Juiced Riders ODK 2 E-Cargo Bike—Low and Lean

Juiced Riders ODK 2 E-Cargo Bike—Low and Lean.

Ready for fun or business, the Juiced Riders ODK 2 is at your disposal.

Ready for fun or business, the Juiced Riders ODK 2 is at your disposal.

Fresh from a week in the saddle of this powerful and unique E-cargo bike, I have all the details.   This red beauty has a super long range and the ability to carry a massive load.   Although it appears quite the same as last year’s model, the changes are many.   I guess I need to point them out, as this bike looks very much like its predecessor.

I saw it downtown last year when it was still in the prototype stage.   Tora, the designer, was putting it through the paces to make sure everything gelled.   He asked me not to take any (spy) photos that day, but he gave me the rundown and let me check it out.   As he rode off, I got a full promise to get one to ride when the time was right.   A few months later I did point my camera to it at Interbike during its introduction.   Now it’s available and as popular as ever.

A powerful motor and strong brakes are just a few of the great features.

A powerful motor and strong brakes are just a few of the great features.

I met-up with Tora at Ivan Stewart’s Electric Bike Center in Little Italy, San Diego, to pick-up the bike.   Gary at Ivan’s has sold many of the Juiced Riders, some to the local restaurants for pizza and sandwich deliveries.   It is the perfect E-bike for them, but also good for so many other reasons.   With a giant rack and a carrying capacity of 330 lbs, the possibilities are easy to see.   The convenient low-frame and ease of riding are key features too.

This is a very powerful electric-assist bike with great hill-climbing and load carrying abilities.   Now with 48 volts pulsing in its power system, the very large capacity battery adds 10% more range to its already long distance runs per battery charge.   The brushless hub motor is now in the front to make way for the sealed 3-speed geared hub in the rear.   I thought moving from 7-speeds to 3 might affect the rideablity, but it doesn’t.   With an E-bike, sometimes the gearing or amount of gears is a non-issue.

Ready to ride.

Ready to ride.

The Juiced Riders ODK 2 continues to be a throttle only (no pedelec) controlled bike.   A nifty cruise control is added and I found it handy and easy to use.   In fact, I used it quite a bit, especially during low-speed cruising.   It allows you to just hold the handgrip, but not the twist throttle.   Because of the power of this E-bike, the throttle can feel a bit touchy at the lower speeds, but Tora is still working to make it smoother.   I would think any fix he comes up with can be retro-fitted to today’s bike.

With the motor being in the front you might think it could affect the Juiced Riders hill-climbing prowess.   Once again this is not the case.   I noted a small amount of wheel-spin when starting out and on grass, but it never affected the stability or comfort I felt during any given ride.   The really (really) steep hill near Gary’s shop has been a perfect place to test any E-bike’s power and feel in severe conditions.   Last year’s bike took it fine and this one did too.   No wheel-spin or fear of not making to the top ever reared its ugly head.

Three speeds and bright colors.

Three speeds and bright colors. In this shot you can see that wide optional center-stand.

Another feature of this E-bike has transferred itself to the new model.   That is the way all the electrical components are exposed, no wiring snaking through the frame is seen and it has easy to deal with connectors on every piece.   I don’t expect it to have any problems, but if it does, you or the technician in charge of the repair will have the easiest of times bringing it back to perfection.   I see this on very few electric-assist bikes and I applaud Tora for the insight to make things so accessible.

Another thing I like is the choice of three different colors.   And too, the chance of flats has been dealt with better than any other E-bike I’ve had experience with.   Shoed-up with E-bike specific tires, it’s the tubes that make most of the difference.   Called 4X tubes I believe, they are so thick that they should never let a drop of air leak through their boundaries.   Most E-bike riders don’t want to deal with flats, so this is a big, major plus for the people that buy and ride a Juiced Rider ODK 2.

With hot pizza onboard, this bike is ready for the optional center-stand to be installed. Plus you can see one of the other color choices.

With hot pizza onboard, this bike is ready for the optional center-stand to be installed. Plus you can see one of the other color choices.

I am not sure how I feel about the battery being bolted in place in the rack.   Good is the fact that it can’t be easily removed (the one most expensive part on any modern E-bike).   Plus it will never rattle or come loose.   One thing that Tora did to make charging it easier on the bike was to put a very long cord on the charging unit.   Overall, even though most E-bikes have a battery that can be slid off with the use of the key, the set-up on the ODK does make a lot of sense.

This a pretty heavy E-bike.   One of the ways I evaluate the bikes I test is on how easily they pedal and ride with the power off or the battery removed.   The Juiced Rider doesn’t fair all that well in this respect.   Luckily it has a massive battery range and you would be hard pressed to run the battery all the way down on a ride.   With the power-assist activated it rides great.   It is normal to pedal any E-bike while you ride, but on this one, the motor is doing more to keep it moving than your leg power.

I also want to mention it comes with fenders, a great pannier bag, a bell and smoky see-through chain guard.   The rear brake has been upgraded to a V-brake unit (big disc in front of course).   A very stable center kick stand is optional (which can be mounted to complement the standard side stand).   The center stand is needed for the pizza delivery people and anyone really loading down this bike.   If you want to get a bike like this without the electric-assist system, it’s available.

Of course I rode it at the beach.

Of course I rode it at the beach.

I had a great time on the Juiced Rider.   The big, cushy seat and the supple large cross-section tires make for a good ride.   It has a nice up-right seating position.   The handlebars sweep back quite a bit, but they are designed so they can easily be shortened.   Up to about 6 inches can be trimmed from the ends to tailor the feel to your needs.   The handgrips are of the type that are secured with an allen bolt, so removing those and the other pieces there is easy if you decide to cut off some of the length.   Another great idea you don’t see on any other E-bikes.

Speaking of seeing, when I set-up this test ride with Tora, he asked me what color bike I would like.   I figured red would really pop in the photos.   I don’t know if it’s the color or the completely different look of this bike, but I noticed people everywhere were checking it out.   Normally I like stealthy E-bikes and not standing out in a crowd.   I have to admit, the attention I got was kind of fun.

Got a big load to carry?   Juiced Riders.   Turbo Bob.

“Bikes are not a transportation system, never have been and never will be.   They’re toys.”—Jay Craycroft.

Check the Juiced Riders website for more details.   FB too.



You can find Ivan Stewart’s Electric Bike Center on FB and the web.



The article I did on version 1 of the Juiced Riders ODK.


The 4 videos I posted on and with this E-cargo bike.





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10 Responses to Juiced Riders ODK 2 E-Cargo Bike—Low and Lean

  1. Terry Vince says:

    Hello Turbo Bob

    I have really enjoyed viewing your youtube videos, your video on the ‘Evelo Aurora’ caught my attention co’s it seems the same bicycle is sold in Australia as the ‘Zoco Aventi’, earlier this month I bought the ‘Zoco Rossa’ which is the non step through version of the ‘Evelo’.

    Best regards

  2. Lance Dong says:

    That bike does not have pedal assist or does it??

  3. Liliana says:

    I really like this bike based on what I have read because this is the only one that I can see be turned into a passenger ride. Now I have one question which you may or may not be able too answer how difficult do you think it would be too adjust the controller. So that this baby could go a bit faster. I know the battery and 500W in theory is capable of it I am merely talking 25mph.

    • Hi Liliana, Some E-bikes do have a semi-hidden adjustment that can govern the speed, but I don’t believe the Juiced Riders is one of them. The easiest way is to replace the controller with a higher output one, yet I recommend against that.
      For one, this E-bike is plenty fast at 20 mph, (the California and Federal legal limit). Plus, at those higher motor outputs it puts a lot of strain and heat on the battery, motor and controller. Last is the fact that your battery’s energy get used up way quicker.
      The Juiced Rider (and most E-bikes) have systems that are well matched to perform correctly and for a long time. Why mess with that?
      If you really want to go faster there are firms that can help you put together a package that can handle the speed. I would talk to San Diego Electric Bike. I have posted on them before and they are tops in matching high-performance systems.
      Keep er under 20? Turbo.

  4. Chris Caldwell says:

    Hi Bob,
    I was wondering what is a good bike rack that would hold this bike on the back of my jeep. I have hitch on the bumper with a 2 inch opening. I don’t need a double rack. Thanks for your help!

    • Chris. This is a fairly heavy E-bike with a long wheelbase. Many bike racks will come up short to handle it. One friend we have (that owns a Juiced Rider E-bike and other E-bikes) had a HD rack custom made for their truck. It is basically a sized-down (a little) motorcycle rack (that holds 4 bikes). One nice feature it has is a side loading ramp so the bikes don’t have to be lifted onto it.
      I carried this bike during my testing on my old (kind of cheapo) rack with no problems. I was able to lift it many times over the solid upright bar, but decided later to only do it with help before the test was done. I think it is 70+ lbs. The weight specs on bike racks are set on the low side to be safe and the companies fully recommend you don’t over-load them. I figure a little more weight than is recommended is ok, yet going over-board isn’t a good idea.
      Thule and a few others make 2″ receiver racks that are specially designed for heavy E-bikes. They don’t give them away to be sure, but the $ is well worth keeping the bike mounted securely and safe.

      • Art Gonzalez says:

        Hi Bob, I have a question. I’m going to purchase my 1st E-bike and have been looking at Juiced Riders and the Pedego Interceptor and can’t decide which one. The Juiced Riders is cheaper, goes longer, seems to have better brakes, and can go up hills and carry a load or a passenger. My question is, since both go around 20 mph, what makes the Pedego Interceptor a faster bike if they both cut out at 20mph. The Interceptor has pedelec, but it’s not a torque sensor, it’s a cadence correct? But the Juiced Riders is throttle only and at the moment there is no back seat for a passenger. Is pedelec with a torque sensor better or cadence? Or depending on rider, I guess for the Juiced riders would it be best that it had pedelec plus throttle? Or since the battery is so big it doesn’t matter. The Interceptor doesn’t nearly have as much range or loading capabilities or even hydraulic brakes as the Juiced Riders but it does have twist throttle and pedelec to increase your range. Plus it looks like it would absorb the bumps better than the Juiced Riders because of the Fat Frank tires, but at over $3,000.00. Because I would like the 17Ah battery that is quite considerably more than the Juiced Riders that comes in at $2,499.99, plus shipping to your door. And the only thing missing would be pedelec on the Juiced Riders, but I’m not sure if it’s really needed. My main purpose is to have fun and possibly take one of my kids on a ride with me, have plenty of power to tackle the hills and terrain. Which one would be better in your opinion, even though I understand these are 2 completely different bikes. But is the Interceptor really that much faster than the Juiced Riders off of the line? And since neither go past 20 mph, what’s the difference between these 2? Hopefully you can make sense out of all this and give me a better perspective on this, or possibly another E bike that I’ve never heard of. I want a comfortable upright seating position and if possible with maybe a rear suspension. I’ve heard of the A2B but read a review that was not so good and from all the searching I’ve done. These 2 bikes, being the Pedego Interceptor in Brushed Aluminum with black Magnesium wheels catches my eye but so does the Juiced Riders. I’m 38 years old so I’m looking for a comfortable cruiser but with loading possibilities also for around $3,000.00. What bike to pick I’m not sure, maybe you can help thanks Turbo Bob!

  5. Art, I could on for hours on many of the questions you have countered. Yet I can’t really do it here.
    I haven’t gotten any experience with the new version of the Juiced Riders, yet their new top-end model has some new features (pedelec?). What I tell people is to ride the bikes you are interested in, make notes and re-ride some more before making your decision. That, and try very hard to not purchase an E-bike through mail delivery. Doesn’t sound like you have this option. maybe you can figure out a way.
    There are so many E-bikes to choose from, although you seem to have narrowed it down well.
    I suggest you read my post on control systems again. A dual control E-bike is my favorite. Your hand gets some major fatigue with throttle only on the longer rides—or if you generally have hand fatigue issues to start. A torque-sensed can be nice, yet is usually more money and not always programmed in a manner I like.
    I can not tell you which one is better. What I can tell you is everyone likes something different—and you can’t believe everything you read. You need to find out for yourself.
    I know this doesn’t really answer your questions. If you were here—and we had both bikes and a couple hours, I think we could really search out the plusses and minuses for you perfectly.
    Let us know what direction you go–and how it works for you.

  6. Art says:

    Hi Bob,
    Well after so much debate I went against your advice on mail delivery and went with the juiced riders odk V3 in red.
    first I have to say I have never owned an E-Bike before and this would be my first. One of the many reasons I chose this bike over the Pedego was because of Tora Harris he was great at answering all of my questions and has exceptional customer service and he went out of his way to help me in anyway I needed in order for me to get my new Juiced Riders and that alone sold the bike. Second was after it was delivered and have never even seen one of these bikes before I opened the box and was amazed at the quality of the bike. After the quick assembly and charging it overnight the next morning I woke up and went for my first real ride. All I can honestly say was that this bike is built solid in my opinion it has no rattling parts and is really easy and very fun to ride. So to answer your question Turbo Bob or anyone looking at purchasing a new Juiced Riders odk V3 this is a great bike with best in class range 48v 23 ah and at a great price $2,499.99 and so far I love this bike it pulls me up the hills here where I live and the hills aren’t so bad either plus I weigh just over 200lbs.and it still zips me up the hills so yes at the moment I’m loving this bike and will definitely be recommending and will be buying there new models when available.
    Well thanks Turbo Bob for answering my question and hopefully my review will help someone looking for answers on the new Juiced Riders odk V3.

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