AutoBike—Advanced Technology Makes Cycling Simpler

AutoBike—Advanced Technology Makes Cycling Simpler.

This great new bike could be a game changer for so many people.

The new AutoBike Voyage is something that many bike riders have been waiting a long time for.   With a NuVinci N360 Harmony drivetrain, a brain to control it and a generator front hub to supply the needed electrical power, this bike always picks the correct gear for your riding needs.   If you are in love with shifting your bike then it might not be for you, but if knowing when and how to shift is not your idea of fun, then get ready to meet the future.

This bike makes riding fun again for the masses of recreational cyclists.   It will also be more than welcome for the people who are rediscovering their love of riding in this modern age.   Most of us grew up with single-speed bicycles that were simple and easy to ride.   Yet when the hills reared ahead or the speeds grew faster, we all knew that a multi-speed bike was the next step.   With that step came the need to understand and manipulate the gear shifters.

Maybe that was easy for some, but a lot of people find it uncomfortable and frustrating.   Finding the perfect gear at each moment can be tough.   Shifting to a low gear before a stop can be easily forgotten.   Shifting without noise and chain jumping doesn’t always happen the way we want.   When you are riding an AutoBike all that disappears in the distance as you just ride with a smile knowing the bike will do all the tough work in that department for you.

The NuVinci N360 Harmony gear train works in a way you need to ride to believe.

The heart of this AutoBike Voyage is the NuVinci N360 Harmony gear train.   This is the rear hub of the bike and it offers continuously variable gear ratios with a servo to move the actuator.   With no internal gears, the NuVinci drivetrain has a smooth and seamless feel as it changes gear ratios.   With the Harmony addition, it requires no hand shifter to make those changes (in this particular application).   Electricity does the job with the help of two other components.

One of those is the ’brain’, the electronic control unit that is tucked out of basic sight under the chain guard.   It feeds off of speed sensors that can tell how fast you are pedaling and how fast the bike is traveling.   It takes that encoded information and tells the hub exactly what gear ratio to set itself at.   What is happening is that it sets just how hard and fast (pedal cadence) you are pushing the pedals and keeps it that way during your ride.

Connected to the brain is a set of push buttons mounted on the frame behind the handlebars that allow you to make a fine adjustment to these settings.   A quick push or two on the plus and minus buttons tailor the hub’s ratio to your needs.   Once you find the sweet spot here you rarely need to change it.   Just getting on and riding with no adjustments is the thrill of the AutoBike.

This gem silently and almost magically makes power to run the auto-shifting as you ride.

The other piece of the workings of the auto shifting system is the front generator hub.   This is an item you see on almost every bike in Europe.   Normally used to power a bike lighting combo, on the AutoBike Voyage it makes and sends electricity to the brain and NuVinci Harmony to allow them to operate.   It makes power with almost no drag, and requires no switching or thought as you ride.

The bike itself is high-quality and rides well.   It has a very relaxed seating position and frame geometry.   That means that you sit up-right, something I prefer and you might too.   It also means your feet will reach the ground even while seated in the cushy saddle.   The handlebars sweep back to meet your hands in a comfortable way.   On the handlebars are only two brake levers and a pair of very swanky hand grips.   Of course for my testing I added a headlight there and a blinking tail light on the seat post.

The AutoBike comes in a low-frame and standard model.   The standard frame is pretty low in the middle anyway, so either style could fit a wide variety of people.   You get a choice of several color options, mine came in the stealthy matte black.   Fenders are part of the package along with a water bottle cage.   The front fender is kind of skimpy, but the good folks at AutoBike have already responded to my suggestion to fit a longer one that will allow more protection from water and road grime.



I rode this new bike so many places. Here I am at Mission Bay on a fun day.

The tires are Maxxis brand with flat protection.    A lightweight kickstand is mounted up.   In fact the whole bike feels very light and responsive.   On the whole I think they did a great job on the bike and the auto-shifting system too.   I have reported on the NuVinci N360 before, and the N360 Harmony on a Kalkhoff E-bike.   I will include links to those articles at the bottom of this article along with a couple videos.   One of those videos helps to show how the bike shifts itself.

I am hoping that the above text will clue you into what it’s like to ride the AutoBike Voyage.   It starts out in an easy to pedal gear ratio, and then as your speed builds it gently up-shifts to what seems like the perfect spot.   As you speed and slow, it continues to find the right gear and you don’t have to do anything to make it change other than ride.   There is no noise, clunking, jumping or anything noticeable.


If you order your new AutoBike online this is how you will receive it. Final assembly is not too hard, but get some help if you need it. I did recommend they add larger photos in the instruction manual, I bet they have already.

I have ridden and worked on automatic shifting bikes since the 90’s.   They shifted, but did jump, bang, clunk and generally shifted at the wrong times for comfort.   In fact if you were pushing hard on the pedals (like on a hill) it could almost throw you from the bike when it shifted.   Plus these bikes required harder than normal work to make the needed adjustments as the months went by and parts could be tough to get if they wore out or broke.   The AutoBike has none of these drawbacks and tons of big pluses.   Hard to beat that.

Want your bike to shift for you?   Try an AutoBike, Turbo Bob.

“The bicycle is a vehicle for revolution.”—Daniel Behrman, The Man Who Loved Bicycles.

This is the link to AutoBike’s website and Facebook page

Check out the videos I posted on this AutoBike

Two articles I posted on the NuVinci N360. The second one is about the Harmony version I tested

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10 Responses to AutoBike—Advanced Technology Makes Cycling Simpler

  1. Richard says:

    I’ve have a brand new CROSSTOWN. Only 200 miles, the battery slide bracket (that mounts to frame) is cracked. Still looking to buy and get this part. Hoping to find someone in U.S. I can call or e-mail???? I have not had time to really use it, but seems very reliable and quick. Any help is great.”

    • Richard, I believe that bike is an eMoto. There are many eMoto dealers in the U.S. The closest one to me is Ivan Stewart’s Electric Bike Center here in San Diego.
      Still, eMoto has a website with contact info there. I would suggest getting in touch with them to get the piece you need and find your nearest dealer that might be able to help you.
      Did you buy this on the net? Or from a local dealer? It is so much better to buy any bike from a dealer so you can have closer service and parts, and to make sure your warrantee is valid and easy to use. I would think this part is under warrantee..

      • Richard says:

        I bought the bike from Amp. Bros, in Michigan. They seem to be having a problem getting the part as it has been a month, since talking to them. They told me several excuses regarding the eMoto Company, (which I do not know is true). But a month without an answer or email is strange, even for them. If I heard them right, “no warranty” for that part of the battery? Anyhow, I expect to “PAY” for it, if it ever gets here? I had pre-requested it a year ahead, and they called when the 350watt motor was available, “(with a 500$, down payment)”. Brought it to my house, then tried to get more $, for doing that after we agreed on $50, for delivery, (I do not drive). Then the tires were deflated, with 15lbs, (which I did not notice, until after he left). Upon inflating them one fell completely off the rim, no matter how careful I was aligning it. That was months ago. They told me the eMoto company was moving, and so on. Now its that the eMoto co. will not answer their email. That is why I am seeking someone else, as I need it now for various trips. It is taking to long for them to response and deliver. Previously I had ordered a Ultra Motor Europa, (few years earlier). I do not know what to believe anymore from them. No one ever delayes response and delivery, like they have since first ordering and receiving. Right now my only concern is getting my $1600 Crosstown in working and traveling safely order. Which seems to be a problem, so far now and before. I even ordered 2 (two) of the parts necessary, due to them saying, “no warranty”, as that problem will definitely happen again. They show no interest as they did upon my initial purchasing of the electric-bike. I have replaced the tires with Schwalbe and added a wireless speedometer, since accuiring the Crosstown. The battery is strapped in and cushioned, in case I need to ride it in an emergency. I am hoping the guys, John and Toni of Amp Bros, in Hazel Park, Mi. are being truthful and will deliver?

      • Richard says:

        I will be looking into Ivan Stewart’s Electric Bike Center. Thank you. If you wish to know any “FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE” about Prodeco Phantom X2…let me know. I have been a owner going on 2-years. I ride it daily and have “Great Things” to say about it. Its Amazing!!” Thank You.

  2. Richard says:

    It was my impression that Amp Bros. had another bike as mine. Also that parts would be available. After meeting them in person and having been to their “actual shop” (when it was on Delemere in Royal Oak, MI), they seemed like standup guys? The warranty thing is peculiar and odd, but a far as I know, I have to pay for the part. At this point I do not care! I just want it replaced, as soon as I can have that done. I hate being at the mercy of someone else, when implied notions were in that deal. If I cannot get parts readily, then I will purchase another and sell this one. I do have another company, I have actually been dealing with and it looks like a reliable one. My whole idea was to keep with a Michigan company or distributor. Now I see, (so far) that that is not such a good idea. Time will tell.

    • Richard, sounds like you are having a tough time with this part. I looked at the eMoto website and it shows many dealers nation wide. Problem is that most –maybe all don’t really stock the misc parts that make up the special E-bike pieces. You might be better off to see if a local metal shop can fabricate such a piece–or maybe a friend. I have seen this bike around and at Ivan Stewart’s Electric Bike Center and it seems to me it is just a piece of sheet metal of a certain size with a few contours and holes that allow the battery to slide and lock in place.
      I checked out the photo on the website and although it’s hard to tell, I think it could be made locally without too much fuss.
      It is a shame about the local shop and eMoto letting you down. Unfortunately nowadays spare parts can be hard to come by, there are so many makes, models and variations. That makes it hard for the dealers, but still to be honest is important. Can’t be sure if they aren’t, but it does seem like they have not played straight for you.
      I have had good luck with eMoto in my few dealings with their bikes, but I have never had to obtain replacement parts. The tire problems don’t make sense either, but this is still an young industry and total understanding of the complete bike by the designers, factories and dealers can be troublesome.
      Good luck getting the battery correctly mounted.
      I’ve ridden the both the Phantoms and hope to be able to do a full test on both of them by the end of the year.

      • Richard says:

        Thank You. Obviously this is the “problem of my life.” I am learning that you cannot go by “someones word”…i always ask about spare parts, befor i purchase an electric bike. I hope i am wrong??

  3. Richard says:

    The broken part is a molded piece of plastic, held on to the frame by 4-screws. Very easy to disasemble, with only (two-wires).

  4. Richard says:

    Sorry i took so long to get back to you….Anyway, i discontinued any contact with Amp. Bros. It seems that they just do not have the time to deal with someone that figured out their,
    “obvious goal”..” All i had to do was contact E-moto, Kent Wa. (Chuck Bourbonnais)..& the parts were here in “three days.” Thanks again Chuck.” ….”why Amp. Bros. treated me like they still a mystery?? Payback is a B$%&#! …these guys are shady…”

    • That’s a shame, but it’s good to hear that E-moto backs their products. Way to go Chuck.
      From my own experience and from what I’ve heard, they have decent products at a reasonable price point.
      I hope you get back to enjoying your bike the way it was designed, to offer fun and convenience.
      Let us know how the coming months of riding treat you, thanks for being a part of my bike blog, Turbo.

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