Nori Lights—A Safe and Fun Way to be Seen at Night

Nori Lights—A Safe and Fun Way to be Seen at Night.

These Nori Lights really get you seen. The safety and wow factor are easily noticeable in this shot.

For those of us that like to ride our bikes at night, we are always on the look-out for new lights that work well and don’t cost too much.   Regular headlights and taillights are on the shelves of every bike shop, but they don’t cover every angle needed.   I’ve considered some of the wheel, spoke or valve stem lights, yet they are kind of gimmicky.   These new Nori Lights could be the answer for you.

They are bright, quite noticeable by surrounding traffic and won’t set you back much.   Since they’ve been on my bike I’ve gotten only great comments about the safety and cool factor.   I do expect to see them on many of my friend’s bikes in the near future, as they have asked me several times on how they can get a set.   These new innovative lights are available now and the link at the bottom of this post can help you find them for your bike.

At my last E-bike seminar Chris (the inventor and maker) offered me a set to try out and hopefully report on.   Once I was convinced of their value and need, I decided to put pen to paper (so to speak) to tell you about them and how they work.   I am planning on getting another set for my wife’s bike too, as we have found just how effective they are to making our night riding more comfortable.

Here you can see the two rows of phosphorescence tape on the side of the rim and one of the light pods.

The actual way they work is fairly simple, but very ingenious.   Self-adhesive strips of phosphorescent tape stick to the sidewalls of the rim.   A pair of high intensity UV LEDs mount on the frame and fork to make them shine.   As the wheels turn they keep the tape charged and the light just flows from your bike like magic.   The effect is something to see and to be sure, anyone in the vicinity can see them well.   With Nori Lights on your bike you will be much safer no matter where you ride.

They work the best on bikes with disc brakes or coaster brakes.   Because the tape applies to the area where rim brakes ride, Chris also offers a way to install the strips in the spokes near the rim’s edge for bikes with rim brakes.   Putting on the tape takes a little while but isn’t hard at all.   The kit comes with some cleaning swabs to prepare the rims for the application and more than enough of the phosphorescent tape for any size wheel set.

The battery box can mount in one of several places on your bike.

The kit comes complete with most everything you will need.   I was impressed to see a couple of name brand lithium AA batteries in the package.   The instructions explain that these are the only batteries that will work correctly with the Nori light system.   They cost a little more at replacement time, yet are claimed to light this system for upwards of 200 hours.   Make sure to use the exact batteries when the time comes for new ones.

I was swapping out the tires on my bike when I installed the rim tape, but I am sure it would be easy to do while the rims are on the bike.   You put two loops of the tape on each side of the rim (side-by-side).   Taking your time during this step will make for a better look when the night falls.   Even if you don’t it should still look great while you are riding.   Once the glowing tape is on your bike you can move onto the next step.

With the lights glowing, you can see how I mounted them to the front fork.

The LED lights (eight of them, two in each housing) are all connected to a battery box that has the power switch built-in.   It has a magnetic mount, but using some tie straps will keep it secure to the frame or other part of your bike that you decide on.   Before you do any mounting check the reach of the wires to make sure everything will fit correctly.   I found on my bike that the battery box fit best about mid-way between the front and rear wheels and on the top of the main frame rail.

Your bike might be different, allowing you to mount the battery box in a place a little more out of the way and less vulnerable than mine.   Seeing that my bike is a folding full-sized bike it didn’t offer as many mounting options as most bikes will.   A couple large tie-straps secured it well and I moved onto mounting the four light pods.

On the front you need to make sure there is sufficient slack in the wire to allow the front fork to rotate without binding or pulling the wires.   Each light pod goes where it will shine the light right onto the rim tape.   The kit came with rubber bands and a few other mounting items, but on my front fork they didn’t fill the bill.   I used some garden plastic ties that have stiff wire in them and added a bit of Scotch tape to keep them from moving around.

It is hard to believe just how bright the rim tape glows at night.

In the rear I used the included rubber bands and once again added some Scotch tape to secure them well.   In the future I might use a little dab of silicone glue or craft glue where the light pod contacts the frame to make them more solid.   Make sure as you mount the light pods to turn them on so you can aim the light right at the rim tape.   Every bike will be a little different as to the mounting procedure, but it isn’t hard at all.

Your final step is to make sure the wires are clear of the turning wheels and other parts.   Loop any extra wire and use tie straps or tape to keep things neat and free from the moving parts and your feet.   Now wait until dark, turn on the Nori Lights and hit the open road.   You will love the look and the feeling of security it gives you as the lights on your rims glow brightly in the darkness.

I am so glad my bike now has these Nori Lights.   It is a totally different look from any other bike lights I have seen.   The photos and video I’ve included with this post don’t do full justice to the look and effect they offer.   It is just one of those things you need to see in person to fully appreciate.   I really like them and I think you will too.

Just so you know, this bike has become a test bed for other lights too.   Up front is my 4 year old NiteRider MiNewt Mini headlight and a Planet Bike Spok for day time use.   In the handle bar ends are Serfas Tracer Road lights.   Out back is a laser taillight from BML, a Nashbar super bright taillight and a Planet Bike Spok in red.   They all work together to make these Nori Lights so very effective during a night ride.

Thanks Chris, expect to see an order coming though so my wife’s bike can glow in the darkness just like mine, Turbo Bob.

“The turn of the century was a splendid time for the bicycle.   It was an industry, a sport, a vehicle for transport.”—Dick Swann

You can find Nori Lights on the web and Facebook

I shot a video of these lights in action. Have a look.

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