Pedego Trail Tracker—Pumped-up Fat Bike Fun

Pedego Trail Tracker—Pumped-up Fat Bike Fun.

Big and powerful, this E-bike has the word fun written all over it.

Wow—Look at those tires—Where can I get one?—So much power—It might as well be a motorcycle—This is great—Hey daddy, look at that—I want one—This is awesome—Does it recharge when you pedal?—Why?—Can I jump some curbs?—You mean I can ride it?—Big—One more time around the block?—Why the big tires?—That’s just plain crazy—Who would want this?—Who wouldn’t want this?—I need this bike.

In addition to tons of neck snapping looks and pointed fingers, these are just some of the multitude of comments made by onlookers and riders of this ‘roll over anything’ bike during my time with it.   And if you think these came from just the boys and men around town you would be way wrong.   In a world where size matters, this cool E-bike speaks to people in many different ways.

Just playing around.

Some will be riding a Trail Tracker just for the looks it gathers.   Of all the bikes I ride on a daily basis, this one gets more notice then all of them put-together.   If getting seen on your bike matters, then there is no better mount for you.   It is as much at home on the street as it is on its intended surfaces, sand, snow and gravel.   For me the ride is more important than the look, so let’s dive into what make this Pedego Trail Tracker different.

Yes, this is a big bike.   Still my wife has ridden it to work (and on group rides) on more than a few occasions.   Swinging a leg over the frame isn’t as easy as some, but once on the saddle, she powers up and hits the road.   The combination of a 48 volt power system and a 600 watt rear hub geared motor really make you feel invincible as the hills and head winds try to slow your progress.   And those big tires make easy work of the rough and soft roads ahead.

600 watts—single-speed—and disc brakes.
Simple fun and excitement starts here.

Just by looking at the Trail Tracker you can see what you’re in for during a ride.   Without even a test ride your mind can envision the kind of fun it can wheel you into.   Those 4 inch wide tires float over the kind of terrain that most bikes wouldn’t even begin to make it through.   The beefy frame and pieces are barely taxed with the abuse it begs for.   The simplicity of this E-bike is one of the key factors in your experience.   Two brake levers, a hand throttle and a set of handlebars is all you see and feel as the sand flows under your feet.

I’ve been riding this bike for over 2 months now and each time I start to ride the excitement ramps-up like a brand-new thrill.   Most of the time it is an around town cruise, but then again I have really pushed it to its limits on so many occasions.   On any given bike ride you normally take the smoothest path, on a Trail Tracker you seek out the bumps, rocks and berms to see what you’re made of.   This is a trail bike not a mountain bike, yet some jumping and the such just comes naturally.

The single speed drivetrain sports a rust proof chain and a bevy of sealed bearings all around.   It is said you can forge deep water and mud, hose the bike down after and it will shake it off with a smile.   I do think being a little careful of the electronics with the water is a good idea, but then this bike and the word careful are not really on the same page.   I do have to admit that mud puddles are about the only thing I avoided during the crazy rides it took me on.

Here you can see the up-grade to a triple ring front gear set. The great crew over at Pedego Huntington Beach has mastered this arrangement

The Pedego shop in Huntington Beach has been doing some cool up-grades that might interest you.   They are swapping out the solid front fork with a suspension model and a lighter, narrower front rim and tire.   Plus a three-ring front gear adds some pedaling ease too.   I’ve ridden the up-graded bike and can say it makes it much more versatile and fun with these two additions.   The steering is lighter and the hill-climbing is more spirited.   The lighter front end makes it easier to power over bigger obstacles and do some wheelies too.

Riding with the single-speed isn’t too bad, but having the three is better.   With the stock set-up you are depending on the motor’s power quite a bit.   Taking off from a stop a bit of juice helps you get going.   In heavy sand you also need the grunt of the motor at the lower speeds.   At full song (which is a good 20 mph I figure), I keep my feet moving (just because) but they are no longer helping to move the bike.   At an easy cruise, the motor and my pedaling find a good match and the ride is easy.   The spider tires do play a song from slapping the pavement that out sounds the silent and smooth nature of this monster E-bike

Great lines and big excitement are yours when you climb aboard.

For now the Pedego Trail Tracker comes in 4 different color combos, and soon they will add a camouflaged bike to that line-up.   I am totally in love with the shade of this red one I’ve been riding, and the chance to custom paint your own version is a given.   With an E-bike this special, a special finish to match your needs could really make sense.   Me, I am happy to take this fully stock E-bike on rides to anywhere it guides me.   As a side note, Pedego Trail Trackers come with the loudest, best sounding bike bell around.

I do sometimes pop on my BikeSmart pannier, and always have a set of blinking lights front and rear.   That and I have my cool bright red aluminum bike key chain hooked to the battery locking key.   Other than those, the way it comes from the factory has been perfect for me.   Every now and then I wipe it down to clean it up and make it shine, other than that it just keeps rolling.

I have played with the tire pressure to see how it affects the traction and ride.   Leaving them about 18 lbs seems to work fine.   You can go down to 5 or 10 for the sand, but that does make the steering much heavier.   It smoothes out the ride at the lower pressure, yet around 18 works good on the sand and road with a ride that is a little firm, but more than acceptable.

With an up-graded front end and gears, the Trail Tracker becomes even better.

Well I haven’t gone much into the details and specs, but you can find all that on Pedego’s website.   This bike won’t appeal to everyone that is for sure, but if just the photos speak to you, than a full test ride is called for to see if you are the Trail Tracker kind of person who wants to ride over everything you used to go around.   If you do get one, make sure to let someone ride it now and then while you follow behind by about 30 feet.   It is in this manner that you will really experience the kind on neck snapping attention a E-bike like this generates.

Got sand?   Turbo Bob.

“Shred lightly.”—Scot Nicol.

Pedego on the web and Facebook

Pedego Huntington Beach

One on the several Trail Tracker videos I’ve posted on my You-Tube channel.   Search around for the other ones.   There are many.


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