E-Bike Touring in Friday Harbor—A Visit to Pedego Friday Harbor

Our small group checks out this new Pedego shop on Friday Harbor.

E-Bike Touring in Friday Harbor—A Visit to Pedego Friday Harbor.

You would be hard pressed to find a nicer and more beautiful place to go bike riding than on San Juan Island.   This lush and fairly expansive island has many incredible sights to wonder at.   Nestled there in the sea-side town of Friday Harbor you will find one of the newest Pedego shops, Pedego Friday Harbor.   Knowing we were headed this way on our vacation, I made sure to stop in and have a look.

I had messaged ahead to let them know we were coming, so when we arrived, Lynn and Mikial were on hand to greet us.   The warm welcome we received is not uncommon in this part of the world.   We got a tour of the shop and then were invited to take to the road on a couple of Pedego E-bikes.   We had come to the area to celebrate Barbara’s mom’s birthday, so the four of us, Barbara, her mom and brother John, and myself had taken the ferry from Orcas Island to Friday Harbor for the day.

After lunch, John and I prepare to hit the road.

Barbara and her mom took to some shopping while John and I took to the bikes.   We left the shop on a bright orange E-cruiser and a City Commuter.   First we headed back to the shoreline to have some lunch with our group and to meet the folks at the Island Inn.   One of the bikes we were riding, the orange E-cruiser, is a bike that the Island Inn allows their guests to use during their stay.   It had been at the shop for a few adjustments and we offered to drop it off at the inn when we were done with our ride.

We got a chance to meet the folks at the Island Inn and learn more about how much their guests enjoy the Pedegos they have.   They keep four Pedegos, including a 24 inch E-cruiser, on hand for just what we had in mind that day.   That is to see the island from the seat of a comfortable and fun electric-assist bike.   Letting them know we would return soon, we hit the quiet and wide streets to see what we could see.

John and I swapped the two bikes between us more than a few times.   It was interesting to feel and experience what each bike had to offer.   The upright and smooth ride of the orange E-cruiser made for a nice thrill during the ride.   The fast and sleek City Commuter has its own special qualities that we both liked.   First, we headed south towards one of the national parks on San Juan Island.

The fall colors were only one part of this fun day.

Even though the island is basically flat, the roads do have a some rolling grades to them.   This is just one of the great reasons that Pedego E-bikes are the perfect way to tour about.   As we pedaled and powered our way though the beautiful surroundings, we never once felt like we were working too hard to make our way up the small hills.   We passed a quiet golf course and could see the colors of fall all around us.   With glimpses of the ocean between the trees, we enjoyed the nice weather as we rode on.

We had considered riding north to Roche Harbor.   About a 9 mile ride, there is one of the two National Parks near-by.   The road to get there is spectacular, this I know because it wasn’t my first time on the island.   A complete run around the perimeter of the island makes for the best road trip.   Because we didn’t start our ride until after lunch, we decided to stay closer to Friday Harbor during our ride.

The two bikes got much attention as we pedaled through the countryside.   We stopped to talk to many locals and even a few tourists during our photo breaks.   They were all happy to hear of the new shop in town and vowed to climb aboard a Pedego when they had a chance.   E-bikes are becoming more popular and it was nice to see the interest in riding them being talked about.   I could tell John was having the best of times.   He does a lot of riding on Orcas Island, where he lives, but on his regular bike, not an E-bike.

Looking north towards Friday Harbor, you can get a better look at the two Pedegos we got to ride.

As we worked our way farther south, John went on many times about how getting his own E-bike would be great.   I think he liked the orange E-cruiser the best, while I am more of a City Commuter type.   The time came to turn back sooner than I would have liked.   We took a bunch of side roads to see some of the neat houses and neighborhoods that overlook the water.   Pear Point Road runs along a part of the island that has great views of Friday Harbor.   This was my first time on this road and it was my favorite part of the journey.

Soon, we were back in town.   We dropped-off the orange Pedego at the Island Inn and met one of their crew who has done some PR videos for the inn.   He told us that the Pedegos they have for the guests figured into some of the videos and made for some great shots.   We also learned that Susie’s Moped Rentals are taking on some Pedegos to add to their rental fleet.   That shop is also near the ferry landing in a very convenient spot.

What post would be complete without this posed shot of me and one of the bikes in question?

Last I heard, a big shipment of new Pedegos were headed to Pedego Friday Harbor.   By the time you get there, the selection of E-bikes to purchase and rent should be bigger than ever.   They are also getting ready to offer group E-bike tours.   What a place to do it.   Mikial also runs Travel Light Cycles which is right next door.   There he does regular bike repairs, restores vintage bikes and does an occasional E-bike conversion.    The two shops make a good team.

If you have never visited Friday Harbor, I would recommend changing that.   It is one of the many islands that make up the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington.   The state ferry system is easy to take and will whisk you to many of them in a flash.   We visit almost yearly and always enjoy the times spent there.   The amount and qualities of all the sights and experiences there is expansive.   Knowing there is an E-bike shop so near makes me happy.
Thanks for the fun Pedego Friday Harbor, Turbo.

“Cars are all right on occasion, but they are not moments of grace, as bicycles are.”—Colman McCarthy.

I did some videos of the shop and our ride. Have a look to see what you might experience on your Pedego tour of Friday Harbor.







You can find Pedego Friday Harbor on the web and on Facebook



Here is a link to the Pedego website, they too are on Facebook



The Island Inn also is on the web and Facebook



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