Introduction to Electric Bicycles—Fall 2014

Introduction to Electric Bicycles—Fall 2014.

Once again it is time for this fun and informative event.   I host this evening here in San Diego at the SDG&E Energy Innovation Center.   It happens every spring and fall since the year  2012.

It is a free, no sales, no pressure event where you can learn about these great bikes and try them out for yourself.   The spring’s seminar hosted 125 attendees, 19 E-bike shops and companies, and 35 E-bikes to ride.   This time it will be bigger and better.

There will be a large opportunity drawing and a full catered meal before the show starts.   Make sure to pre-register so there will be plenty of food to go around.

People even come from out of town and even out of state for this one-of-a-kind E-bike seminar.   The E-bikes you will see and ride often come from even further, yet all the local dealers are there too.

Make sure to tell all your family and friends, they might be interested too.

Check the links below for my posts on some of the previous seminars I’ve hosted and the videos too.

9356_flyerHope to see you there, Turbo Bob.

My first event in 2012

My last event in the spring of 2014

A video from one of the 2013 seminars

An indoor video from the last event.

The riding session from the last seminar

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