LightMeUp Safety Lights—Low-Buck Fun with Benefits

LightMeUp Safety Lights—Low-Buck Fun with Benefits.

On this e-Joe EPIK SE the LightMeUp Safety Lights really bring out the cool lines of the bike. E-bikes and bright lights go hand-in-hand.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how does that relate to a video?   Still with these photos and a couple video links at the bottom of this post, I think I’ll still punch out a thousand words to tell you all about these great safety lights.   I also used another overdone saying for the title, some days are just like that.   If you want, just gaze at the pics and check out the videos.   Or you can read along, your choice.

The first video gives a comprehensive run-down on the LightMeUp Safety Lights and how to install them.   Even though that pretty much tells the whole story, I do have some additional insights to offer.   Yes these LightMeUp lights are inexpensive and easy to install, this much I know is true.   More than that, the benefits are large and more than worth the price of admission.

You can get a look at the install here. They tuck out of the way and are ready for use when the sun goes down.

I had seen these lights around town on occasion, but until recently I didn’t know much about them.   As you know, bicycle lighting is getting cooler and better all the time.   There are other wheel lights on the market, yet these are the simplest, lowest cost and really do the job well.   The heart of the system is a battery pack holding three AA batteries (included) and the soul is the ultra bright LEDs.

I met Marisa at a bike event here in town.   She was busy adding a set of these lights to a nice Electra bike that a friend of ours owns.   I had heard these LightMeUp Safety Lights were going to be available at our Coalition’s Holiday Joy Ride a month earlier, and had considered getting some then.   But Barbara and I were so busy having a great ride and enjoying the festivities that we forgot all about checking out the lights that night.   So I was so glad to see Marisa at the event this evening.

We rode these Dahons on several night group rides. Great fun and peace of mind was ours.

Part of the cool factor with these, is if you get them direct from Marisa, she (or one of her crew) will do the install for no additional fee (and do it quick too).   She likes to do bike parties and light up a bunch of bikes at one time.   I’ve seen the video of one (on her website) and it looked like a blast.   What a fun way to spend a evening with friends and bikes.   Check it out and see if you agree.

What makes these lights different from others is easy to see as you do the install.   The very small, but bright, LEDs are kind of molded onto a very fine pair of insulated wires.   The wire is tough and its firmness holds the lights to your bike spokes nicely.   The battery pack zip ties to the spokes and has a on / off switch built-in.   They come with enough wire and lights to encircle a wheel up to 29 inches.   If you have smaller wheels, you might be able to go around twice for even a brighter appearance.


Tucked in the MJ’s Cyclery shop for the grand opening, the Dahon Mu SL and Formula S18 stood out in a crowd.

They can also go on your frame, handlebars or just about anywhere.   In fact they would be great for tons of non-bike reasons and things.   They come in a wide variety of colors, some that blink too.   The last two sets I got are even cooler, one having ‘dancing’ lights (those you have got to see) and the others change colors.   With any luck I will upload a video of those before I post this article.   If not you can find it on my You-Tube channel soon.

If you follow me here then you probably know that most all our bike stuff comes in pairs at my household.   So far I have the blue lights wheel lights on our two 6 year-old commuting E-bikes.   I put the dancing and light changing color ones on our beach cruisers.   I also got two sets of red, white and blue lights that have been on two different pairs of test folding bikes so far.   Those ones will see many bikes in the coming months.   The white lights fit on the frame to really highlight the entire bike.

Now our two beach cruisers have the ‘dancing’ lights and ones that change colors. Check out the video for the full effect.

On the folding bikes I left a small extra bit of the wire hanging at the frame folding point so as to not interfere with the folding mechanism.   I also used some extra zip ties to keep the wire secure at those places.   It really works nicely and gave the bikes an extra flair having the frames lit too.   The battery box tucked in easily on the frame under the seat and the power switch is fully accessible.   The smaller wheels needed a little extra TLC to get the battery box mounted firmly, but the lights were able to go around the wheels an extra time for plenty of effect.

On my own bikes I did add some small zip ties on every other spoke to make sure the wire and lights wouldn’t move about or slide towards the hub.   That probably wasn’t necessary, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.   I just wanted to make a solid and long lasting installation as our bikes get ridden a lot.   I mentioned above the light set comes with the batteries (good for about 40 hours of light), but didn’t note that they also come with the zip ties to mount the battery box.

With a spin of the wheel and a slow shutter speed, you can get a feel of the action these lights emit.

Enough of that, lets talk about the effects.   Not only are they neat to look at (by you when riding and by any one watching you go by), but they really make sure you are seen by any and all in the near-by vicinity.   Every time we ride at night people are yelling out stuff like, ’cool’—‘where did you get them’—and just hooting and hollering in general.   I know the drivers can see them well from all angles, and this is really what we are going for anyway.

If you are here in San Diego you can get in touch with Marisa for a set and install.   You can also order them from her website.   She has a couple other lighting products you can see there.   These LightMeUp Safety Lights don’t cost much so you can put as many sets on your bike as you want.   You can add spiral patterns and other effects to your hearts’ desire.   They are just plain fun, with the important benefit of increased safely.   What more could you want?

Thanks for LightingMeUp Marisa, Turbo Bob.

“You’ll feel me coming
A new vibration
From afar you’ll see me
I’m a sensation, I’m a sensation.”—Lyrics from ‘Sensation‘, from the Rock Opera Tommy, by the Who.

LightMeUp Safety Lights on the web and Facebook

This first video I took shows Marisa doing an install with tips you can use and info about the lights

I took too many videos of the lights in action, possibly because they are just so cool. Here are all the ones I have so far, with more to come I’m sure.

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