Serfas Bike Accessories—The Final Touch For Any Bicycle

Serfas Bike Accessories—The Final Touch For Any Bicycle.

This eFlow E3 Nitro has taken on a whole new feel with the addition of Serfas bike accessories.

This eFlow E3 Nitro has taken on a whole new feel with the addition of Serfas bike accessories.

Just like me, I’m sure you’ve wheeled out that new bike after a wise purchase and as you rode home you realized that as great as it is, it needs those certain somethings to be complete.   Lights, bags, locks and maybe even a different saddle would give it the extras you know will make it your own.   Such was the case when I picked-up this eFlow E3 Nitro for testing the day of the Interbike Electric Bike Media Event.

As I rode it to my car to load it on the rack for the long journey home, I knew I would be adding some goodies for safety, utility and comfort too.   This bike is so very nice, but like many, it didn’t have all the goodies I wanted to make it complete.   I had met up with Jason and TJ in the Serfas booth at the Interbike event and that got me thinking that maybe they had the pieces I needed to transform this bike to perfection.

Then I remembered back to the Pedego Dealer meeting last December where the local sales rep for Serfas, Scott, had presented many of their newer items.   After a quick online search on the Serfas site, I found my local dealer (many actually) that could fix me up with some of the things I wanted.   That search also showed some other interesting things about Serfas.   With twenty years behind them, they have more than 2600 dealers who stock these accessories.   Although it doesn’t affect me (but maybe you) they have 40 international distributors too.   I guess they know their stuff.

It didn’t take much more time to install these bike extras as it did to round them up.   I have got to say I am happy as can be with the fit, performance and style of each of the items I mounted on the E3 Nitro.   Below is a list of each piece, some info and insights too.   Believe when I say my wife and I have bike goodies from many makers on our large fleet of bikes, so I have just more than a little experience (over 45 years) of what I like and don’t when it comes to add-ons for my bikes.

These Thunderbolt tail lights are just plain awesome.

These Thunderbolt tail lights are just plain awesome.

Thunderbolt front and rear lights

Right off the bat I knew rear lights for the eFlow might be tough.   It has no standard seat post or a rack to mount them on (see the photos).   I tried a few that I took off our beach cruisers and strapped them on the seat stays but wasn’t happy with they way they worked with the bike.   The Thunderbolts were the answer.   Not only was the attachment simple, but boy these babies are bright.   They are water-resistant and charge quickly off the USB ports of my laptop.

The powerful internal battery goes quite a way between recharges (2 to almost 10 hours depending on the mode chosen) and the 30 LED strip can be seen from many angles.   They have a high and low power setting in a steady or blinking mode.   These fit the bill and can even come with longer mounting straps if needed.   With a choice of seven different colors I decided on black to match the stealthy look of the E3 Nitro.   These are so versatile that they can be mounted in your wheels, helmet or just about anywhere you like

I also got one of their front Thunderbolts to complement the headlight I picked out.   It’s even brighter than the rear ones.   It came with the longer straps to match-up with any size handlebar, fork or frame.   Like the rear models, they have a small light to let you know when they are boosted to full charge.   Another thing I like is that by holding the power button, they shut down without toggling through every mode.

The candlepower coming out of the front of this bike really lights up the road.

The candlepower coming out of the front of this bike really lights up the road.

TSi 500+ headlight

These have a blink mode and 4 levels of brightness too.   With a long run time between charges, it has the road lighting power I need.   It comes with a mount that is designed to easily fit any size bars.   Matched up with the Thunderbolt up front, I now feel confident that not only could I see the way, everyone could see me too.   In the box is a helmet mount and a wall charger you can use if you aren’t near a computer USB port.

What's more fun than having blinking lights in your handlebars?

What’s more fun than having blinking lights in your handlebars?

Tracer Road

I got these more for fun than anything, and fun they are.   Not really designed to be a replacement to rear lights, they just add to the style and excitement that night time biking has to offer.   I had to trim a little off the friction plastic mounting nubs to make them fit this bike, but it was quick and easy.   They can stay on or blink and help surround you in light when the sun goes down.   Just so you know, they fit in the end of the handlebars of most any bike.

From this view you can see the handy bag and much needed grips from Serfas.

From this view you can see the handy bag and much needed grips from Serfas.

Connectors Twist-shift Grips

If there was one thing this cool E-bike needed it was a set of grips to my liking.   I eye-balled their ergo grips, but they have yet to be released, so these ones came off the rack and onto the bike for a great feel.   They are the shorter ones to match bikes with twist grips or E-bikes with hand throttles.   The old ones came off in a flash with a blast of compressed air and these slid on with a touch of hair spray.   A few quick adjustments to the handbrakes and the other items there and I was off and riding with a smile.

What I really like about these is when I am done with the test on this eFlow E-bike, these grips will find a home on our own personal E-bikes.   The ones there now I custom modified to fit over four years ago and they are ready for a solid replacement.   Thanks to Serfas for having just what I needed to keep my bike habits on track.

Medium Soft Case & Espresso Lock

These two items helped round out the package for me.   The case mounts under the Aheadset cap and comes with the needed longer allen bolt.   It is just big enough for my camera, wallet and my keys or a lock and tools.   It fits out of the way of my legs and looks great.   The lock I got is not your maximum security all-day type of deal, but Serfas has those too.   When I comes to these pricey test bikes I don’t let them too far out of my sight but am often not that close.   This combo lock adds just the amount of piece of mind I need.

Tailbones Saddle

There is nothing better than a comfortable saddle to make your riding perfect.

There is nothing better than a comfortable saddle to make your riding perfect.

The eFlow comes with a pretty nice saddle, yet I wanted something a little wider and cushier.   This seat has a great feel and I am really happy I decided to give it a try.   The longer rides have been much easier having the extra support and comfort the Tailbones offers.   Serfas has a big choice in the saddle department and I am really happy this is the one I zoned in on.   It too will find the perfect spot on one of my own bikes when the E3 Nitro test concludes.

Well there you have it.   With minimal time and a reasonable output of funds, I have taken a awesome bike and tailored it to my body and needs.   Serfas has a wide variety of other accessories that could make your cycling better and more fun.   I don’t go much for clipless shoes, fancy jerseys or special sunglasses, but you might and Serfas has some great ones.   Tires, tools and other bike parts fill their catalog (in print and online).

Every time I mount up this bike now I am reminded on just what a big different these items make.   My safety on the road is multiplied, my comfort is through the roof and my smile is so wide it almost hurts.  I can thank eFlow and Serfas for more fun than one man should have on a daily basis.

Thanks Serfas, Turbo Bob.

“It’s me who is pedaling.”—Bernard Hinault, replying to fans telling him he can go faster.

You can find Serfas on the web and Facebook

Two videos I posted on these Serfas bike accessories

Interested in this eFlow E3 Nitro?   These are two places you can find out more about them.   Plus, keep an eye out here for the full write-up


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  1. jay zoz says:

    I would like to know how objective you are about your ebike reviews. Do you receive payment in any form for reviewing ebikes?

    • Jay, that’s a question I have been thinking of answering for a while now. I receive no cash for my blog or the content included. Yet, the perks can be big fun. I can show up at many bike shops (and E-bike shops) and ride any bike I like for the evaluation. Plus, there are many that offer my wife and I (and a friend or two also) free E-bike rentals to tour the area, have some fun and get a feel for the shop and personal. If you have seen some of my reviews on E-bike touring in certain areas, these are the ones I mean.
      Of course many lend me test bikes for days, weeks or even months to use and ride as I see fit. I consider this a perk too, yet my wife and I have our own regular and E-bikes to ride when we want.
      I have accepted t-shirts, misc bike goodies, a few free meals and the such too.
      I do posts on other sites that offer some minor compensation towards bikes and accessories.
      My recent feature article in Momentum Magazine on the future of E-bikes was a free-lance paid-for piece. I do hope to secure more writing jobs like that one.
      So to say I don’t get something would be wrong, yet I have never accepted cash or checks for any of my tests or writing on the internet.
      I have heard you can see occasional ads on my bike blog site. They are hosted by WordPress and I receive nothing for them. I get this site for free, so that is how they get their money. If I were willing (and I might be someday) to give them $100 a year, my site would be 100% ad free.
      I hope this answers your question and I am glad to answer any other you might have.
      Thanks for reading, Turbo.

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