Interbike 2013—A Story in Videos

Interbike 2013—A Story in Videos

It was another big year for E-bikes and folding bikes at Interbike.   Plus this year some non-industry folks were also part of the show.   The buzz was strong with everyone enjoying bikes and all that goes along with them.   I took many photos, but am going to let this group of videos I posted be my coverage.

I did my best to see all the booths, but with so much going on, it was pretty much impossible.   I did meet-up with most every company and person that has helped support my bike blog with info and products to test and report on.   I have made my friendships here (my blog) and Interbike was the place to help them blossom to new levels.

The event was once again in Las Vegas.   The big hall was complemented with an outdoor paddock with a large test track (that was used for evening races as well).   I am still hoping Interbike will see fit to add some grading so E-bikes will be able to really strut their stuff, but still it was an awesome place to ride.   Many of these videos were taken while circling the paddock on the track.

Hopefully you will view each of the videos that interests you.   Plus a side trip to Denver after netted some cool footage of other Interbike worthy bikes and products.   I wish I could have covered more, but what are you going to do?   Follow the links bellow to the first clip and the last one.   Then look for the stuff from Denver, including the Specialized Turbo.

Remember to consider coming to my E-bike seminar here in San Diego on Oct 9th,   Turbo Bob.

The first of the group of videos.

The last of my Interbike videos.

Plus, check out some I posted from the Denver area for more E-bike news.


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One Response to Interbike 2013—A Story in Videos

  1. Thanks for the great videos! They were especially helpful this year since we just couldn’t make it to Interbike 😉

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