Turbo Talks E-bikes at the IZIP Store in Santa Monica

Turbo Talks E-bikes at the IZIP Store in Santa Monica

Turbo Bob Talks E-bikes

Come by the IZIP Store on Saturday, December 8th for a fun and informative afternoon of E-bikes.   They have allowed me to hand out raffle prizes during my talk. Everyone in attendance will have a chance to win the one big prize too.   With goodies to eat and lots of E-bikes to test ride after my talk, it should be a great time.   If you do buy a E-bike that day, they will throw in a bunch of accessories to make your new E-bike that much better.

My main topic will be E-bike control systems, but I will cover a wide range of subjects.   Plus, a question and answer session will be on the list of ways you can learn more about how you and E-bikes can become best friends.   Hope to see you there, Turbo Bob.

You can find the IZIP Store on their website or Facebook



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