Pedal or Not Electric Bicycle Guided Tours—Seeing Santa Monica from the Saddle of a Pedego

Pedal or Not Electric Bicycle Guided Tours—Seeing Santa Monica from the Saddle of a Pedego.

Our morning started with getting to know Steven and Barb at their shop. Look for anew, bigger location within a week.

Our morning started with getting to know Steven and Barb at their shop. Look for another new, bigger location within a week.

Pedal or Not Electric Bicycle Tours has been giving guided E-bike tours for over three years.   They have guests from all over the world, country and even the locals like to get in on the fun.   Steven and Barb love what they do and part of that is showing their wonderful community to all that are interested.   With such a exciting tour to be had, I thought it was high time that Barbara and I tuned in on the action.

All this time they have done business out of a small kiosk behind the Vons store in Santa Monica.   In one week’s time their new location will be in full operation to work in addition to this one.   Even closer to the water, only a mile from today’s shop, their new digs will be larger and better than ever.   It will allow them to expand their line-up of Pedego E-bikes and accessories to serve each customer more fully.   Plus an expanded list of local tours seems to be on the table.

On to our E-bike tour.   Barbara and I arrived a little early and checked in with the shop.   Then we went over to the Vons for some pastry and drinks to start off our morning.   Getting a chance to chat with Steven and Barb before the ride, we learned about the shop, talked E-bikes and generally got better acquainted.   We checked out our steeds for the morning, mine a white low-framed Pedego City Commuter, and Barbara’s, a dark metallic green Pedego Comfort Cruiser.   Both had baskets with a bag graced with water and goodies to keep us strong as the morning expanded.

On our second stop, all of Southern California seemed to greet us.

On our second stop, all of Southern California seemed to greet us.

Steven is always keen to give a full primer on the bike’s operation, but Barbara and I are E-bike veterans so this part was of the morning was shorter than usual.   We were hoping our friend from the area would join us, but we found that Eleanor was not able to come.   So this morning it would just be the three of us, Barb hosting our tour, and Barbara and I.   Pedal or Not normally has bigger groups (4-6), and when their new shop is in full swing, up to 10 guests (with 2 guides) will be possible.

We started out on the bike friendly streets in Santa Monica.   Heading north our first stop was the Santa Monica Church.   Barb filled us in on many of the celebrities and notable people who have used the church for weddings, visits and other slightly morbid reasons (funerals and the such).   This town has a lot of famous history and Barb was there to expand our knowledge and wow our interests.   Already we were enjoying the day, yet it was just getting started.

This gem has so much local history to tell.

This gem has so much local history to tell.

As we headed towards the water, all three of us shared stories and laughs, as the very quiet nature of bike riding allows full conversations.   Our next stop was a beach over-look platform with some great public art there.   Stopping for photos and views, the smiles were getting larger.   Barb many times took our pictures and like she does with every guest, she will send them to us to help remember the great time we had and the many sights we experienced.

After working our way down to the wide and paved beach bike path, we turned north for a short way to see the Marion Davies Guest House.   It is funny that Barbara and I have ridden by this great location several times and never noticed it or the knew of the history behind it.   That is one of the joys of a guided tour, to see and learn of the hidden treasures that are easily passed without a clue.   Once again, Barb was full of fun stories and even had photos to show it in its full glory before the years made its changes.

Riding the wide, smooth beach bike paths.

Riding the wide, smooth beach bike paths.

As we u-turned on the beach path, the Santa Monica Pier was in full view.   Being a quiet Spring Monday morning, the path and pier were not very crowded with the throngs of beach goers and tourists.   We didn’t mind, yet people watching at the beach can be half the fun of any trip there.   The bikes rolled easy and our pace was mellow.   Like is the story with electric bikes, we could pedal or just use the power and float along.   Me, I like to do both, using a little power as my feet stir the pedals with minimal effort.

We stopped for photos and laughs many times as we moved through the Santa Monica beaches towards Venice Beach.   Our water and snacks came in handy as the morning fun flowed like the E-bikes.   In the town of Venice Beach we got to learn about and see the actual canals still left from the beginning of this vintage town.   Once again, Barb had fact-filled stories and photos to fill in the historic details of a part of town that was new to us.   What a beautiful place and a fantastic way to see it all.   The quiet of the bikes, the amazing stories and the iconic scenery made for the best way to fill in a vacation away from home.

You can't buy smiles like these at the local souvenir shops.

You can’t buy smiles like these at the local souvenir shops.

Unlike the Gillian’s Island boat ride, our three hour tour came to end where we started.   Still refreshed and ready for more, the electric bikes had fulfilled their promise to take us on their backs in the most comfortable and easy going way possible.   All this would have been too much for foot travel and impossible in a motor car.   The E-bikes, our guide Barb and our own desire for a fun way to sight-see came together in a way un-like any other.

Some of the canals from the 1800's still exist. We had never seen them before.

Some of the canals from the 1800’s still exist. We had never seen them before.

Of course if you have your own E-bike (or even regular bike for that matter), you can replicate our tour.   But, better bring along your guide book or smart phone and be prepared to pay attention to those if you want to know about the things you are seeing.   Why waste your time with those when you can have a fun and personable Barb filling you in at each turn of the bike path?   I can’t imagine any better way to experience any area than on an E-bike and with a guide with all the info and answers.

Remember, with a quick stroke or two on your keyboard, you can make your reservations on a Pedal or Not E-bike tour.   That’s how we did it and you can too.   If you are headed to the coastline of Southern California any time soon, don’t miss this great opportunity to see it all from the saddle of an Pedego E-bike.

Thanks Steven and Barb, you two are the best, Turbo Bob.

“I’ve seen mountain bike rides transform people—not just their bodies but their way of thinking.   Their spirit.”—Charlie Cunningham.

Pedal or Not E-bike Tours on the web and Facebook!/pedalornotelectricbicycles?fref=ts

Interested in a Pedego?   See Steven or Barb at Pedal or Not—or…!/PedegoElectricBikes?fref=ts

Here are three videos I shot that day.   The first one show the shop and the next two I took during our E-bike tour


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3 Responses to Pedal or Not Electric Bicycle Guided Tours—Seeing Santa Monica from the Saddle of a Pedego

  1. Holly Canterucci says:

    Thanks to Turbo Bob’s video of his Santa Monica tour this past Monday, April 1 … I can share my experience with my family from my bike tour today, Saturday, April 6. If you have the opportunity to join Barb for a tour, Steven will make sure you don’t fall off your bike! What a great day and way to see Santa Monica.

    • Great news, thanks. Yes, a bike tour can be so much fun and doing on an E-bike makes it that much better.
      Glad you found Barb and Steven. They will send you some fun pictures from your tour too.
      Thanks for adding so much to my efforts, Turbo.

  2. Barb and Steven, you both are doing a great job by organizing such E-bike tours. Really appreciable.

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