Interbike 2014 in Videos

Interbike 2014 in Videos.

It was another big year in the bike world evidenced by the showing at this year’s international bike show in Las Vegas. I decided to mix it up some this time and concentrate on posting videos of most every E-bike, folding bike and accessory booth that I was interested in and I hoped you would be too. Along with the big players, I concentrated on some smaller firms and Chinese firms hoping to get some US exposure.

Normally I would post riding videos from the test track, but on a fully flat area it is hard to really evaluate the bikes. Plus I was promised they would incorporate a grade in the test track, but none was seen. There were places with climbing grades to the parking areas, but they were a way from the main testing track.

So enjoy the videos. I counted 74 of them. They are all in a row on my You-Tube channel posted in the second week of September 2014. If you go onto the Bike Shops section, that is probably the best way to find them all. Below are links to the first one and the last to help you find the rest.

Thanks for all the fun and following my bike excitement, Turbo Bob.


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