Prodecotech Oasis Step-through—Beach Cruising American Style


Prodecotech Oasis Step-through—Beach Cruising American Style.


Electric beach cruiser—beach—does it get better than this?

As my wife and I rode two brand-new Prodecotech bikes on the coast this weekend, we enjoyed the day. It made me realize that as many E-bikes from this company I’ve ridden and videoed, I hadn’t posted a full review on any of them. Well as of today that will change. The traditional framed Prodecotech Oasis has been out a while, yet this low-framed model just hit the stores this month.


This E-bike marks a shift Prodecotech is making for in-house frame building. This American company has been assembling their bikes at their Florida factory for years, but now they have three models (at least) with domestic frames of their own making and design. Of course there are many Asian made parts on-board, but the American factor is getting larger. I’m sure this is a trend many will appreciate and embrace.


From most any angle the Oasis has a look I like.

The Oasis Step-through comes well equipped at the price-point it offers. This is true for the whole line-up of Prodecotech E-bikes. Part of this is possible with the simple throttle-only control and what could be perceived as a sometimes noticeable lack of attention to detail. Even still, all of their bikes I have ridden perform well and get the job done, and this Oasis is no different.

Power has been a strong point on Prodecotech bikes, something the Oasis sports with style. A direct-drive 750 watt rear hub motor is matched up with 48 volts of lithium battery push and the results are a pleasant rush of smooth and quiet assist to your ride. Even with the strong amount of pull, the acceleration at lower speeds is not abrupt due to the direct-drive motor and control system programming. This makes the Oasis more comfortable to ride than other high-power E-bikes I’ve tested


The non-traditional beach cruiser look is going to rope in many new riders. With clean lines and a cool color, Prodecotech has nailed the appearance part in a great way. A comfy saddle, cream Continental Retro Ride tires and a set of swept-back cruiser bars help round out the package. During the ride you sit up straight, soak in the cruiser feel and know that all is right on this E-bike.


Big powerful motor= Big powerful fun.

The twist shifter is in control of 8 well spaced gears. It has strong detents and grabs each gear solidly. The Oasis rides just fine without use of the power, something that can be very important and is missing on more than a few E-bikes I have tried. The bike aspect is well-covered here and I think most anyone who rides this E-bike will notice that. Bipping along was fun, and that is what riding a bike is all about, right?

Another up-scale item to be found on the Oasis Step-through are the hydraulic actuated disc brakes. They add their own level of smooth with each ride. Powerful and easy to modulate, they bring the juice when you need, and the control factor that beginners and experts alike need. Not only that but they contribute a great look to the other bike control components on the handlebars. My comment above about attention to detail sure don’t relate to many parts that affect this E-bike’s performance and ride.


Nicely equipped, the Prodecotech Oasis might be the bike you’ve been looking for.

The battery mounting is one of the directions I was headed with that statement. Although just looking at it, it seems strong enough, I’ve seen and heard different. One friend uses a nylon strap to keep his Prodecotech battery from coming loose and hitting the road again. Breaks and cracks in the rods that support the battery rack are other issues I’ve seen. Maybe they have done some up-grades in this department, I hope so.

Although just something that caught my eye and is not really a problem, is the large gap between the top of the front tire and the bottom of the fork crown. Looking closely it is more of an appearance thing than a real issue. I would guess it has to do with the way they keep the frame level and the overall design.


Strong hydraulic brakes and a throttle that ties you to plenty of hill-climbing power are just two reasons to try out this E-bike.

The last negative I will relay has to do with the lack of places to stow your gear. You could bungee stuff to the top of the battery I guess, but not too much. Maybe a front basket would help, but they tend to make the steering too heavy when loaded down. A handy backpack seems to be the way many get around this, but that isn’t my way. I have been known to use my messenger bag on occasion though. The Oasis isn’t the only electric-assist bike with minimal stowage space.


I am a big guy yet fit on this Prodecotech Oasis just fine. The handlebar stem has an easy adjust lever so it can be quickly set for height and angle. The seat post has enough meat to get to a level for my comfort, yet goes pretty low for those not as tall as me. It can be tough to design a ’fits everyone’ bicycle, but Prodecotech hit their mark on this. And even if you don’t fit perfect, the cool look and silky performance will over-shadow it, keeping your smile in top gear.


Any long time reader will recognize this pose.

Aluminum frames are the basic norm for E-bikes nowadays. They help keep the weight down, but can make for a firm ride. Having the big (cool looking) cruiser tires helps a lot to smooth things out. That saddle does the same, offering a nice place to sit a spell as the electric-assist glides you down the bike path. The battery has the capabilities for some long rides, so extra comfort is always welcome. With the way this Oasis deals out the fun, expect to spend plenty of time riding it.


Sister and brother on the tarmac in front of San Diego Electric Bike.

Both this and the standard frame Oasis share many of the same features and performance specs. If you are looking for matching E-bikes for a fun-loving couple, these could be worth a look. In all reality, a pair of the low-frame bikes could be just as good or better. I call a frame like this ’a comfort step-through’. Comfort is the name of the game for many riders, so don’t let the old-school names for a bike with this type of frame crimp your style.

I don’t want to end this post without a shout-out to San Diego Electric Bike in Solana Beach. They have supported me with great info and full-access to their bikes since the first day I met Pat way back when. They do a great job putting the locals on fantastic riding E-bikes, and this Prodecotech Oasis Step-though is just one of them. These are the guys who set us up for a good weekend ride on a pair of cool E-bikes.


Beach cruising the Prodecotech way? I like it, Turbo Bob.

“I only regret that I had but one bicycle.”—Nathan Not-so-Hale—from the Unquotable Quotes Pun Page.

You can find Prodecotech E-bikes on the web and Facebook

You can also find them at San Diego Electric Bike

Check out my video walk around of the Oasis Step-through


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