A2B Ferber—Silent Comfort

A2B Ferber—Silent Comfort.

The A2B Ferber and a sunny day at the bay. A hard to beat duo.

This new E-bike shares the convenience of electric-assist with the comfort of an up-right easy to ride bicycle. Offered by a company with a long string of popular bikes under their belt, you would expect (and get), something that can propel you with a smile. It comes fully equipped, ready for the bike paths and roadways. Painted in a pleasing shade of white, many will relish the looks and ride it delivers.

With a silent 350 watt motor out back, it will tame the hills and shorten the longest roads. There are other reasons to get an E-bike, yet these two are amongst the most important. In the economy mode they claim a very long 60 mile range per charge, and even with the short amount of time I had in the saddle, I wouldn’t doubt it. The power comes smooth and easy, something most any rider will appreciate over and over again.


Fenders and almost all the goodies you should ever need.

A stout aluminum frame and well picked components help keep the weight under 50 lbs. With a step-through chassis, the easy climb aboard will add to the comfort you receive. The rack mounted lithium battery comes with an extra railing, making it easy to secure the cargo carried. The fenders, chain guard and kickstand are all factory mounted to limit any additional goodies you need to get rolling.

I was especially impressed with the lighting system the Ferber has. Although the rear light doesn’t blink (European regs don’t allow that), it is bright and comes on with a push of a button. You can always add an extra if having one that blinks is on your agenda. It is the headlight that really makes the grade in this system. Brighter than most standard lights, the modern focusing of this unit is the key. Much like the headlamps on all motor vehicles, it has a flat beam on the top so as to not affect oncoming riders and traffic.


The fork smooths the ride and the light points the way.

The saddle is something that isn’t for racing or beach cruising. It has the right dimensions and firmness for those long rides with no complaints. The front fork helps to smooth out the rough roads too. Add in those 26” near-balloon tires and you can feel the kind of ride that most E-bikers desire. Firm handling without the abrupt bumpiness is part of the reason I enjoyed the A2B Ferber.

The way control systems work and respond are a big part of E-bikes and my reporting on them. A little extra text here is needed to explain what I found on this E-bike. The way this Ferber works for the most part will make many riders happy. It is a full-pedelec, meaning there is no throttle and the motor assist is controlled only by your pedaling. With its torque-sensed control, it makes for a pleasing riding experience.

What this means is the bike senses how hard you are pushing the pedals and responds with the correct motor-assist. I call this intelligent assist and when programmed right it is quite nice. The Ferber offers a smooth and seamless feel as you ride. Other than your choice of three sensitivity levels, the bike does all the thinking for you. This makes for E-bike bliss.


350 watts of quiet power in a gleaming silver.

Many might choose to have a throttle so they can over-ride the automatic control when desired. You should hold a hand brake when mounting the Ferber and when stopped. A2B teaches this and recommends it. In each brake lever is a switch that locks out the motor power when the brake is used. This safety feature is included on most every E-bike made, but is extra important on a system like the one on the Ferber and other A2B E-bikes (other brands too).


I didn’t mention the great display unit in the text. Here it is.

Because of the lack of a motor power lock-out when stopped, pressure on the pedals will allow the motor to come to life. There is a good and bad side to this feature. With some instruction and time on the bike it becomes second nature to hold the brake when stopped and shouldn’t be an issue. Also note there is a walking feature that will bring the bike to a slow speed when held (it is for pushing the bike up hills when dismounted). Anyway, on any E-bike you should become familiar with each and every control and learn to master them. (I have written much on torque-assist control systems, check this site for more info on them).

Like so many E-bikes, riding the A2B Ferber was big fun. The miles melt quickly and every hill in the distance brings a thrill instead of a scowl. The riding position is something I like and allows long rides without fatigue. I took it on a lengthy night ride and that was particularly satisfying. Besides the quiet and solitude, the road was well lit with the Ferber’s brightness. Riding at night is a big thrill on any bike.


Great tires, lightweight fenders and powerful hydraulic disc brakes are seen in this shot.

A smooth ride was always felt, and the great handling was a welcome addition for me. The easily controlled hydraulic disc brakes made quick work of any stop, just as the electric-assist made of getting started again. As with any decent E-bike, you sometimes keep riding once your destination is reached. Cruising at a steady 16-18 mph is my favorite, but this E-bike has another 4 or so you can use with firm pedaling.

Riding without the assist was also pleasant. The shifter is right at hand with many gears to choose from. The light riding weight and lack of excess drag from the motor makes just tooling along under your own power easy and fun. I put more than a few miles on the bike like this (assist disabled), yet using the assist is where the real excitement rolls with any E-bike. Like I said before, this type of up-right bike is what I fancy and makes me feel the most comfortable.


Yes, that’s me—with the fun riding A2B Ferber of course.

If you do want something more sporty with the same basic specs, then check out their new Galvani. It comes in a standard and low-frame model. With larger 28” tires, it rolls even easier. I rode one at the demo day that A2B had at Hollywood Electrics just recently. I do say that for me the Ferber was preferred, you may feel different. That is why a cool company like A2B has a big line-up, so you can find the E-bike that matches your riding style and personality.

Power-up A2B, Turbo Bob.

“All bicycles weigh 50 pounds. A 30 pound bike needs a 20 pound lock. A 40 pound bike needs a 10 pound lock. A 50 pound bike doesn’t need a lock.”—Bicycle Law.
(Note—get a lock anyway. Turbo).

A2B on the web and Facebook.



Check out my video of the A2B Ferber

And this one of the A2B Galvani if you like


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