Tern Perch—Bike Storage Made Easy

Tern Perch—Bike Storage Made Easy.

Fresh from NYCeWheels and Tern, my new Perch mounts came complete and in perfect condition.

Bikes, bikes, everywhere, what are you to do? Many face this and look for the answer to help. The fixes range from the most simple to the most elegant in form and function. Even with folding bikes, they take up a fair amount of space between rides. I have found that although most of our bikes live in the garage, our folders have taken up residence on the floor in the spare bedroom. One day a post on Facebook set the light off in my head and the problem was solved.

I’ve seen all kinds of bike storage devices on-line. In the garage I have some bikes on simple hooks in the rafters. Some people use a block and tackle with ropes. Fancy wood sculptured pieces can do the trick. Even an old set of handlebars with a saddle attached seem to hang more than one bike the pictures show. A hat rack type stand is seen now and then. My solution is the new Tern Perch.

They are kind of industrial, yet functional. With a natural aluminum finish they offer a stylish touch to match the bikes. They not only support the bikes, but have slots for your bike stuff. One hole is for locking them to the rack, not something I need at the moment, but who knows? There is a spot for a hanger with bike clothes and a slot to hang your helmet too. They mount easily to most any wall and can get our two bikes off the floor with minimal space taken.


You can see here how they catch the seat post for support.

After I ordered mine from NYCeWheels (same place I got our Tern Link P9 folding bikes), I saw at the Tern booth at Interbike that they used them to display almost all their bikes. I was glad mine were on the way and couldn’t wait to put them into action. They arrived with instructions and hardware. I was ready to go. I spent some time planning the install before diving in, always a good idea.

Your mounting options are straight to wood studs on a open wall, on a household wall making sure to hit the studs with the lag bolts, and onto a concrete or brick wall. They come with hardware for each of these, yet because my house has thicker old-school button-board walls, I purchased longer lug bolts. I was lucky to have a open section of wall in the spare bedroom that fit the two bikes perfectly. A little measuring and the such got me on track.

On the upper one I needed to set the height just right so the handlebars would clear the ceiling when tilting the bike to set it in the Perch.

Although not fully necessary, I did want the bikes to sit level and the same. My first checks made me think the level part wasn’t going to happen, but the Perch flexes just a little when the bikes are on so they came out the way I wanted. I used a level and stud finder to mark the holes on the wall for the three mounting bolts. They do have short slots on two of the holes to help with the leveling.

Also, I took some extra time to make sure the heights on the wall were just right, so the top bike wouldn’t hit the ceiling, and the bottom bike wouldn’t hit the upper bike. I would say this one step took the longest, yet I didn’t want to drill holes in the walls that would need to be filled if I missed the sweet spot. Once the Perches were mounted it was time to hang the bikes.


Finished. Wall art and bikes to ride. Perfect.

As you can probably see, you set the seat post into the hanger with the front of the bike slightly higher than the rest. It locks in nicely on the rubber covered mounts. Both bikes fit on the first time, that pre-planning usually pays off. With no need to re-drill, re-mount and fill holes, the job was done. I stood back, admired my bikes in their new location, and smiled.

I would think they would work ok on most bikes, yet they are designed for folding bikes with long seat posts. The seat tube of most bikes would lock in and do the job.
Now our Terns are looking good during the ride and they are wall art between rides. This I like, Turbo Bob.

“The bicycle is a great good. But it can turn nasty if I’m employed.”—Samuel Beckett, Playwright.

You can get these anywhere that offers Tern Folding bikes. I recommend NYCeWheels.



Here is a video of the Tern Booth at the last Interbike. Check out the way they mounted the bikes.


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