Colfax Cruisers—A Fun Afternoon at Denver’s Newest E-bike Shop

Colfax Cruisers—A Fun Afternoon at Denver’s Newest E-bike Shop.

These three Motiv E-bikes helped make our day at Sloan Lake in Denver

You must know how much Barbara and I love to check out all the E-bikes shops we can.   During our time at Interbike this year we learned about many.   When we told Cameron from Motiv Electric Bikes we were headed to Denver after our time at the Las Vegas bike show, he strongly suggested a visit to Colfax Cruisers could be big fun.   Turns out he was right.

Colfax Cruisers is a new shop just west of downtown Denver.   They are in a small retail space surrounded by a beautiful and quiet suburban neighborhood.   The real draw here is a scenic lake just blocks from the shop.   And for you beer drinkers out there, the co-owners of Colfax Cruisers are also co-owners in the brewery next door.   E-bikes, a lake and beer, now that’s what we’re talking about.

When they opened, Lisa, Jeff, Russ and John were already smitten with the Motiv line of E-bikes so that is what they offer and rent.   They have a great selection on the sales floor and we even were checking out some mods they were doing on one of the Cruisers to give it a more of a commuter flair.   They will have the new Motiv Shadow before long too.   They plan on offering winter sports items during the cold seasons and concentrating more heavily on the bikes in the spring, summer and fall.

Here, Barbara and I meet Lisa and Russ to talk and ride E-bikes

We came by on a weekday afternoon to find Lisa and Russ happy to see us and ready to make our visit a special one.   We learned about their passion for riding and E-bikes.   A little about the shop’s and the neighborhood’s history figured in too.   Since Barbara and I are seasoned E-bike and Motiv bike riders, it wasn’t long before we wheeled out of the shop on two Motiv Electric Bikes with Lisa leading the way on her own light blue low-frame Motiv Cruiser.

Enjoying the neat architecture of the local neighborhood, we were headed to Sloan Lake.   The ride to the lake is on a slight downgrade so I knew having the E-bikes would make the journey later back to the shop much easier.   As the lake came into view I was quite pleased.   Although not the biggest lake I’ve seen, it had water skiers and other activities happening on the water.   With a wide bike and walking path surrounding the blue water, we were happy to sit-up and smile on the bikes.

Of course we are all smiles, that’s part of what a E-bike ride does.

It was obvious how much fun Lisa has with her two shops and the chance to show a couple strangers the sights on the E-bikes.   (disclaimer, we are not really all that strange—I think).   We rang our bells and said hi to the many walkers, riders and others on the path.   There were lots of benches and grassy places to sit, relax and picnic on both sides of the path.   This is a little paradise hidden in the swarm of houses that make-up this part of town.

We stopped more than a few times to snap some photos and just take in the serenity of it all.   Of course riding at a conversational pace is our favorite because—you guessed it, it is fun to talk to and meet new friends.   The lake had geese swimming about and other things to see as we rode.   We all know that having water nearby just makes you feel happier whether you are riding or not.   This time on the bikes helped make our busy vacation more peaceful and enjoyable.

Here is my standard posing shot with a bike, this time a Motiv Electric Bike at Sloan lake.

If you read my bike blog often then you are already familiar with Motiv Electric Bikes.   They come in normal and low-frame cruiser models in the largest selection of colors and color combinations.   You can opt for three different battery options, the standard 36 volt, or that voltage with the extended range battery.   Plus you can get them with the 48 volt battery and system for even more power and range.   They ride well and it’s easy to understand the controls needed to ride.

I just got a hold of their new Shadow model that Cameron handed over to me at my E-bike seminar last night.   This new model is geared more towards sport and commuting.   I will do a full write-up and video on it like I did when Barbara and I had a week to enjoy a pair of their cruisers.   The Shadow doesn’t come with as big of color selection as the cruiser, but has some great new features that you might really feel are necessary for your E-biking pleasure.

By now I think you are getting the idea of how much fun we had riding with Lisa from Colfax Cruisers.

As we worked our way around the lake it helped me realize what a perfect spot Colfax Cruisers is in. A mellow area and scenic riding seemed to be all around us. It happened in all too short of a time, but before long we were headed back to the shop. Yes, having the electric-assist was nice around the lake, but even better on the very slight grade back to Lisa’s shop. As we pulled in it was time to dis-mount, but I was still raring for more. Not to worry, the afternoon wasn’t done yet.

Just a short walk next door and we were at Hogshead 54 Brewery.   Barbara ordered a cold one and after a few minutes I went to the mini-mart on the other side of the E-bike shop for a cold iced tea.   As we sat and talked about the ride and the lake, Lisa came over to join us.   We learned more about her and her family, and the two shops also.   When I asked her if they were planning on adding guided E-bike tours to the shop’s list of services, she smiled and said yes.

And the shot you’ve been waiting for, Hogshead 54 Brewery just next door to the shop.

It seemed she was so pleased to meet us and get a chance to have me report on their shop, that before we parted ways, Barbara and I were sporting a pair of awesome Colfax Cruisers t-shirts and a pair of bells for our own bikes with a shop sticker on them.   Man I love this gig—free E-bike ride, cool t-shirt and great sounding bell.   BTW, we paid for our own drinks.

As the Motiv line expands into more shops nationwide, you will have a better opportunity to try one out.   If you are in and around Denver, Colfax Cruisers is the place to make it happen.   Like most E-bike shops, they will offer you a free short test ride and if you rent one, they will be glad to credit that amount off the purchase price as you decide to get one for yourself.   And believe me, after riding one of these cool E-bikes, you are going to want one.

So a big thanks to Colfax Cruisers, Lisa, Jeff, Russ, John and Cameron for an awesome visit and a nice bell—ring-ring-ring,   Turbo Bob.

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to cycle and he will realize fishing is stupid and boring.”—Desmond Tutu.

You can find Colfax Cruisers in person at their shop, on the web and on Facebook.

Want to check out the Motiv Electric Bikes pages?

Here are some videos I took of the shop and our ride

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