Pedego Corona del Mar—Big Fun on the West Coast

Pedego Corona del Mar—Big Fun on the West Coast.

Pedego Corona del Mar is right on PCH.

Pedego Corona del Mar is right on PCH.

‘Hello Fun’ has been the key word at Pedego for several years.   With their new City Commuter, they added ‘Fun just Got Serious’ to the fray.   If you’ve ridden an E-bike, then you know exactly what they mean.   At Pedego Corona del Mar all this comes together in the best of ways.   Barbara and I stopped in for a visit last November and got the full treatment of fun.

As Pedego shops keep popping up world-wide, we have made it a point to experience as many as possible.   They are located in great tourist areas where renting an electric-assist bike for a self-guided tour or taking a group tour with a knowledgeable guide can really make your visit something special.   Of course they do sales and service too, but for many the tour is key to a day’s fun.   Bill at Pedego Corona del Mar can hand you that key on a gold platter.

Riding Cyrstal Cove State Park is more fun on Pedegos.

Riding Cyrstal Cove State Park is more fun on Pedegos.

The shop was easy to find, right on PCH, Highway 1, a dream road for locals and tourists alike.   With great signage and graphics, inside and out, you are drawn into the day before the ride even begins.   The wide selection of bikes and colors fill the wide-open layout of Bill’s shop.   Comfort cruisers, City Commuters and electric tandems await your arrival.   The wonderful smiles and helpful people have been noticed at every Pedego shop we’ve visited, and this store is no different.

We spent some time taking it all in and then before too long, Bill helped us choose a pair of E-bikes for our day in the sun.   Barbara got a fancy orange cruiser with a basket, and I picked out a bright red cruiser with a rear rack.   Mine was the Interceptor model with extra juice available on tap when I wanted.   Still, the orange Comfort Cruiser Barbara rode was no slouch.   After a quick info session on the bikes (we‘ve ridden Pedegos many times already), we were on our way.

We knew what direction we were headed in.   Bill had given us a map of the local hot spots, but being a native Orange County kind of guy, I had already made a plan.   Or choices were many.   We could stay close to the shop and see the neighborhoods and shops, head to Balboa Island and Newport or go south to Crystal Cove State Park.   South it was and the scenery was awesome.

What a day!.

What a day!.

We got to see some of the nice coastal houses as we rode toward our destination.   We stayed mostly on quiet streets during this part of the tour.   For a short while we pedaled on the Coast Highway, which is wide with a nice bike shoulder.   We saw other cyclists during the ride and many of them asked about the bikes.   We had all day for the fun so stopping to talk and show of the Pedegos was part of the excitement.   More than a few claimed they would be checking out the electric-assist bikes at Pedego Corona del Mar soon.

Before long we were on the bike and pedestrian path in the state park.   There were many different trails to investigate and believe me when I say we tried just about everyone of them.   Bill had told us of a couple restaurants in the park that had very tasty food.   One was a regular sit-down place, while the other was more of a food stand with outdoor tables.   Both overlooked the water and seemed quite nice.   We decided on the food stand, as the other place was kind of busy.

Before we ate, we rode around the area of the restaurant because there were shops and other tourist attractions there.   Once again, the people milling around asked about our cool E-bikes many times.   The bright colors of the bikes seemed to catch their attention and the electric-assist features caught their interests even more.   I would imagine Pedego Corona del Mar (as well as every other Pedego shop) gets a lot of customers just from the sight of the bikes as they cruise the local areas.

Nature abounds in many ways at Crystal Cove State Park.

Nature abounds in many ways at Crystal Cove State Park.

So it turns out Bill was right, we had a great meal as we soaked up the sun and sights overlooking the surf.   Once we were done eating and relaxing at our food stop, we continued to head south.   We went right to the border of Crystal Cove State Park.   We could have kept going, but the sun was starting to head towards the horizon.   On the way back we rode down to the water for some photos and to wiggle our toes in the sand and water.

The bikes made for a fun and comfortable day.   You could make this journey on regular bikes, yet having the electric power added to the fun and comfort we felt.   The two Pedego cruisers rode great and never did anything but deliver the fun we had hoped for.   Before long we were out of the wilderness of the beach park and back in the city world.   It was quite a thrill to feel like we were in the middle of nowhere, yet so close to the hustle and bustle of Southern California living.

Pedegos and beachs make for the best of days.

Pedegos and beachs make for the best of days.

When we rode into the shop, Bill was busy showing the great E-bikes to a family of four.   I took many photos of the shop and bikes, and even took a video for my You-Tube Channel.   I took some videos of our ride too.   You can find the link below.   We checked the clock to find we had spent almost five hours out and about in the local area and Crystal Cove.   It seems those Pedegos have the juice to keep going like one of those TV advertised watches.   After a ton of thanks from both sides, Bill made us promise we would come back soon for some more fun, Pedego style.   Of course, who are we to say no?   We will be back.

The fun didn’t end yet for this day.   Bill got Don (one of Pedego’s co-owners) on the phone and next thing you know, we are taking a late evening personal tour of Pedego Headquarters in nearby Irvine.   I have known Don for a while and he had asked me before to stop by, so this worked out perfect.   What did Barbara and I see and experience at the headquarters?   That my friends, is a story for another day.   Let me just say, we were very, very impressed.

Hello Fun, thanks for our fun Bill, Turbo Bob.

“Biking is my art form—my self expression.”—Missy Giove.

You can find Pedego Corona del Mar on the web and Facebook!/PedegoCDM?fref=ts

And of course, Pedego is easy to find!/PedegoElectricBikes?fref=ts

These links will take you to videos I took that day


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