Pedego’s New Products and Advancements I Can’t Tell You About

Pedego’s New Products and Advancements I Can’t Tell You About.

I think we’ve all seen this shot of me on the modified Pedego Trail Tracker. Pedego Huntington Beach does some up-grades on this fat bike that really bring it alive.

Boy, that’s a kicker title for a bike information blog.   As the weeks and months pass, I will not only be able to report on these secret (for now) bikes and up-grades to their product line, you will read and see all these great new things through other sources.   What I can tell you for starters is that every bike I rode and change I learned about (and saw) last weekend will be well received by Pedego fans and the industry alike.

I am so lucky to be living in a E-bike hot bed and this has allowed me to foster special relationships with some of the big players in this industry.   If you’ve followed my blog closely, you will notice I have reported on E-bikes from close to 30 different companies.   Not all of them are close by, but many are.   We have quite a few local dealers that carry a wide variety of bikes too.

With Coronado as a beautiful setting, Barbara and I put the Pedego tandem through its paces. This E-bike can also be converted to a cargo E-bike.

My first exposure to Pedego E-bikes came with their Comfort Cruiser models.   I rode (and reported on) many and even did minor repairs and maintenance on them for owners.   Even though I enjoyed the ride, I have never been a big beach cruiser fan.   About a year ago they introduced the City Commuter and my interest in Pedego peaked.   I was able to join in on a photo shoot in Coronado, which not only allowed me to become intimate with that bike, but landed my photo as a centerfold in their catalog with a excerpt from my article surrounding the image of me.

I have since become friends with the co-owners, many of the dealers and plenty of Pedego owners.   I was invited to speak at their dealer meeting last year and for some semi-unexplained reason get some major knowledge of their up-coming floor models.   Like many E-bike companies they embrace my feed-back on what I like and don’t like about the ways their bikes ride and work.   I fully admit I love their company’s business model and progress.

We always enjoy joining in on a POG (Pedego Owners Group) ride even though neither one of us actually own a Pedego. This was during the Pedego Dana Point grand opening

Pedego has been developing a very unique dealer network.   Not really something of their doing, but more started by the customers that love their bikes and want to offer them in a single company setting.   These shops have been popping up all over, offer just Pedego E-bikes and are proving to be wildly successful.   With sales, rentals, service, accessories (and E-bike tours in many locations), being the owner of a Pedego shop can be very rewarding.

From the start, Pedegos were offered at regular bike shops that wanted to expand into quality and fun E-bikes.   That will continue, but a new way to do it has been approved by Pedego management.   This will be in the form of internal Pedego kiosks inside independent bicycle shops.   They will stay loyal to the brand, offer all the regular bikes, parts and services they always have, yet have a separate Pedego only section for their E-bike customers to drool over.

This photo WAS taken last weekend. Riding a Pedego Trail Tracker at San Diego’s first CicloSDias was great fun.

This will expand the Pedego family in a smart way.   One thing about every Pedego employee (including management), shop owner and their employees I have been impressed by, is the great attitude, the family spirit and the joy of the product they share.   From what I’ve seen and experienced, if you don’t have what it takes, you won’t be part of the Pedego family.   Wrong or right, if you don’t love Pedegos and people, you won’t make the grade.

So what about these new products?   I wish I could tell you more.   You do know that they went from offering just cruisers, to putting their name on commuter bikes, fat bikes and the awesome Pedego trike.   So, expanding their line-up has been a company priority, and the future looks to more of this.   They take the time to develop their new products in the best way, and believe me when I say they have been busy.   Not just on new bikes, but on improving the bikes coming out of their factory right now.

I’ve ridden the Pedego trike on many occasions. This safe, fun and useful E-trike is designed just right.

I had a chance to spend some time with one of the few Pedego trike owners at a recent Pedego shop grand opening.   She is so happy and enthralled with her bike (trike), it is hard to put it in words.   I will soon get a chance to give you the full rundown on everything she related to me about it.   The trike has had many pre-orders before full production has started, and those customers will be rolling happy very soon as the trikes are beginning to roll off the assembly line.

My mind took many photos during my visit to Pedego Headquarters last weekend, but my camera was idle.   I have supplemented this post with images of some of the tours, POG rides and test rides I’ve taken, but none of the secret stuff I was privy to.   I was entrusted to keep my lip zipped for now, and zipped it will stay (for now).   So let your imagination go wild and some of what you envision is some of what you will see from Pedego soon.

Just kicking it at one of the many Pedego shop grand openings I’ve attended.

Like always, from day one with my insight of this E-bike company, I have found that they strive to produce bikes that people love.   Anything less is not accepted.   Plus the level of customer service and satisfaction is more important than the bikes themselves in the minds of the people that are behind these E-bikes.   This kind of commitment to people is rarely seen in any industry nowadays.   Of all the reasons I like Pedego E-bikes, this is #1 in my book.

There is so much more to this story I wish I could tell you now.   Much of it has to do not with the products, but with ?????? (you fill in the blanks—use your imagination).   I so wish I could spill the beans.   Soon, I promise.

Keep an eye out for some cool stuff from this company, Turbo Bob.

“The bicycle is just as good company as most husbands and, when it gets old and shabby, a woman can dispose of it and get a new one without shocking the entire community.”—Ann Strong.

Pedego on the web and Facebook

Plus you can find many of the Pedego shops (US and worldwide) on my Facebook page. (In the ‘like’ section).   Plus you can get the newest Pedego info there.
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You can also find a bunch of Pedego and POG ride videos on my U-tube channel

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3 Responses to Pedego’s New Products and Advancements I Can’t Tell You About

  1. Jim Black says:

    For whatever good reasons there may be to buy a Pedego, the factory’s customer service and communication when problems occur are not one of them in my experience. I would not buy from them again. As I reported before, they couldn’t fix a defective battery and were out of stock for months before they got one in. They need to work on logistics, customer service, and communication far more than some latest imported gadget to add to their bikes. If they were in the motorcycle or auto industry, they wouldn’t last a year before going bankrupt.

  2. That’s too bad Jim. Replacement batteries are a big issue for all E-bike companies due to many factors. Pedego uses ones that are better and safer than most and they don’t compromise on such things.
    So the part you left out is —Are you riding your Pedego? Is it treating you well now?
    I get the impression you felt that they let you down, but let’s hear the whole story.
    Most of the people I have met and talked to have a different story about their customer service and ability to solve problems that come up.
    BTW, gadgets are not really what this article is all about.
    Thanks for kicking in, Turbo.

  3. Lawrence Kuklinski says:

    I encountered battery troubles, but my experience with PEDEGO was a pleasant one. They prorated the cost toward a new replacement one. I received it within 10 days of my complaint. The service was prompt, pleasant and trouble free. I love my bike and the service!

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