Let It Ride Electric Bike Tours of Bend, Oregon—The Only Way to Ride

Let It Ride Electric Bike Tours of Bend, Oregon—The Only Way to Ride.

Let It Ride Electric Bikes in downtown Bend, Oregon.

When you are on vacation seeing the local sights is important. Doing it by car, bus or train just doesn’t let you get up close and allow you to stop for every cubbyhole of excitement. Many already know a bicycle is the best way to experience the lay of the land, but others know an E-bike is even better. My wife and I are among those and now her sister Marti is a believer too. Even though a self-guided E-bike tour is great, having a guided one with a fun and knowledgeable local is king. And to do it one step better, try taking two, we did.

I first met Kevin (shop owner) and Kim (GM and top tour guide) at last year’s Pedego Dealer Meeting. Their presentation to the group was, to say the least, up-beat and convincing. I knew right then that visiting their shop and joining in on one of their tours was a necessity. I had no clue when I could go but figured something would work out. Bend is close to Portland where Barbara (my wife) has family so it didn’t seem too far out of reach.

Fantastic countryside and fun times will stay in our memories for a long time.

One day she mentioned a milestone birthday for another sister that lives there and the trip was planned. As luck would have it there is a family log cabin in the woods just south of Bend. Perfect, time with family in Portland, a group trip the three hours south and a chance to E-bike tour with Let It Ride all were within reach. I contacted Kim and all the enthusiasm I first found her with was directed towards our visit.

When we rolled into town we stopped by to see the shop and solid up our tour for the next day. I had hoped to do two and that deal was set as we checked out the tidy and centrally located shop. They offer three tours, the Welcome to Bend Tour, the History of Bend Tour and the Brew Pub Tour. If it fits your needs you can also rent the bikes and self-guide your own tour, but I was hot to learn more with a guide. As luck would have it, the firecracker herself, Kim, was set to show us the town.

Families and brews—maybe part of your dream vacation.

The early summer weather was a bit cool the next morning and minor threats of rain hovered, but no excitement was dampened in our group. Marti was in a arm sling, almost fully recovered from some recent shoulder surgery and was concerned about joining in. Kim set her up on the back seat of an awesome Pedego Tandem and her comfort for the tour was ensured. I did mention that Let It Ride is a Pedego shop didn’t I? The other cool thing going was that Kim’s brother Burkley was in town and he mounted a black Trail Tracker (that I understand thanks to Facebook he has since purchased and is in total love with) to join us.

Barbara got a just out 26” wheeled Pedego City Commuter (Kim’s personal E-bike) for the first tour and my mount was a City Commuter with the custom off-road treatment. We headed off from the shop for the Brew Pub Tour with two families behind the handlebars. What a thrill it was for this special group to ride together and hit the local pubs and micro breweries. Kim lead us easily and before long our first stop was in view. Needless to say we had the best time, bonded well and stayed dry in the process.

With vintage photos and a wealth of knowledge, Kim was the best of hosts.

I knew Kim planned to stay all business while we were her charges, but we all let our hair down and went with the flow of togetherness and new friends. During this first tour we stopped at many breweries and the sample sized beers flowed like the fun. We met some people that were in town with their Austin Healy Car Clubs for a convention and saw the Cycle Pub too. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are 14 seat cycles with on-board kegs for touring the town. They thought they were having fun, but our group had them beat by a long shot.

The next day we did the History of Bend Tour, and if the our first tour was all family, this one was all locals (except the three of us). By a special request I had mentioned to Kim my desire to make sure we were with a group and not just us. When it comes to reporting on E-bike tours I like to do it with first-timers to get a feel for their enjoyment. Kim came through big and it made the History of Bend Tour incredible. Four lovely ladies who live in Bend became our new friends. Their story is a special one.

What isn’t to like about this image? Great bikes and people help make the day.

They are members of Full Access, a community group that helps adults with disabilities through the Beth Rixe Service Center. Right now they are offering raffle tickets for two Pedego Comfort Cruisers (make sure to get in on that, link below). Kim asked them to come along to get a better feel for the bikes they are raffling and to make my request come about. These women not only knew this town since childhood, but were interested in getting their first time on E-bikes.

They handled the bikes well, part because of plenty of bike riding through the years (maybe not all that recent though) and part because Kim makes sure all on the tours are well versed on the bikes and the procedures we would follow during the tour. The smiles and fun they had are fully consistent with the thrill E-bikes bring to all that ride them. Each one of them were on brightly colored Comfort Cruisers, much like the two they are raffling off. Barbara, Marti and I rode the same Pedego E-bikes as the day before.

There was one difference on today’s tour, that would be Marti’s service dog Peanut coming on the ride with us. Let It Ride Electric E-bike Tours is big on having kids and pets be part of the tour, and I could tell that Peanut was glad to come along. His small carrier was easy to strap to the rack on the tandem and our whole group loved having a mascot be part of the day’s ride.


One of the many stops was this creative rock garden full of sculptures and characters.

Kim brings a folder of classic vintage photos to help visualize some of the changes Bend has gone though. We learned so much about the town, the people, the businesses and the Deschutes River on this tour. Our four new friends offered some of their personal memories too making the tour just that much more special. Our group became as one as we rode the bike paths and bridges of town. Bikes make seeing and stopping better in so many ways, and allow new friends to get close better that any other way I know. I could go on about all we saw and learned, yet I’d rather you go to Bend to experience it yourself.


Smile for the camera folks—easy to do on an E-bike in a beautiful town.

Kim isn’t their only tour guide and I’m sure the couple others are awesome, but if you can request she guide your group you won’t be sorry. She is all smile and all enthusiasm, something I appreciated and will remember long after other memories of the two days fade. We met some of the other crew members and were duly impressed. This shop has been in action for four years and has the operation down pat.

And so you know, they are a full-service Pedego shop. Any sales, service or rental activities you desire are at your disposal. I love the Pedego family and Let It Ride has the power of E-bikes and family on display everyday of the week. Plan a trip or visit for a fun time with exciting people.

Kim, you are my new hero (in a helmet), thanks for being you, Turbo Bob.

“Wind is just a hill in gaseous form.”—Barry McCarty.
P.S.—I added this particular quote to remind you that E-bikes keep you smiling during a climb, when the wind blows, and if some fatigue or soreness sets in. That is just one more reason they are so great for touring.

You can find Let It Ride Electric Bike Tours on the web, Facebook and in person in the downtown part of Bend, Oregon.



Pedego Electric Bikes



Check out Full Access—to help or to get Pedego raffle tickets


Here are a bunch of videos I shot of our adventures.





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