BikeSmart—Bike Accessories and Pure Bike Care Products

BikeSmart—Bike Accessories and Pure Bike Care Products.

Fully decked out in BikeSmart products, this IZIP E3 Path is a whole different E-bike.

Fully decked out in BikeSmart products, this IZIP E3 Path is a whole different E-bike.

I first caught wind of this wholesale bike parts company when I attended the Pedego dealer meeting last month.   Demi, the local sales rep, did a great presentation on many of their products.   I was impressed with what I saw so I decided to take it a little further.   Speaking to him at the dinner later that evening, we struck up a deal so I could get a first hand feel for some of what they offer.

Pedego invited him to the meeting because they like to help push their dealers to have first-rate bike accessories on hand to allow Pedego owners to outfit their bikes for convenience and safety.   Many of the items they make and distribute are well geared for the E-bike market.   Of course they are welcome additions to any bike as well.   With the pieces he sent me I was able to fully out-fit one of the E-bikes I am doing an extended test on right now.

In addition to their own products, they are also offering the line of Pure bike cleaning, polishing and lubrication items.   What makes these so special is that they are natural, renewable and biodegradable.   They contain no petrochemical ingredients whatsoever, so using them is good for your body and the world that surrounds us.   They are totally environmentally friendly and in continued local tests the mechanics that use them are happy with the performance and the lack of personal chemical attacks they get with conventional products.

Most everyone who rides a bike or an E-bike can fully relate to using products that are good for our communities and persons.   Pure has taken this to a new level by eliminating the bad stuff in what we need to clean and maintain our bikes.   Developed and produced in the UK, Pure has made the big step in helping to make a dirty job cleaner.   I am all for safe cleaning and lubing products, I hope you are.

This UltraFlash tail light is about as bright as they come.

This UltraFlash tail light is about as bright as they come.

As I opened the box of goodies Demi sent me, I was pleased to find a wide selection of items I could put to immediate use.   First up is the BikeSmart DoubleWide pannier bag.   This has 4 large zippered areas and is made from water-resistant nylon.   It was quick to mount on the rack and it has 4 big reflective stripes on it.   For the E-bike crowd, the way it hides the battery from view might be a big plus.   I really like this bag and the fun is just getting started.

Next up for my test bike was the super bright UltraFlash tail light.   Listed at a ½ watt and run by a couple of included AAA batteries, it mounted in a blink of the eye and really lights up the road behind you.   It has several modes activated by a single push-button switch on top.   My wife and have tail lights from many firms on our different bikes and I can say with experience, these are about as bright as it gets.

Now to the front of the bike.   The Superstar headlamp is on the handlebars now.   It is a 1 watt item that I have to admit I didn’t expect much from.   Boy was I surprised when I took the bike for a ride the other night.   With two levels of brightness plus a flash mode, it is a real road light.   Unless you are a high-speed down-hiller, this baby will cover your lighting needs well.   We have rechargeable lights we transfer from bike to bike, but at the price-point of the SuperStar, I can see many people counting on it for their night time riding requirements.

The SuperStar headlamp and the DingleBell got mounted on the handlerbars.

The SuperStar headlamp and the DingleBell got mounted on the handlerbars.

So now this bike is sporting all the needed goodies, but wait, one more thing.   The cool little bell they sent me rounded out what this bike needed.   Called a DingleBell, it comes in 6 colors and works in a way I like.   You can give a single ring or many.   It rotates in either direction and mounts solid on the bars with a single screw.   Transformation complete.   I am liking this.

They sent me a pair of their MicroFlash lights too.   These didn’t make it on my test E-bike, but they have found a home on one of my beach cruisers.   I make sure that my wife and I have blinking lights front and rear on each of our bikes and we use them day and night.   Any little bit helps and these blinky lights are bright and useful.   They strap to the bars, seat post or almost anywhere on your bike without tools or much time.

Every bike needs a pair of these BikeSmart MicroFlash lights.

Every bike needs a pair of these BikeSmart MicroFlash lights.

BikeSmart also sells saddles, racks, tools and a bunch of other quality items.   You can see them all on their website, but you can only get your hands on them at your local bike shop or online from one of the shops that carry the BikeSmart line.   Mike’s Bikes in Northern California, a bunch of Erik’s shops and more are shown as dealers on the BikeSmart website.   If your favorite bike shop doesn’t have them, ask them why.   If you are a bike shop, contact Demi through their website to find out more.

On to the Pure lubes and cleaners.   I’ve been using automotive products to polish and lubricate my bikes since the 60’s.   In later years I have moved towards some bike specific chemicals for the oils and greases I use.   Still, they are made with ingredients that are harsh on my body and on the environment.   I for one am glad to make the move away from such products.   The Pure line will make your bike maintenance as good for the earth’s health as your bike riding does.   What a great thought and I am glad to be part of this shift to renewable bike cleaners and lubes.

The spray cleaner (Bike Wash) worked great to prep my beach cruiser for the Pure Bike Protector (and polish).   The wash is safe for painted and polished surfaces.   It will treat your plastic and rubber bike pieces the same way.   It has been found not to degrade the plastic on your bike into an early failure like petrochemical cleaners will.   You can get a smaller container of concentrate to refill the large spray bottle too.

Pure products have turned my head and changed my ways.

Pure products have turned my head and changed my ways.

The Pure Bike Protector is a cleaner and polish.   It seemed to work fast and left a nice appearance on my frame.   It can be used on other parts of your bike too.   Tested on carbon fiber bikes, it has shown the way with every modern bike material.   They say it adds UV protection, so it not only makes it shine, it’s like sunburn protector too.   What a deal.

The Bike Oil is an all-purpose light-weight oil that has many uses.   Natural and biodegradable, like all their products, it seems to be the way to go.   It can be used on your chain, but they have wet and dry chain lubes too.   Also in their catalog is a bike degreaser.   This replaces what might be one of the worst things used for cleaning greasy bike parts.   The one item I really want to try is their Bike Grease.   I will pick some of this up soon at a spot that I know carries it.

So there you have it.   Quality bike accessories and world saving bike lubes and cleaners.   BikeSmart is living up to their name in a great way.   They have caught my attention and I will be so proud of myself every time I use my new selection of the Pure range of bike products.   I don’t ride just to make the world better and cleaner, but it is always on my mind no matter what I do.

Will you do your part too?   Turbo Bob.

“I never raced to break records.   I raced to enjoy myself.”—Bernard Hinault.

Link here to BikeSmart’s website

You can get the full run-down on Pure products here

Here is a video I posted on the products in this article

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