Stromer ST1 Platinum—Just Wow!

Stromer ST1 Platinum—Just Wow!

Much more than eye candy.

I’ve put off this review for a few different reasons, but now is the time to tell you about this awesome E-bike.   Sent to me from the crew at NYCeWheels, I’ve had it for more than a few months.   It has been ridden mellow and hard.   Ridden by many.   Ridden all over town.   It begs to be ridden, not just because of the racy looks, but from the fantastic performance.   These E-bikes are incredibly popular, and one ride is all it takes to know why.

Carbon fiber in a brilliant red.

From the tip of its exquisitely painted carbon fiber fork to the last curve of the Stromer branded Schwalbe Big Ben tires, this bike says check me out.   When you have it cranked-up in top gear, people will only see you flash by without seeing much but a blur of red.   It does come in other colors, yet this one is perfect.   The lines are sweet and the enclosed-in-the-frame battery has a stealth feel, yet nothing about this bike is stealthy.

Part of what makes it ride so well comes from the torque-assist motor control system and the rest has to do with the bike itself.   Great geometry has much to do with that.   This company has been building performance bikes for quite some time so they know bikes.   It carves a controllable turn like no other.   It stops on a dime and has all the gears you’ll ever need.

600 watts of go and plenty of stop.

27 gears are yours thanks to a triple front chain ring set.   The double tap shifters are quick and precise like everything else on the Stromer Platinum.   Having so many gears on an E-bike is not always needed, yet when you are in go mode they come in pretty handy.   This bike asks to be pushed, yet even on a smooth cruise it seems happy.   More than a few times during a mellow ride the urge to crank it up surfaced.   The bike never disappointed in that (or any other) respect.

A pair of strong hydraulic disc brakes are needed for an E-bike like this.   They are here, front and center (rear actually), ready for use when stopping becomes important.   They modulate very nicely and when you clamp down on the levers you can feel your forward motion going away quick.   I really like the tires too.   From last year they up-graded to these wider cross-section Schwalbe meats.   They smooth out the ride and dig into the pavement like crazy.

A quality drive train is just part of the Stromer equation.

So we have the bike to back up the performance.   Where is that performance coming from?   From a super quick responding control system for the motor, that’s where.   With a pressure sensor on the rear drop out, it can tell just how hard you are pedaling and kick in the motor to match.   The system works lightning quick and has 4 levels of sensitivity, including off.   This is a full pedelec, which means there is no hand throttle, just motor assist during pedaling.

Being a full pedelec, that allows this Stromer Platinum some extra in the speed department.   It has the high-speed direct-drive motor.   That means a regen feature can be added and it is.  One bad part about the direct-drive motor is a little less hill-climbing ability, but if you keep it wound-up at over 10 mph, it will climb with the best of them.   The non-Platinum Stromer has the torque oriented motor, better for low-speed hill-climbing.

The display unit has all the info you need.

Also part of this bike is a great display unit.   It acts like a full cycle computer too, with even a clock that many don’t have.   I got my first cycle computer on that feature alone.   Knowing your speed, distance and the rest is nice, but a clock makes it right.   The display has a button for setting modes and a toggle for setting the assist sensitivity.   It too has a lock out mode for making sure no one else can power up your bike if you don’t want them to.   Backlighting comes standard and is totally necessary for night riding.

If you haven’t ridden a torque-assist controlled E-bike you are in for a treat when you saddle up a Stromer.   It is the most natural way to do it and makes your ride way easier.   I have written much on these control systems (look in my opinions category).   I do wish the Stromer had a few tweaks to keep the motor from powering up when the bike is stopped, yet many like it this way.   On the whole I was more than happy with every ride aboard.

The Stromer has a plus in the non-powered riding feel.   Some E-bikes are not too pleasant to ride with the power off for many reasons.   This bike is good here.   Of course it is a little heaver than most regular bikes, but the quality of the bike and components offer nice riding when you want the exercise without power.   That off setting on the display allows the cycle computer to work when the motor is disabled, and it is quick and easy to get the assist back on with just one toggle of the display control.

One of our city council persons, David Alvarez got a chance to ride it at a local CicloSDias event. He rides everyday and loved this Stromer.

Another thing you get when you up-grade from the standard ST1 is a much larger capacity battery.   I have taken some massively long rides on this bike and never pushed its limits.   On this same bend, the torque-assist control used on this bike is the most efficient type of control there is.   It doesn’t waste your power, but uses exactly what it needs to get you down the road or bike trail.   There are two ways you can view the battery power left on the display.  It seems Stromer has really covered their bases on the ST1.

There is a new model coming out any day now.   I don’t think I am at liberty to tell you what will be different.  If you follow their website and the press you will see soon.   The more I rode this E-bike I didn’t think they could make it any better, yet from my insider info, they have.   I am sure I will get a chance to see how those up-grades fair, yet the bike in its present form is awesome.

This is the way it arrived from NYCeWheels. Almost ready to ride, I was pleased to take it for the first ride.

The one funny thing about this test is me finding out how accustomed I am to high-end E-bikes.   I ride so many in so many quality and price points.   Every time I saddle back up on this Stromer ST1 Platinum I am amazed at what a great ride it is.   Once again, that is why they are so popular.

Ride a Stromer?   I don’t see why not, Turbo Bob.

“When I go biking, I repeat a mantra of the day’s sensations: bright sun, blue sky, warm breeze, blue jay’s call, ice melting and so on. This helps me transcend the traffic, ignore the clamorings of work, leave all the mind theaters behind and focus on nature instead. I still must abide by the rules of the road, of biking, of gravity. But I am mentally far away from civilization. The world is breaking someone else’s heart.“—Diane Ackerman.

Stromer on the web and Facebook

NYCeWheels on the web and Facebook

I posted this video on my You-Tube

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9 Responses to Stromer ST1 Platinum—Just Wow!

  1. John Howard says:

    Thanks for your heads-up about the Stromer, TurboBob. I never heard of it before, and after reading your post I learned a lot more about it and now plan to go for a demo ride.

  2. John Howard says:

    Bob, do you have any idea if the Stromer ST1 Platinum could be carried on a bike rack hanging on the rear of a car? I am wondering about the weight of the bike and also the strength it would take to lift it to the bike rack. Perhaps one tire at a time? What are your thoughts? Any particular bike rack you would recommend? Many thanks! (I think watching your demo climb up that hill in La Jolla pushed me over the edge to get one of these.)

    • John, you are looking at a bike that weights just over 60 lbs. Most any standard rack just isn’t up to the task to haul this (or most) E-bikes safely for a long time. A couple of the big players in the bike rack field have E-bike specific racks. Believe me when I say they don’t give them away. That and they need a trailer receiver to hook to your car or truck.
      Most quality bike racks are rated in the 35 lbs area (per bike). A good one can handle most E-bikes, but it would be way past the rated carry capacity.
      I would make sure to not use one that holds the bike by the frame. One that supports the wheels is your best bet. I don’t like the frame holding ones anyway, they can let your bikes bang against each other or the car and make new scratches we don’t need.
      One E-bike rack I saw at Interbike even came with a loading ramp, making it easy to load the bike without lifting.
      My friends had a awesome 4 bike rack custom made for their SUV that has a loading ramp. It was expensive, but is rock solid. It is essentially a light-duty motorcycle rack.
      I did a post on the cheapo rack I use. I think that post is in the opinions category. Although I stay concerned when I do it, it will carry a pair of 60 lbs bikes (did it this weekend). When I have it loaded that heavy I am extra cautious of potholes and dips. No problem yet, but I keep a close eye for cracks or other problems.
      Lifting the bike on the rack can be an issue. I normally do it by myself, with a straight lift. On some (over 60 lbs) I wait for help so we can each handle one end. On some racks the center piece (upright) that keeps the bike from tipping can be removed or folded over. With one like that you can do one wheel at a time. On mine you need to lift the bike high enough to clear it (maybe 2 1/2 feet).
      I think you will love the Stromer. On top of the looks, it just rides so nice.

      • John Howard says:

        Wow! I can see I have another whole area of research before I leap on the Stromer. I am glad I asked you! I suggest a TurboBob blog post just on e-bike racks! Many thanks again!!

  3. Young says:

    So after riding ST1 Platium for over a year now – anything else you want to comment on long term test?
    Are you getting sick of red color yet? Or still good?
    Do you wish you would have gotten front suspension? How is it riding around NYC without front suspension? Is it too stiff?
    Also Did you get City kits (front/rear fender, rear rack, & lights) ?

    • Hi Young. I did have the bike for close to 4 months (a little longer than most). I loved the red right to the end, who wouldn’t? I never missed the front suspension as that carbon fork worked great. Truth is I am no fan of carbon bikes, but that is the way this bike was equipped. I am also no fan of front suspension forks. The very nice ones work great, but in the longer run I would rather have a quality steel standard fork.
      I am a So Cal person, so I never rode this bike in NY. The road here can be just as rough as anywhere. The tires are what makes this ride so nice. These are some of my favorites.
      This bike didn’t have the city kit. I have since spent a far amount of time of the new ST2, that does come factory with it. Of course I used my own lights on every ride (day and night).
      Thanks for reading, Turbo.

  4. Povely says:

    I recently purchased a Stromer ST2 from Quantum eBikes in Montreal, I wanted to simply expand my knowledge on ebikes! I love this commuter bike.

    Anybody else own a Stromer here? What are other companies that are worth paying attention to as well?

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