Pedego Trail Tracker Ride—and Other Insider Pedego News

Pedego Trail Tracker Ride—and Other Insider Pedego News.

Rough, tough and red. Pedego Trail Tracker.

Rough, tough and red. Pedego Trail Tracker.

It’s no secret that I have been fostering a special relationship with the Pedego E-bike company.   Even as I am still fully independent with my testing and reporting, the family feel and quality products they offer continues to draw me close.   I am lucky to have this with so many different firms and that allows me great access to the inter-workings of the E-bike world as it continues to develop.   Yet Pedego and the people behind it somehow rise like the cream many desire.

I had gotten word that I would receive the new Trail Tracker before its official release date for a heavy-duty extended test.   The terms of that promise initially required me to stay quiet until that day (February 12th at the Interbike Electric Bike Media Event).   Although I haven’t taken delivery of that bike yet, this Sunday I spent 3+ hours in the saddle of one that Pedego Coronado took in late the night before.   With some fancy reading between the lines of my last message from Pedego on the subject, I have decided I can clue you into the Trail Tracker and some other Pedego secret stuff without falling from grace with them.

Here is your view from the cockpit of the Trail Tracker.

Here is your view from the cockpit of the Trail Tracker.

For most, the Pedego Trail Tracker is already on their radar screen.   It was shown at Interbike and even offered to the attendees for a ride on the test track.   It has been high-lighted on the pages of Facebook and other internet places.   But now with an intimate hands-on knowledge, I can tell you more about it.   This rock-solid, no frills, go almost anywhere E-bike is coming to your town soon for fun and excitement.   I rode it hard and lived to write this post.

Some might like the extras, gear-shifting and the such other E-bikes have on-board.   Many will like the simple, climb-on and ride features of the Trail Tracker.   It has one-speed (with a rust-proof chain).   It has a twist-to-go hand throttle.   It has big tires that float over the obstacles you might encounter.   A pair of giant disc brakes will slow down the big power of the 600 watt prime-mover rear hub brushless motor.   The ease of riding and the lack of worry about the ground under the tires will inspire confidence for any rider.   You can tool down the highway like any other E-bike can do, yet when you want to ramp it up, you can go wild.

This day was included in our local Kilowatt Hour group E-bike ride.   It happens every month and this time we did it as a loop around Mission Bay here in San Diego.   That worked perfect for running this Trail Tracker through the sand and rough stuff just off the bike trails.   I took it in soft sand, berms and up mini hills.   I jumped up curbs, down curbs and all kinds of other places a regular bike won’t handle.   I’ve ridden more than a few fat-tire bikes lately and having the electric-assist made so much different.

Floating on the soft sand is just one of the fun ways to ride this Pedego.

Floating on the soft sand is just one of the fun ways to ride this Pedego.

There were times I felt a little guilty for being so abusive to the bike, then again that is what this bike is designed for.   Part of my ’job’ here is to put the test bikes through their designated paces, so who I am to hold back?   When I get my own bike for an extended test I have been told to put it to the wood and see if I can handle as much as the bike can.   I felt like it was up to me to clean up this Trail Tracker after everything I put it through on this day’s ride, but Allan said not to worry, he would take care of it.

Speaking of Allan, he and his business partner Shaun at Pedego Coronado have been so very generous with their time and rental bikes for these Kilowatt Hour rides.   They bring some extra bikes and helmets so potential E-bike owners (and group members) can join in to see how much fun they can be.   They have a great trailer (see the photos) that can haul the bikes, equipment and accessories to shows, events and rides like our monthly group E-bike ride.   Just like everyone I’ve met at Pedego, these guys are the best.

Here you can see Allan's daughter riding the black tracker with green rims. Is this E-bike styling or what?

Here you can see Allan’s daughter riding the black Tracker with green rims. Is this E-bike styling or what?

Before I move on to insider Pedego info, I want to add that the Trail Tracker will be available in five colors.   Here you can see the red with black wheels and the black with green wheels.   A nuclear yellow with black wheels is called Pedeglow.   A matte black with black wheels will join a camouflaged model.   Each will have a distinctive look to match the performance it offers.   Keep an eye here on my page for a full report on the Pedego Trail Tracker within a month or less.

Just so you know, the Trail Tracker is going to be ridden by people with all kinds of needs.   Ranch and farm owners are already on the pre-order list.   Fishermen, hunters and even fire and police forces are bound to tune-in to what this bike can do.   I can envision them hauling trailers with skis in the bright white snow.   Back trails and sandy beaches will be easily traveled by many on Pedego Trail Trackers.   This new E-bike will open up so many avenues for their new owners.

Parked if front of the Pedego Coronado trailer.

Parked in front of the Pedego Coronado trailer.

If you have ever had a chance to meet Don, the co-founder and CEO of Pedego Bikes, you know that as much as he knows business, he knows fun.   He has clued me into much of the inner workings at his headquarters.   I can’t even begin to tell you some of the secrets he has relayed to me, yet I can tell you a few.   We (Barbara and I) have been able to visit many of the privately owned Pedego shops here on the west coast.   Pedego doesn’t run them, but they do make serious suggestions as to how things should work.   And speaking about the family feel they have, Don is one of the driving forces that keeps that on track.

Coming up in the blink of an eye is the grand opening of Pedego Greater Long Beach.   Before six weeks go by, we will experience the same in our area in Encinitas and Carlsbad.   You will be hearing the same for Pedego shops nation and world-wide.   I have seen some of the new prototype E-bikes at his headquarters that I have been promised saddle time with.   There is one in particular I am really impressed with.   It will be called the ***** *******.   I bet I could tell you more about it, but for now I better bite my tongue.

Deep sand?    No problem, Turbo Bob.

“When it comes time to say go, your personality has to change.   To some extent you’ve got to turn into a jerk.   You have to have a little hate in your heart to want to stomp the competition.”—Bob Gregario.

Pedego can be found on Facebook and the web!/PedegoElectricBikes?fref=ts

The same with Pedego Coronado!/PedegoCoronado?fref=ts

Want to go the grand opening of Pedego Greater Long Beach?!/PedegoGreaterLongBeach?fref=ts

Want to see a video I took from the saddle?   Link to this


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2 Responses to Pedego Trail Tracker Ride—and Other Insider Pedego News

  1. dondico says:

    Nice job, Bob! Thanks. You are always welcome to the inside scoop!
    I can’t wait for you to take one to task on a long term basis. I found a red one for you!
    Best regards, Don DiCostanzo Pedego Electric Bikes 1751 Langley Avenue Irvine, CA. 92614 800-646-8604 949-336-8333

    • The big gun at Pedego (thanks Don) has given my insight of things to come there the seal of approval. That’s a relief and with that approval comes the news that the Pedego Trail Tracker I will be abusing (testing?) will be a bright and fancy red one. All I have to do is keep the shiny side up, stay out of the emergency room and ride that baby like there’s no tomorrow. Shouldn’t be hard to do, as the Trail Tracker handles great and is made for fun.
      Thanks again Don, I’ll be by to get the keys to that off-road adventurer very soon.

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