Serfas Tames the Warriors—Bike Products That Work

Serfas Tames the Warriors—Bike Products That Work.

The two Warriors are ready for action now that Serfas products are on-board.

We’ve been riding this pair of Richen Warrior E-bikes for about a year now.   Like so many bikes nowadays, the saddles, grips and tires were begging to be replaced with better pieces.   I did many things they needed mechanically to get them on the track I wanted, yet some of the up-grades were left waiting.   After receiving a cool set of reflective rim lights, I decided the time was right to finish the job to highlight that product.   Turns out they would also be showcases for the Serfas line of bike accessories too.

Like other pairs of bikes we have, I like to use matching pieces as I do the modifications and changes.   These two bikes are very much the same in many respects, but not the size.   They share the same drivetrain, electric-assist systems and theme.   They are both full-suspension, folding E-bikes.   And they came with the same narrow hard saddles, inexpensive grips and other pieces.   To cap them off for comfort and style, I looked to the Serfas Catalog for what I needed.

You may remember how I used Serfas parts to deck out the eFlow E3 Nitro I had earlier this year.   As that was a test bike, I removed all the parts before it was returned.   Those pieces included a Serfas Tailbones saddle, a full set of lights (the Thunderbolts are great and get hooked onto different bikes all the time), and some other goodies.   The two sets of Connectors grips found a home on our eZip E-bikes.

Looking at the many saddles in the Serfas Catalog, I choose the Tailbones for these bikes.

So it was back to Serfas to match up on the parts I already had to get these two bikes ready for some fun summer riding.   First up was another Tailbones saddle.   I was so pleased with the first one.   Just the right firmness and size, I knew a pair of these would be perfect for the Warriors.   I already had the hybrid model and that was a good fit for the Warrior 20.   I mounted up one of the Comfort models to the 26.

With good looks, light-weight and a great feel, these saddles were talking my language.   Of course they were easy to fit and adjust.   I like the nose slightly higher and slide them all the way rearward to fit my large frame.   It took just a few times to find the sweet spot on both bikes that make us both smile with every ride.   As one of the few spots where your body actually touches the bike, you want your bike seat to feel right, and these Serfas Tailbones saddles are making a big difference.

These ergo grips and bar end lights make me comfortable and safe.

The other place you touch your bike are the handgrips.   Being an E-bike, it is nice if you can get the grips on and off easily without damaging them.   The Sway Ergonomic Dual Lock On grips I chose fit this criteria.   They have allen bolt collars on each end that makes fitting them a breeze.   Even better is the ergo grip that fits your hand like a glove.   They have other fancy terms in their catalog about them, but for my wife and I, we just want a good comfortable grip on our bikes.   These are that.

After fitting the handgrips, it was time to install the Tracer Road bar end lights.   I kind of splurged on these the first time, so I figured an extra set to make both these bikes match would be fun.   They can blink or stay on solid and they fit in with the lighting theme I was going for.   They slide into the end of the handlebar fairly easily on some bikes, but due to the different inside diameters of different bars, you may need to do some modifications like I did.   On the eFlow all I had to do was trim down the nubs with a knife a little to make them fit.

On the Warrior 20 a little more trimming was all it took and they slid in with a nice snug fit.   On the 26 a much bigger change was needed.   The bar inside diameter was so small that I actually had to grind the housing of the lights down quite a bit.   Still, it wasn’t too hard.   I popped loose the light and circuit board from the housing carefully with a small screwdriver.   Then I used a bench grinder to reduce the size of the plastic housing to fit the bar.   It was a bit tricky to do it evenly, but it came out fine.   A quick shot of hot glue reattached the circuit board and I was in business.   Flashing bar lights, cool.

These Drifter City tires have all the traction and flat-protection I’ll need.

I liked the tires that came with the Warrior 20, but the 26 came with a cheapo set of mountain bike tires.   Seeing that these are street bikes, I needed something better.   This came as a pair of Serfas Drifter 26 X 2.0 City tires.   With a built-in flat protection system and a nice tread pattern, I have found the ride to be exceptional.   They are better than I really needed, but I find that is a good way to go sometimes.   I mounted them up with a set of Serfas flat proof tubes to seal the deal.

I had already mounted some thorn-resistant tubes in the Warrior 20.   On both bikes I added Slime to the tubes for even more protection.   I can’t say that the Slime will help much, but with the goal of no flats, this one last step just makes sense.   One more thing about the Serfas tubes.   They (like most tubes) were not really designed for the extra deep rims on the 26.   The original tubes had extra length valve stems to fit them better, but were so thin the air pressure would fall weekly.   It took a little expertise on my part to air them up at first, as you want to make sure the valve stem is pushed into the rim a little during initial inflation so it doesn’t affect the beading of the tire to the rim.   Once set, I was happy with the way they fit.

I am a big fan of thicker walled tubes for a few reasons.   The biggest one is that they really resist thorns and other bad things.   The other plus is because the rubber is so thick the air pressure stays up to spec longer.   Adding the Slime helps this too.   Flats can be bad news, and even worse so for E-bikes that have harder to remove rims.   These great new tires and tubes should keep that bike rolling smooth and flat-free for a long time.

From the cockpit of the Warrior 26 you can see the soft bag, the ergo grips and the Tracer Road bar end lights. I like this view.

The last Serfas item I mounted was the stem bag I got for the eFlow test.   It goes on the Ahead Set quickly and comes with an extended length bolt to fit.   I found it plenty handy before and I’m sure it will be even handier on this bike with all the miles of riding I have planned.   It can easily hold a wallet, keys, tools and/or camera.

So there you have it.   Serfas tames the Warriors with utility and style.   I expect years of service from these pieces.   Serfas has a wide variety of bike products in addition to the ones I have added to these bikes, many that don’t interest me, but might you.   They have bike shoes and fancy sun shades that seem to be quite popular.   You may know how much I like the Thunderbolt lights we have.  They get moved around to many of the bikes we ride and are so very bright.
I will post more about what it took to get these two Richen Warriors ready for some great riding, but for now I wanted to show how the Serfas bike products helped.   Thanks for reading, Turbo Bob.

“You never have the wind with you—either it is against you or you’re having a good day.”—Daniel Behrman, The Man Who Loved Bicycles.

On the Serfas website, you can see all their products and find your nearest dealer. They are on Facebook too.

Check out some of the videos I posted that show these bikes and the Serfas products that help them come to life.


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  1. Nice highlights Turbo.

    I love the Serfas products. Their Lightning Bolt lights seem pretty spot on for a great head and tail light set-up.

    Thanks for the details you put into these. I will have to check out the bar-end lights… Love those.

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