eFlow E3 Nitro—The Future is Here

eFlow E3 Nitro—The Future is Here.

Sleek looks and great performance come your way with a eFlow E3 Nitro.

Sleek looks and great performance come your way with a eFlow E3 Nitro.

I started riding this cool and futuristic E-bike the same day it was introduced to the nation’s sales floors.   I got a chance to ride it for a couple months to make sure I understood and experienced everything it could offer me (and you).   With so many advanced features and great pieces, I found that it really is the bike many have been waiting for.   Let’s see if I can sum them all up in this short article.

Of course as an E-bike you expect solid power and quiet operation.   These you get to add to the awesome feel of the torque sensor based intelligent assist of the E3 Nitro.   The levels of assist / sensitivity are controlled from the multi-function display panel and come to you in a seamless and safe way.   Some other E-bikes I’ve ridden with this kind of control system are programmed in a way I feel can hinder your riding and bring forth hidden risks, yet eFlow hit the mark with the perfect blend of operational features.

The display unit is easy to read and works great.

The display unit is easy to read and works great.

If you’ve never tried a intelligent-assist E-bike that was tuned for your riding needs, then the first ride aboard the Nitro will be eye-opening.   The smooth power comes to your trek with no thought or effort to you.   As you pedal the bike, the power is melted into your ride with a great feel like no other.   The many functions of the system allow you to ride un-power assisted, using the throttle for assist at any time, or in the auto-assist mode for a very efficient, long ride under power.

The large lithium battery is the seat post, located in a position that centers with your own body weight and balance.   It can be recharged on or off the bike, which also allows the ability to secure the battery away from the bike when parked.   Its large capacity (36 volt, 10.7 Ah) battery makes for some spirited and lengthy rides.   The large frame bike I tested can use an optional 17 Ah battery that is on the books for even longer journeys between recharges.

The looks of the eFlow are very unique.   With a sleek appearance and nice pieces in every corner, you are viewing some very modern bike advances.   The bump absorbing uni-shock in the front fork really packs a punch with each turn of the wheels.   It has an easy to adjust pre-load and feels rock solid, even though the travel is minimal.   I would think it also shaves some weight from the bike compared to the normal front suspensions you see nowadays.

The shock and the front brake are up to the tasks at hand.

The shock and the front brake are up to the tasks at hand.

The hydraulic disc brakes work so good.   They are not touchy and give much power to the stopping ability of the E3 Nitro.   Most of the time when I ride E-bikes the strength of the brakes are not an issue that concerns me, but with the sporty way the eFlow begs to be ridden, I was glad they were there.   They modulate very nicely, with no grabbyness or other bad traits.

Speaking of the sporty way this bike rides, the handling is just another one of the thrills it deals out.   The stiffness and geometry of the frame and fork are well suited for the kind of moves you can make on the Nitro.   Whether you are just in cruise mode or on an all out tear, it never seems to feel out of line.   The cockpit is a little more geared for the serious rider than I like, but on the whole, it was never something that bothered me.

The display / control panel has large digits for the speedometer part.   It is fairly easy to run though all the modes and functions.   It has all the same bits as most bike computers and even has indicators to tell when the battery power is being used or regenerated.   I was also so glad to see it has a clock, as many of the E-bikes I test leave this mode out of the picture.

The Nitro does offer battery power regeneration when slowing or descending.   Much has been said (pro and con) about the regen feature on E-bikes.   On other brands you can feel the drag brake effect during regeneration, but not on this eFlow.   The amount of power it makes during this mode is limited to keep the battery and control system safe from excesses that could cause problems.   I figure as long as it doesn’t cause issues, it is nice to have but not fully necessary.

The load sensor is located in the dropout and runs the awesome control system in the E3 Nitro.

The load sensor is located in the dropout and runs the awesome control system in the E3 Nitro.

Riding the eFlow E3 Nitro has been a thrill.   The smart use of the assist makes for a natural feel that is hard to duplicate on other E-bikes.   Hard to explain, but easy to enjoy, intelligent pedelec is the future for E-bikes.   The extra components and internal complexity add to the price as much as it adds to the ride.   A simple throttle controlled E-bike is okay, but for a real purist, this sensor activated assist just makes sense.

Of course on a bike like this you get much more than a cool control system for the extra dollars.   You get high-end handling, a quality easy to use drivetrain and other pieces that make it worth the extra outlay.   I can’t say personally that I would go the extreme of making this bike my own, but many have already and they are deriving the benefits it offers.   And everyone knows that if you use your E-bike on a regular basis it will pay for itself many times over, so the extra expense is not that big of a deal.

Good times and solid performance are the name of the game with this high-end E-bike.

Good times and solid performance are the name of the game with this high-end E-bike.

My future may hold a modern E-bike such as this, so getting a chance to wring it out so heavily was very fun and interesting.   Time will tell if every E-bike on the market comes so well equipped and with this awesome intelligent control system.   For now if all these attributes are in your immediate future, then the eFlow E3 Nitro should be on your list for some test hops.   They are on the sales floors of many shops so finding one to ride shouldn’t be too hard.

Flow to the future with an eFlow?   I can envision it, Turbo Bob.

‘I ride my bicycle to ride my bicycle.”—Zen proverb.

Offered by Currie Technologies, here are links to their web and FB sites



And on the west coast, the IZIP Store


East coaster can find these at NYCeWheels



I posted two videos with the eFlow E3 Nitro




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4 Responses to eFlow E3 Nitro—The Future is Here

  1. That baby looks like a bike knight rider… I think we should name him Kit. So sweet. Dig it!

  2. Kit it is. Sean, that is just one of the cool bikes you missed out on riding at my E-bike seminar.
    BTW, thanks to you and Madison for putting me on the air at KPRi 102.1 FM to spread the word on E-bikes and the seminar.
    You guys (and families) are welcome to come by any time for some E-bike excitement.
    Keep those wheels rolling, Turbo.

  3. RBS says:

    Geez. Just wrote a huge comment opinion. Made the mistake of clicking on the photo and ZAP! Gone. You would think I would learn, but I don’t.

    summarize other post:

    Who is the Demographic?
    None of the Women in my life would ride this and I like to ride with company
    Looks well constructed.
    Battery looks like it makes the seat impossible to lower.
    Headtube Shocks make very little difference, but hard to source/replace due to Axel to Crown Ratios.
    The Ergonomics have you all bent forward again
    The control system sounds promising
    No mention of battery technology or weight

    I see this as being an “also ran”. Still waiting on a full suspension solution with flat foot crank forward, front and rear suspension, adjustable stem, and nice wide 2.3 2.5″ Tires. The SUV of e-bikes. One that Mom, Dad, Grandpa, everyone can and will ride.

    I think that Pedego is doing a much better (but not perfect) job of addressing the mass market. I think you are the only one in the United States consistently providing quality reviews of E-bikes. I hope a manufacturer does come along that addresses the complete demographic so that battery sales can ramp up and prices can come down.

    • RBS, yes, losing all that input drives me nuts too. I do think we will learn—–some day.
      This bike is geared for bikers, as opposed to the bikers that are first time, or returning causal riders. It can be for just about anyone, if you like the seating position. One minor drawback is that adding higher bars or stem won’t be easy, as the hydraulic hoses for the brakes don’t have the extra length there already. The wires too. Not impossible, just a bigger and pricier job.
      They do have two sizes of step-through frame models. Once again, a sporty rider (male or female) could be quite happy on this bike.
      The seat will lower quite a bit. I was surprised that several people much shorter than me fit (not perfect, but ok enough to feel the bike out).
      The tires are a good compromise between the skinny road tires and the fattys you mention (and I like too). I found the ride very nice with the shock and tire combo. Maybe the shock isn’t perfect, but just enough to beat the solid fork set-up.
      When it comes to battery types, weights and other bike components, I try not to dive too deep into the details. Any specific info can be found on the makers webpage or by quizzing them directly. I find that talking about the experience is more fun than part names and models and a bunch of specs many could care less about. Sorry, but that is just my mindset on that matter.
      The bike you are looking for will come, but I fear a quality E-bike with all those features will have a price-point that will keep most in the saddle of lesser bike. We will see.
      Thanks so much for quantifying my work here. I try my best to have some fun, while spewing the top details into my posts. I am lucky to be in the right area, have the right contacts, and have the time needed to put out the word on the E-bikes (and regular bikes too) that I love.
      And thanks for the insight and time you take to give me the feed-back that helps make it all worth while.
      All the best, Turbo.
      BTW, I made it through and posted this without one mistaken deletion–voila!

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