are followed with some book ending E-bike reviews. His personal up-close relations with E-bikes are also evident in this part of the book. I did get a kick out of the fact that not all the bikes reviewed are electric. I assume he did it because these are bikes he likes and can easily be converted to electric-assist like his own beloved Devinci.

I know Joe is a wise man because he saw fit to see if I would mind him including some of my electric bike reviews as part of his labor of love. Of course I was ecstatic to learn he thought they were worth adding, and I gave him full permission to do so. He even went as far as to say “Turbo Bob, one of the greatest online bike reviewers. I highly recommend his blog”, and adds a link to my site in several places. Is this guy wise or what?

After that fantastic ego blast, I guess it is time for the critique part. It took a bit to realize that because he and I live in such different places (Joe in Canada and me in Sunny San Diego), some of the info seemed kind of dated. It turns out that isn’t the case, just that the bikes and accessories that are popular there are different from my area. Bike are bikes (E-bikes are E-bikes?) and no matter where you live that part is a given common.

And of course as you read any article or book you think that you could have used a better word or description. This happened a few times, but I was glad to get his feelings that I could add to my own. After all, isn’t that what life is all about? If you live in your own little bubble 24/7, you will never reach your full potential. I fully applaud Average Joe Cyclist for reaching out to my mind for expansion purposes. Even though this book will not tell you every single E-bike fact, it is sure to get you in the saddle of one to see if it is the right choice for you.

One thing I am lucky to have when it comes to E-bike reviews is a great variety of brands and models in my area. I also do my best to visit other cities and states to be able to broaden the scope of my reviews. Joe didn’t get that variety as well covered in his book, yet reviewed some bikes that I am unfamiliar with. Once again the fact that his world and mine aren’t on the same plain comes though in a good way.

My wife has prodded me many times to write a book such as Joe’s. It is a large undertaking that Joe has completed well. As I turned the last page I wanted more, a sign of a good writer and a good subject. I have to thank Joe for doing it, including me in his book, and taking off the pressure on me of having to take on the monumental task of writing a E-bike buyers guide.

Way to go Joe Goodwill, I hope you sell a million copies, Turbo Bob.

“Bikes have wheels.”—Noam Chomsky.

You can order your book(s) here, or follow Joe’s bike exploits by using these links

These are direct links to the Amazon ordering site. One for the color version and the other for black and white.

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