So Cal Rivera E-bike Tour with San Diego Fly Rides

So Cal Rivera E-bike Tour with San Diego Fly Rides.

At the peak of Mt. Soledad I made sure to get a group shot of all the smiles.

You may remember my post two years ago about this local E-bike shop. Like then, I am still impressed with their passion for E-bikes and all that goes with them. They (Ike and Megan) opened their shop in the downtown area of San Diego, then once established, a short move to the costal town of La Jolla got them closer to the So Cal action. Some past foreign bike tours lit their fire and E-bikes filled the bill to make their electric bike tours the best (documented by local and distant media).

San Diego Fly Rides offer sales, service and accessories for E-bikes, yet their E-bike tours are the main attraction. I was lucky enough to take a tour with them back then, but Ike wanted to make sure that my wife and I could experience one together. Barbara and I have done more than a few in other areas, and plans for more are in the works (we love them). Those are (and were) in places mostly unfamiliar to us, but it is funny how something like this can help you get better in touch with the world in your own backyard.


Alex makes sure that everyone is familiar with their bike before the tour begins.

As we arrived at the shop on a perfect weekend afternoon we met Roseanne and Vanessa, a mom and daughter from the east coast. They would be our tour mates for the day. They had soaked-up some other local tourist spots, but I could tell this E-bike tour was to be the high spot of their vacation. Also, while shaking hands with Alex, our bike mounted tour guide, I started to get a feel for his excitement.


With some guidance from Alex we each got to choose our E-bike for our ride.
I had brought the bright red Stromer ST1 Platinum from my temporary test stable, and Barbara was lined up with the same bike, only in white with a low, step-through frame. We are both long-time E-bike riders, yet our tour companions weren’t. They got the full explanation of the bikes and did some pre-tour riding done in the back alley with Alex right there to make sure they were comfortable. With helmets clicked on, water and snacks in our baskets, some bell ringing announced the start to our ride.

Some were playing and swimming, yet most of the seals at the Children’s Pool were just in mellow mode.

Alex had already explained how he would signal and guide us to stay together and safe. We worked a few streets to the coast and our first sight-seeing stop was upon us. Much has been said about the ins and outs of the Children’s Pool in La Jolla. Seeing the harbor seals that live there helps make it come to life. With the bikes locked and secured we walked the narrow pathway and really got close to the seals and other sea life.

Alex is filled with fun and interesting facts about the area and it became very evident at this first stop. Back on the bikes we headed south along the water. One of the many stops included the ultra famous Windansea Beach to watch the expert surfers there. The historic shack and smooth waves were being enjoyed by many on the beach, but not as much as the four of us were enjoying our So Cal Rivera E-bike Tour. And we were just getting started.

Riding though some of the exclusive La Jolla residential areas, we were already happy to be on the electric-assist bikes. A bike tour gives you the chance to see and experience things up-close and personal. Being in a car, bus or taxi just doesn’t compare in the least. The minor grades we hit as this point were swallowed-up with a easy rush of E-bike power and the big climb to Mt Soledad was yet to come.


Some of the riding was on city streets, but I liked the several back trails better.

I can’t relate every thing we saw and felt, that is what you will get on the tour. Before long we were on some walking and riding trails left behind from the abandonment of the trolleys that used to operate all over san Diego. It seemed we were in the country, even though the big city life was near-by. Alex pointed out more of the things around us and told Roseanne, Vanessa, Barbara and I about them. We took our time to see it all with no feeling of rush or hurry. I felt like I was on vacation, just like our tour mates.

As the climb to the peak of Mt. Soledad loomed ahead, the E-bikes were at the ready. We killed that hill in style as I shot some videos of our group. It was now that the bikes shined and we all smiled with appreciation for them. Of course we pedaled the bikes, but they did most of the work and I didn’t see one drop of sweat amongst the group. We stayed together with Alex’s expert guide talents and soon we rolled into a 360 degree view of all of San Diego.


Alex made sure to help our tour mates get some classy shots of them on during our day.

The Veterans Memorial on Mt. Soledad is not to be missed. The views are just as spectacular. We took some time to see it all and Alex was our muse to answer any questions that came up. People come from all over the globe to visit this spot, but only a lucky few get to do it from the saddle of a sleek and powerful E-bike. My patriotism flowed and beamed with the power you feel here. The memorial has thousands of plaques featuring veterans past and present, many from my old unit the 82nd Airborne.


We looked over the many memorial plaques at Mt. Soledad, finding plenty of stars and celebrities.

From here we worked a neat old trail back towards the water. One of my favorite stops on this tour and the time I did it before is the last remaining munchkin house. Many of the stars from the movie (The Wizard of Oz) moved to La Jolla back then having houses made to fit their size and style. All but this one have been reworked or replaced. It is truly a landmark for the masses.


While at the Munchkin House, I led the group in a tune from the movie, you can probably guess which one.

We did so much more, including a visit to the La Jolla Coves where the sea lions call home. We all had a great time, and enjoyed the camaraderie, the E-bikes and the sights. Ike’s shop has other E-bike tours on the books and I hope as time passes I can experience them all. I have tried hard here to give you an idea of what it was like, yet the only way to truly know is to make the date, and a schedule a trip to San Diego Fly Rides for a tour of your own. The four of us fully recommend it. I don’t do star ratings but if I did, it would include as many as you can see in a desert sky.

It was great riding with you Roseanne and Vanessa (and you too Alex!), Turbo Bob.

“Get me on that machine and I have to go. I go scorching along the road, and cursing aloud at myself for doing it.”—H. G. Wells.

San Diego Fly Rides on the web and Facebook

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