‘Introduction to Electric Bicycles’—A Free Public Service Seminar—April 25th in San Diego.

Now being scheduled twice a year, my seminar is getting more popular.   Not only can you learn about the E-bikes and why we all might need them, you get a chance to test ride many different types and brands after my talk.
Introduction to Electric BicyclesThey will supply snacks and refreshments.   Plus there will be lots of free bike goodies and E-bike rentals given away in the raffle.   I sure hope you can come.   Consider letting family, friends and others know about this fun and informative event.

Here is a link to a article I wrote about the last one.



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7 Responses to ‘Introduction to Electric Bicycles’—A Free Public Service Seminar—April 25th in San Diego.

  1. Looking forward to this seminar and learning more. Enjoy your blog!

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  3. Douglas says:

    Hope to meet you tonight at the seminar tonight, Bob.

  4. Bill Meyer says:

    Enjoy your blog, wish we had your SD weather. We live near Kansas City and would like to attend your seminar in October and maybe rent and tour on e-bikes. Do you have more info on the seminar; date, time and location? Thanks, Bill

    • Thanks Bill. I have set the date of my next E-bike seminar—October 9th, 2013. I will get the word out with all the info soon. Of course it’s in San Diego, same location as the previous ones.
      Hope to see you there, It will be big fun.

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